Megamix Six-pack

Every month we feature six tracks here for your consideration.  Why don’t you see some of your favorites?  That’s because we only spotlight those new records that have not been serviced by a certain record promoter by the time we go to press.  We pick up the slack to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks.  For more of our recommendations, go to any of our Megamix page and look for all the A-rated Bonus Tracks.  Our rating system is based on quality and quality alone.



Megamix Six-pack

Every month we feature six tracks here for your consideration.  Why don’t you see some of your favorites?  That’s because we only spotlight those new records that have not been serviced by a certain record promoter by the time we go to press.  We pick up the slack to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks.  For more of our recommendations, go to any of our Megamix page and look for all the A-rated Bonus Tracks.  Our rating system is based on quality and quality alone.





Mega6 2022


Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2022]

  1. Alok Featuring John Martin - Wherever You Go
    - Easily Alok’s best song to date.  Having John Martin on vocals is always a plus.
  2. Morgan Page Featuring Maggie Szabo - Sweet Illusion
    - Artists can go retro (Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Silk Sonic, and others) or they can copy a trendy sound (think of all the records that remind you of Imanbek’s remix of “Roses”).  It’s when they do neither that catches our attention.  Also check out “Turn off My Mind.”
  3. Andrew Rayel & Takis Featuring Zagata - Closer
    - Andrew Rayel’s first appearance on our Mega6 page since “Heavy Love.”  Armada uses words such as soothing, delicate, touching, and gentle to describe this track.  That’s why it’s not your typical dance record.
  4. Neiked x Mae Muller x Polo G - Better Days
    - We didn’t think much of this record until top 40 radio started playing it.  The interesting thing is Billboard is not recognizing “Better Days” as a dance/electronic song even though it’s more dance-leaning than Neiked’s “Sexual,” which the magazine had deemed dance/electronic in 2017.  Go figure.
  5. ATB - You’re the Last Thing I Need
    - Not as catchy as “Like That,” this is still a good example of a dance ballad.
  6. Craig David & MNEK - Who You Are (M-22 Remix)
    - Does this record sound familiar to you?  That’s because it includes an interpolation of the most memorable part of the instrumental track for K-Ci & JoJo’s “All My Life.”




Mega6 2021


Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2021]

  1. KSHMR Featuring Lovespeake - Over You
    - The third KSHMR track to make our Mega6 list in one calendar year—must be some kind of record.  The musical arrangement bounces between the present (shades of Imanbek) and 2011 (Afrojack’s “Take Over Control”) with a little bit of Deorro (“Five Hours”) thrown in for good measure.
  2. Tchami & Habstrakt Featuring Lena Leon - Eternity
    - The key selling point of this song from two French compatriots is the combination of dubby percussion and light keyboard.
  3. Never Sleeps Featuring Afrojack & Chico Rose - You Got the Love
    - Not another retread of The Source/Candi Staton chestnut, this original song also features strong vocals.
  4. Claptone With Like Mike Featuring Mansionair - Right Into You
    - German duo Claptone’s first appearance here as an artist with an assist from one of the Thivaios brothers and the Australian group Mansionair, last heard on Odesza’s “Line of Sight.”
  5. John De Sohn Featuring Inyang Bassey - When the World Was Happy
    - Sweden’s Bjorn Johnsson is back with more soulful vocals (think back to 2013’s “Dancing Our Tears Away”).
  6. Hybrid Minds Featuring Everyone You Know - Dance Forever
    - With a cheesy title like “Dance Forever,” you’d expect some dance-pop number.  Not to be confused with Hybrid Heights, this is actually slowed-down drum and bass from the U.K. (the lyrics contain a reference to DnB as well).

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2021]

  1. KSHMR - Ready to Love
    - After the soul-searching “I Will Be a Lion,” KSHMR returns to Mega6 for the second time this year with a sax-filled romp.
  2. Imanbek & LP - Fighter
    - This is Laura Pergolizzi’s third appearance on our Mega6 page.  “Lost on You” was a surprise hit in Europe.  If anyone can help her score another hit overseas, it would be Imanbek, the first artist from Kazakhstan to win a Grammy (for his remix of SAINt JHN’s “Roses”).
  3. ATB Featuring Ben Samama - Like That
    - Twenty-two years after ATB created that distinctive guitar sound, it’s back in a big way in 2021.  We heard it earlier this year on Topic’s remake of sorts, “Your Love (9PM).”  It’s surfaced again on ATB’s latest.  Who does Ben Samama remind you of?  Bazzi?
  4. Sigma Featuring Carla Marie - Hope
    - Sigma serves up more drum and bass—this time with a side of gospel.  Note that a fan uploaded a live version from 2017.
  5. Peter Luts Featuring Hunter Falls - Coming Home
    - The man behind Lasgo, Ian van Dahl, and AnnaGrace is back with something a little understated.
  6. Matoma Featuring Jonah Kagen - Summer Feeling
    - Casey Kasem used to tell the story of how Starbuck’s “Moonlight Feels Right” only became a hit months after its release when a radio DJ felt it suited warmer weather better (must be the marimba).  We bring this up because perhaps this Matoma song should have been released last spring instead of late August.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2021]

  1. Don Diablo & Galantis - Tears for Later
    - Hip-hop is not the only genre known for collaborations; the sharing of audio files has made it easy for dance/electronic artists to do the same.  The vocal arrangement is vintage Galantis; the instrumental is a slight departure for both artists.  It’s only right that Don Diablo and Galantis represent two of continental Europe’s most consistent dance exporters:  the Netherlands and Sweden, respectively.
  2. Justin Martin - Eye of the Storm
    - We want you to know we didn’t pick this number because the music video happens to be shot in the Bay Area and features our Bay Bridge.  No, it’s because some people can’t get enough of cowbell and harp.  All kidding aside, this instrumental with a sprinkling of spoken words is delightfully offbeat—just what you’d expect from one of Dirtybird Records’ early artists.
  3. Lost Frequencies Featuring Calum Scott - Where Are You Now
    - Yes, we are with Belgium’s Lost Frequencies again.  Felix De Laet’s inspired remix of Easton Corbin’s country song “Are You With Me” was one of those lightning-in-a-bottle deals.  He’s demonstrated since he can write catchy songs with others (“Lost Like Us,” “Crazy”).  The musical arrangement this time recalls Madonna’s “Everybody” and David Joseph’s “You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me).”
  4. Disco Killerz & Holly T - Up to You
    - New York duo Disco Killerz has finally made our Mega6 page.  It helps when you get strong vocals from Holly Taylor, who sounds like Sylver Logan Sharp (“All This Time”) here.
  5. Armin van Buuren Featuring RBVLN - Weight of the World (Club Mix)
    - Twenty years after “The Sound of Goodbye,” the co-founder of Armada Music keeps going.
  6. Elton John & Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)
    - When we first heard about this star duet, we thought it would be an original song or a cover of a familiar oldie (think Elton John and Years & Years’ remake of a Pet Shop Boys hit).  It turned out to be—surprise—a medley of four John songs.  The second surprise is the selection:  one signature song (“Rocket Man”), one under-performed top 20 hit (“Sacrifice”), one mostly forgotten top 30 hit (“Kiss the Bride”), and a little bit of a deep album cut at the end (“Where’s the Shoorah?”).  It works because of which lines they pulled from each of the first three titles.  We only wish PNAU’s production was a little more exciting (the intro is reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”).  How can they call it a remix when there is no version that came before it?  A remake is not the same thing as a remix—though it’s doubtful John re-recorded the vocals for “Sacrifice.”  It’s good to see him return to mainstream top 40 radio; this one just might be a sleeper hit.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2021]

  1. Skrillex, Noisia, Josh Pan & Dylan Brady - Supersonic (My Existence)
    - Not counting his side projects such as Jack U, this is Sonny Moore’s best record since “Summit” and the iconic “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”  It’s different enough that we’d like to call it nu dubstep.
  2. Luttrell - Operation Midnight
    - San Francisco’s Eric Luttrell returns to Mega6 with an instrumental.  We first highlighted “Contact” in 2018.
  3. Chris Malinchak Featuring Stealth - Closer Every Day
    - Unlike other artists, Chris Malinchak doesn’t really have a signature sound.  All three of his Mega6 entries—the other two being “So Good to Me” and “Stranger”—could’ve come from three different artists.
  4. Lost Kings Featuring Jordan Shaw - I Miss the Future
    - Here’s another song for our pandemic playlist.
  5. David Solomon Featuring Ryan Tedder - Learn to Love Me
    - The follow-up to “Cross Your Mind” has added star power.  It also sounds a little like Avicii’s “The Nights.”
  6. Jessie J - I Want Love (Edson Pride Remix, Anil Guzel Remix)
    - Ever since we came across “Not My Ex” on a local music video show, we realized Jessie J’s more than your average female pop singer.  So it’s a shame she’s had some vocal issues recently.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2021]

  1. Bakermat Featuring LaShun Pace - Ain’t Nobody
    - A splash of gospel is nothing new when it comes to dance music; some of you might remember Sounds of Blackness.  LaShun Pace is an award-winning gospel singer.
  2. Solomun - Never Sleep Again
    - As a sci-fi novel once asks, “Do androids dream of electric sheep?”  Well, we may never know the answer to that question.  But Germany’s Mladen Solomun writes on YouTube, “This is what happens when a robot sings a love song.”
  3. Ampersounds Featuring Rufus Wainwright - Technopera (Edit)
    - Did we ever think Rufus Wainwright would make our Megamix page?  No.  But then the dance space has always been more diverse than other genre (see Bakermat above).  Ampersounds comprises Fred Falke and Zen Freeman.  We don’t often comment on a song’s music video because we believe a record must stand on its own without any visual aid.  That said, the series of morphing wireframe images makes for one interesting official video.
  4. Lamorn - Physical Layer
    - Here’s another case of a mystery artist.  A young male act from Arizona on the mau5trap label is all we know.  The manipulated vocals call to mind Deorro’s “Five Hours.”  Another part is reminiscent of Daft Punk.
  5. MO - Live to Survive
    - MO’s claim to fame is her feature on “Cold Water” and “Lean On” by Major Lazer.  Danish singer Karen Andersen’s latest is more of a dance record than 2016’s “Final Song.”
  6. Tokimonsta Featuring VanJess - Say Yes
    - A jazz-flavored dance remake of U.K. duo Floetry’s biggest stateside hit from 2003.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2021]

  1. Black Coffee & Angelos Featuring Jinadu - Lost
    - Since 2019’s “Drive,” we’ve been waiting for another tasty serving of Black Coffee—and here it is.
  2. Elephante - High Water
    - It’s been four long years since Elephante graced our Mega6 page.  He’s picking that electric guitar again and for the first time on vocal duty.
  3. Calvin Harris Featuring Tom Grennan - By Your Side
    - It’s been a while since we could sink our teeth into something from one of last decade’s breakthrough dance music stars (sorry, the Love Regenerator project just didn’t cut it).  The latest from Calvin Harris, which is anchored by a steady guitar riff a la Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” should return him to top 40 radio.
  4. Ali Gatie With Marshmello & Ty Dolla $ign - Do You Believe
    - Marshmello seems to be everywhere these days.  As The Chainsmokers would say, enjoy the ride while it lasts.  Five years ago, top 40 stations would’ve been all over this type of song.  Well, at least Ali Gatie’s recent collab with Issam Alnajjar is a dance radio hit.
  5. The Pressure - Saturday Night (Chaney Remix, Taiki Nulight Remix)
    - Not a remake of that Bay City Rollers hit, this is an original from a London duo with a lot of love for Depeche Mode and Underworld (clearly).
  6. JAX - 90s Kids
    - Here’s one thing we know about all those singing competition shows on TV:  some of the “losers” end up doing much better than some of the winners.  Chris Daughtry has had a nice career post-American Idol.  Lauren Daigle got herself a huge Christian hit that made the top 30 on the Hot 100.  It took a few years after her Idol season, but this song from JAX is catchier than a lot of stuff from previous winners.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2021]

  1. Prospa - Want Need Love
    - Unlike last year’s “Ecstasy (Over & Over),”there’s nothing overtly retro about this U.K. duo’s latest release.  Get ready to worship at the altar of soaring vocals and church-like vibes.
  2. KSHMR Featuring Jake Reese - I Will Be a Lion
    - The Bay Area’s own KSHMR has finally landed on Mega6.  Did you know he used to be one half of The Cataracs (“Like a G6,” “Bass Down Low”)?  Dutch singer Jake Reese has worked with Hardwell, Dash Berlin, Lucas & Steve, and Armin van Buuren.
  3. Hayden James, Gorgon City & Nat Dunn - Foolproof
    - When we put together our pandemic playlist last year, we noticed how apropos Hayden James’ “Nowhere to Go” is.  He’s back with another tasty collab.
  4. Elk Road & Jes - Ghost
    - The original version was a dance radio hit for Deepsky and Jes in 2007.  This remix by Australia’s Rory Garton-Smith is better.
  5. Sick Individuals & Vigel Featuring Nazzereene - Runaway
    - So the musical arrangement doesn’t sound terribly original, but we can find no fault with the vocals.  Sick Individuals first appeared on Mega6 with “Made for This” in 2015.
  6. Zoe Wees - Girls Like Us (Felix Jaehn Remix, Crystal Rock & Marc Kiss Remix, Socievole & Adalwolf Bootleg Remix, Marc Stone Mix)
    - History repeats itself.  It was 10 years ago when Theophilus London’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” helped him get on our Megamix page.  Well, Zoe Wees’ performance on the same show sealed the deal for us (you can watch it on YouTube).  As usual, the official remix by Felix Jaehn is underwhelming, so check out any one of the other remixes listed above.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2021]

  1. DJ Licious Featuirng Armen Paul - Hope
    - DJ Licious’ second appearance on Mega6 in 12 months.  This one with the timely title is even better than “We Don’t Know.”
  2. R3hab x Timmy Trumpet x W&W - Distant Memory
    - Two months ago we highlighted two R3hab songs here.  He’s back in his usual collab mode.  The uncredited singer is the same person featured on two of Alan Walker’s best songs.
  3. Leony - Faded Love (Noon Remix)
    - Most people may not remember there was an English version of O-Zone’s “Mai Ai Hee (Dragostea Din Tei).”  It’s by Dan Balan Featuring Lucas Prata (we haven’t heard anything new from Prata since 2013).  “Faded Love” is a different English interpolation of the same Romanian song made popular stateside by Gary Brolsma and his Numa Numa Dance.  You can read our 2005 report (click on the Music Seen tab).  Ah, the innocent days of the Internet before social media took over.  Germany’s Leony does something unexpected by vocalizing over one of the song’s most memorable parts—and it works.  She was featured on last year’s “Paradise” by VIZE and Joker Bra and “Far Away From Home” by Sam Feldt and VIZE.
  4. Benito Bazar Featuring Tinuade - Back to Life
    - We’re very particular about remakes, so it’s a surprise to find two in this issue of Mega6.  This is a fine rework of the Soul II Soul crossover hit from 1989.  It’s not often we get English-language dance music from our neighbor to the south.
  5. Harry Styles - Golden (dEvolve Remix)
    - We haven’t listened to every remix of the former 1D member’s fifth single from his latest album, but we’ll go out on a limb and say you won’t find one better than dEvolve’s version.
  6. Nora Van Elken - Kyoto Nights
    - From the Netherlands we get the first Mega6 instrumental of the year.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2021]

  1. Franky Wah Featuring AETHO - Should Have Seen It Coming
    - You may have heard some of Franky Wah’s remixes in the last two years.  This song from the U.K.’s Luke Storrs clearly shows he has a promising career as an artist.  How refreshing it is to hear a female vocalist who doesn’t sound like one of many with little-girl voices.
  2. Lipless - Paradox
    - Having basically just two lines is a lyrical problem for most radio stations.  But for people who love instrumentals, well, we just think of it as a cool instrumental with something extra.  Lipless is a male artist from Australia.  Even though this is the age of the Internet and social media, we are baffled quite a few artists (like some in this issue of Mega6) who don’t want to tell us who they are.
  3. LoKii - Dreaming
    - The male and female vocals pair well here.  Like Lipless above, LoKii also has an association with Kaskade.  He is one half of Canada’s Project 46.  LoKii has turned out to be a less than ideal stage name because there’s another artist with the same spelling, and Loki is the name of a Marvel Comics character.
  4. Falden - Don’t Wanna Know
    - Not a remake of the Maroon 5 song, this record is by a male Dutch artist.
  5. Matroda - Forget It
    - Among all the mononymous artists here, Matroda should be the most appealing to mainstream top 40 radio because of the song’s vocal arrangement.  The surprise is he is from Croatia.
  6. SUPER-Hi x NEEKA - Following the Sun
    - This summery single by a production duo from the U.K. is especially popular in Germany thanks to a feature in a Vodafone TV commercial there.  NEEKA consists of singers Negin (“Unexpected”) and Katy Tiz, whose brother is one half of SUPER-Hi.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2021]

  1. R3hab - Ones You Miss
    - As prolific as R3hab is, this is only his third appearance on Mega6 (and the first time all by himself).  “Ones You Miss” is more satisfying than his take on “Around the World (La La La).”
  2. Ferry Corsten & We Are Loud - I Don’t Need You
    - We started Mega6 in March 2009, which would explain why veteran Ferry Corsten has never been profiled here until now.  That’s because most of his biggest hits and best songs came before then.
  3. Marc Benjamin x Marcus Santoro & David Pietras - Losing Focus
    - This is another example of the instrumental track outshining the vocal melody.  Indeed, the memorable guitar line was created by Marcus Santoro and David Pietras and used in DJ sets long before the rest of the song was written.  As is often the case, our monthly Mega6 issue is the United Nations of dance:  Marc Benjamin is Dutch, Santoro is Australian, and Pietras is Swedish.  Josh Cumbee (see below) is the lone American this month.
  4. Cat Dealers & Guz Zanotto Featuring Moore - Save Me Now
    - Cat Dealers, two brothers from Brazil, have a history of collaborating with other artists.  This time it’s fellow countryman Guz Zanotto.
  5. Josh Cumbee - Sound of Your Name (Zonderling Remix)
    - You’ve heard American singer Josh Cumbee’s voice before on records by Zonderling and Armin van Buuren.  He’s deployed his non-singing skills on other artists’ records, including some writing credits; this is his debut solo single.
  6. Chung Ha With R3hab - Dream of You
    - And here is R3hab’s fourth appearance on Mega6—together with K-pop star Kim Chung-ha.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2021]

  1. Elderbrook - Back to My Bed (Sam Feldt Remix)
    - If you enjoyed the haunting “Numb” from last year, you’ll find the latest single from Elderbrook’s debut album a little more laid-back.  You’ll also appreciate Sam Feldt giving it just the right oomph.  By the way, that’s Elderbrook himself on vocals.
  2. Jerro Featuring Sophia Bel - Demons
    - Belgium’s Jeroen Decosemaker is on Lane 8’s record label for a reason.  Sophia Bel’s angelic vocals are perfect for a song about inner demons.
  3. The Weeknd - Save Your Tears (Cosmic Dawn Remix, Kaeman Remix)
    - We highlighted “Blinding Lights” here almost a year ago, so you can imagine we are quite pleased it went on to become such an enduring hit.  Save some love for “Save Your Tears” because it’s similar to “Lights” but yet different enough.  And check out the remix by Kaeman.
  4. Sidepiece - Together
    - After scoring a dance hit with Diplo last year (“On My Mind”), the side project for Dylan Ragland (aka Party Favor) and Nitti Gritti is back with something more original.
  5. Valentino Khan & Alison Wonderland - Anything
    - We talked about “Bad Things” last month; Australia’s Alison Wonderland is here again with a collab.
  6. Andrey Azizov - Back of the Car
    - This record kind of reminds us of the French duo Air—less experimental though.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2021]

  1. Alesso x Charlotte Lawrence - The End
    - Another song with a title for these troubled times.
  2. BICEP - Apricots
    - Picking up where Deep Forest left off perhaps, this U.K. duo likes to infuse ethnic elements in its music.
  3. CamelPhat x LOWES - Easier (Radio Edit, Sub Focus Remix, MK Remix)
    - This is CamelPhat’s second appearance on Mega6. LOWES is a U.K. band.
  4. Lucas & Steve - I Want It All
    - Not as catchy as “Long Way Home” but equally strong vocals (shades of Ryan Tedder).
  5. Alison Wonderland - Bad Things (Kaidro Remix)
    - “Peace” may be better, but “Bad Things” sounds like they both would fit nicely on the same album.
  6. The Smashing Pumpkins - Cyr
    - The Pumpkins are back with a dance-rock surprise.




Mega6 2020


Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2020]

  1. Galantis & John Newman - Hurricane
    - Here’s one more tasty cut from Galantis’ latest album as we say farewell to 2020.
  2. John Summit [vs. Foushee] - Deep End (Sidepiece Remix)
    - After Eminem sampled Dido’s ”Thank You,” her career took off and the rest is history.  Beabadoobee’s profile was definitely raised after her song “Coffee” was sampled by Powfu earlier this year.  So far Foushee’s “Deep End” has received airplay on alternative radio months after it was sampled by rapper Sleepy Hallow and Chicago DJ John Summit.
  3. Nation of Language - Rush & Fever
    - Another ode to the 1980s—Depeche Mode would approve.  Released about a month before lockdown, the second single from this New York synthpop band’s debut album deserves a listen as we all look forward to a better 2021.
  4. ZHU Featuring 24kGoldn - I Admit It
    - ZHU hasn’t had a dance radio hit since 2016’s “Working for It.”  Maybe this song with the timely feature will change that.
  5. Sasha Sloan - Lie (DJ D.O.C. Remix, Devastating Noise Festival Mix)
    - Now that Sasha Sloan has finally got herself a dance hit as a Kygo feature, we hope more people will pay attention to her music.
  6. Maceo Plex - Nu World
    - A remix by Maceo Plex made our Megamix page in 2014 (GusGus’ “Crossfade”).  This is Eric Estornel’s first artist record to be highlighted here.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2020]

  1. BUNT. Featuring Clarence Coffee Jr. - Unbreakable
    - If this song sounds like an Avicii record, there’s a good reason for that. He played his remix live in shows, and you can listen to it on YouTube. The version by the original artist finally gets an official release this year.
  2. Marie Davidson & L’Oeil Nu - Renegade Breakdown
    - You might remember the Soulwax remix of Marie Davidson’s “Work It” was an Ibiza club hit last year. She’s back with vocals this time and more spoken bits (shades of Laurie Anderson).
  3. Gorgon City Featuring Evan Giia - Burning
    - Another tasty treat from U.K. bass music duo Gorgon City.
  4. Bob Moses - The Blame
    - After “Back Down” from two years ago, this alternative dance duo from Canada has returned to our Mega6 page.
  5. Kolsch - While Waiting for Something to Care About
    - Not the German beer but the Danish artist (that’s his real name). Kolsch previously graced our Mega6 page with his remix of Eric Prydz’s “Generate” five years ago. He’s also used the names Rune, Rune RK, and Enur. If anyone is keeping score, this is the fourth instrumental track on our Mega6 page this year.
  6. Molchat Doma - Sudno
    - When was the last time we featured a song in Russian? When was the last time we featured an industrial dance track? An album cut from this Belarusian trio’s second album, it took off after someone posted it on TikTok last April. The title translates to “Vessel” and it’s based on a poem by Russian poet Boris Ryzhy (1974-2001).

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2020]

  1. Chocolate Puma Featuring Chateau - Me Up
    - Teaming up with Chateau for a second time finally landed the veteran duo from the Netherlands on our Mega6 page. A self-empowerment anthem to boot.
  2. Prospa - Ecstasy (Over & Over)
    - The more the merrier—here comes another 2020 song with a retro feel, this time courtesy of a duo from the U.K.
  3. The Midnight - Deep Blue
    - This Los Angeles-based duo must have quite a following because the official audio of “Deep Blue” has been played over 759K times on YouTube. As The Midnight’s Facebook page makes clear, these two guys call their music synthwave and retrowave. Like The Weeknd, The Midnight is bringing sax-y back. If nothing else, the lead singer at least has a pleasant voice.
  4. Future Islands - For Sure
    - Not as good as “Ran” from three years ago, “For Sure” is still a sure bet for dance music fans looking for something different.
  5. Hotel Garuda - Rush
    - The chorus consists of just one line really—but it’s a memorable one.
  6. Manuel Riva Featuring Misha Miller - Love Comes Again
    - A remake of one of Tiesto’s earlier hits that’s an improvement in one respect: better vocals. Misha Miller sounds a little like Billie Ray Martin here (“Your Loving Arms”).

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2020]

  1. Roosevelt - Sign
    - No, this tasty treat is not from the Netherlands but a German artist named Marius Lauber.
  2. Lulleaux & Strobe - Limbo (Thomas Nan Remix)
    - The first time Lulleaux appeared on our Megamix page was his remix of AFSHeeN’s “Uncrazy” two years ago. Unlike Roosevelt above, Lulleaux is Dutch, and Strobe was part of the 1990s German band Raver’s Nature (“Take Off,” “Stop Scratchin’”). You might recall Strobe’s remix of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” in 2015—that’s assuming we’re not dealing with a different Strobe, a common DJ moniker.
  3. Josef Salvat - Paper Moons
    - Australia’s Josef Salvat has worked with Tourist (“Holding On”) and Gryffin (“Heading Home”). This is his Megamix debut as the main artist.
  4. Kygo & Kim Petras - Broken Glass
    - We’re so thrilled “I’ll Wait” finally gave Sasha Sloan her first charted song. While “Lose Somebody” is getting some love at top 40 radio and one dance station, there’s only one more thing left to do with Kygo’s latest album: play the album cut featuring Kim Petras.
  5. Michael Kiwanuka - Final Days (Bonobo Remix)
    - This album cut by a triple-A artist from the U.K. seems perfect for 2020.
  6. LP Giobbi Featuring Little Boots - Meet Again
    - Another record for these troubling times. Always good to hear Little Boots again (“Stuck on Repeat,” “Remedy”).

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2020]

  1. Louis the Child Featuring Vera Blue - Nobody Like You
    - It’s a shame only iHeartMedia’s Evolution played “Free” a few months ago. Let’s hope “Nobody Like You” will get more love from dance radio stateside. Oh, the things you read on YouTube. Someone mentioned this song employs a pitch sliding technique called portamento. Whether that’s the case or not, the instrumental track should satisfy anyone looking for something different.
  2. Purple Disco Machine Featuring Sophie & The Giants - Hypnotized (Loods Dub Remix)
    - Retro dance sound may be in right now (The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, etc.), but for Tino Piontek, it’s just another day in the office. All of Purple Disco Machine’s remixes have a decidedly retro feel, including this original song.
  3. Joe Goddard & Hayden Thorpe - Unknown Song
    - Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard teams up with singer Hayden Thorpe, and the result would make Erasure proud.
  4. Stadiumx & Sam Martin - Be Mine
    - You can usually count on Stadiumx’s musical arrangement skills (remember “Love You Forever” from last year?). Not to be confused with John Martin (“Don’t You Worry Child,” “Save the World”), Sam Martin sounds more like Matthew Koma.
  5. Tensnake Featuring Boy Matthews - Somebody Else
    - The first time this German artist graced our Mega6 page was in February 2014. Tensnake is back with something that recalls M83’s “Midnight City.”
  6. Vigiland & MHA - We Don’t Talk Enough
    - After last year’s “Strangers,” Sweden’s Vigiland returns with strong (uncredited) vocals.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2020]

  1. Trivecta Featuring Fagin - Leave It All Behind
    - Known for his collaboration with Excision and Wooli on last year’s “Oxygen,” Trivecta’s back with something even better.
  2. Galantis & Bali Bandits - Miracle
    - Now that dance radio is pretty much done with “Never Felt a Love Like This,” we hope it will move on to this timely cut from Galantis’ latest album.
  3. Steve Aoki Featuring Zooey Deschanel - 1 4 U
    - If you’re not familiar with the music of Zooey Deschanel’s duo She & Him, check it out (start with “Thieves” and “In the Sun”). In the meantime, enjoy this surprising collaboration.
  4. Duke Dumont Featuring Say Lou Lou - Nightcrawler (Tensnake Remix)
    - Our loyal Meganauts should recall Say Lou Lou’s “Julian” from 2013. It’s good to have them back on our Megamix page.
  5. Ed Butler - They Know
    - If this instrumental gives you a sense of deja vu, it’s a remake of Drake’s “Headlines.” The new title is kind of a giveaway.
  6. Hayla - Naked (THAT KIND Remix)
    - Not a remake of Dev’s “Naked,” this original song is by an artist from the U.K.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2020]

  1. Frank Walker x Harry Hudson - Can’t Let Go
    - Canada’s Frank Walker scored his first dance radio hit two years ago with “Heartbreak Back.” His latest release features distorted vocals, which may be too muffled for some.
  2. Duke Dumont Featuring RY X - Let Me Go
    - Not your typical Duke Dumont record, “Let Me Go” starts out slow for almost two minutes and then changes gear about midway through the six-minute ride.
  3. Disciples & Lee Foss Featuring Anabel Englund - Only the Gods
    - The first of two songs for these pandemic times.
  4. DJ Licious Featuring Jack Hawitt - We Don’t Know
    - Another remix producer gets the Mega6 seal of approval.
  5. Kaskade Featuring Dani Poppitt - Love Like That
    - A throwback to the classic Kaskade sound from the mid-2000s (“It’s You, It’s Me”).
  6. Sofi Tukker x Gorgon City - House Arrest
    - The second of two songs for lockdown.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2020]

  1. Purity Ring - Stardew
    - Let’s hope the lead single from the Canadian duo’s third album gets the proper radio attention stateside. After all, KNHC Seattle had played a Purity Ring song back in 2015. Do you suppose some people think this is a Christian band?
  2. Zeds Dead & DEZZ - Into the Abyss
    - An instrumental that sounds like it’d be perfect as a TV sync.
  3. Seven Lions Featuring Tyler Graves - Only Now
    - An interesting song that’s half trance and half dubstep. Jeff Montalvo does not try to push the envelope of either genre here, which may explain why this mash-up already sounds a little dated. Nevertheless, this is his first Mega6 appearance.
  4. Grimes - Idoru
    - Canada’s Grimes is not someone who makes radio-friendly music. This cut from her latest album is about as close as it gets.
  5. Ava Max - Salt
    - Almost as catchy as “Sweet but Psycho” and “So Am I.”
  6. Little Hurt - Better Drugs
    - A little bit of dance-rock from The Mowgli’s Colin Dieden. We featured The Mowgli’s only alternative and triple-A hit “San Francisco” in the February 2013 edition of Mega6.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2020]

  1. Todd Terry, Tobtok & Richard Judge Featuring Oliver Nelson - All of Me
    - Todd Terry will always be remembered for his remix of Everything but the Girl’s “Missing.” He’s had dance hits in the 1980s and ’90s under his name, and he’s still producing remixes now and then. This is his first appearance on our Megamix page with a new recording since 2007.
  2. Tycho - Outer Sunset
    - Though Scott Hansen released his first album in 2006, this is his Megamix debut. “Outer Sunset” sounds like an Arizona (“Oceans Away,” “Find Someone”) instrumental track, which is not a bad thing.
  3. Sam Smith - To Die For (Blinkie Remix, Madism Remix, M+ike Remix, Imes Remix)
    - We love everything about this ballad, including the use of dialog from “Donnie Darko.” As usual, the official remixes are unremarkable, so stick with the ones from M+ike and Imes.
  4. Nghtmre & Slander Featuring Matthew Santos - Feeling Gud
    - A surprisingly good dance remake of the Nina Simone classic, itself a cover of a musical number.
  5. Oliver Heldens - Take a Chance
    - Like Fedde Le Grand’s “Skank” from last year, how you feel about Oliver Heldens’ latest release depends on whether you’re familiar with the original source by Mr. Flagio. This version is an improvement in our opinion.
  6. Killer Cash - Say (Remix)
    - Because Killer Cash is a terrible name where YouTube search is concerned, we actually ended up listening to the unnamed dance remix first. But that turns out to be a good thing because we might not have come across the remix otherwise. What happened? If you search for this song inside YouTube, it’s buried deep somewhere. If you put quotes around the artist’s name, then it will show up on the first page. The matches are auto-generated videos by YouTube. The official music video is available on Vimeo (why not YouTube?). According to the group’s Facebook page, Killer Cash is a Los Angeles band of studio musicians fronted by Blair Mathews, who has that Jon Bon Jovi thing in his voice. Philip Larsen is the one who produced the remix (why not ID the remix?). Memo to artists out there: Please make it easy for people to find your music.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2020]

  1. Lost Frequencies & Throttle Featuring Kyla La Grange - Lost Like Us
    - A wonderful collaboration between Belgium’s Lost Frequencies and Australia’s Robbie Bergin.  You’ll probably recall Kyla La Grange’s 2015 dance radio hit “Cut Your Teeth.”
  2. Tungevaag - Knockout
    - Some may be familiar with Martin Tungevaag’s work with fellow Norwegians Alan Walker and K-391.  Here he is on his own with a knockout record.
  3. Kah-Lo - Exit Sign
    - If you listen to dance radio in the U.S., you’ve heard the voice of this Nigerian artist before on records by Riton and Diplo.  “Exit Sign” has a bit of a Jax Jones vibe.
  4. The Weeknd - Blinding Lights
    - The second single from The Weeknd’s upcoming album is so much easier to like than “Heartless.”  In the history of the most confusing lead single from a highly anticipated album, the oddest case has to be “Tusk.”  Of course, USC alumni and Trojans supporters loved that Fleetwood Mac song.
  5. Lane 8 Featuring Arctic Lake - Don’t Let Me Go
    - And now for something slightly different...we’re almost in ambient territory here.
  6. Twocolors x The Dead Daisies - Mexico
    - We don’t know what possessed a German duo to produce a remix of a 2015 single from a rock supergroup that most people are not familiar with.  Well, a remix is supposed to elevate the original material, so mission accomplished.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2020]

  1. Mesto Featuring Aloe Blacc - Don’t Worry
    - Music fans became familiar with Aloe Blacc after his uncredited vocals on Avicii’s global smash “Wake Me Up!” in 2013.  Those in the know—especially in Europe and Australia—remember his earlier solo hit “I Need a Dollar.”  After “Wake,” Blacc collaborated with Owl City, Zedd, and Tiesto.  He’s since kept his dance card full because he’s worked with numerous dance artists besides Mesto the last 12 months:  Gryffin, Lost Frequencies, David Guetta/Morten, Netsky, Young Bombs, and Flight Facilities.  And, of course, he also appeared on Avicii’s posthumous album.
  2. Madeon - Miracle
    - It’s not often you get a four-minute song with distinct sections.  This album cut starts out a little slow, changes tempo by the 1:35 mark (the “Daft Punk” section), and then finishes with Callie Day’s gospel-tinged vocals.
  3. David Guetta & Morten With Raye - Make It to Heaven
    - We start the new decade with another track from one of the top dance artists of 2010s.  Raye (“Decline”) has never sounded better.
  4. The Chainsmokers - Push My Luck
    - While dance radio is spinning “Family,” which we recommend, don’t overlook this follow-up to “Takeaway.”  After scoring the biggest crossover hit since Chic’s “Le Freak,” the New York duo really has nothing left to prove in terms of chart success.  It will be a long while before another dance song tops “Closer.”  Refer to our Crossover page for more details.
  5. Armin van Buuren Featuring James Newman - High on Your Love
    - If James Newman’s voice sounds familiar, well, he is the brother of John Newman (“Love Me Again,” “Blame”).
  6. Amtrac - Between the Lines
    - A kind of throwback to early 2000s (think Underworld’s “Two Months Off”).  Kentucky’s Caleb Cornett is another artist who likes to use a familiar brand as his stage name (Gucci Mane, etc.).

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2020]

  1. Gryffin & Gorgon City Featuring AlunaGeorge - Baggage
    - Another tasty treat from Gryffin’s debut album.
  2. Awolnation - The Best
    - Since 2013 sleeper hit “Sail,” we’ve been waiting for just the right Awolnation song to rally behind.
  3. Bhaskar & Alok - Killed by the City
    - It’s not often when Brazil’s Alok Petrillo works with his twin brother.  Alok (“Hear Me Now,” “Big Jet Plane”) is South America’s biggest DJ.
  4. Deadmau5 - Satrn (Radio Edit)
    - At this point in his career, the Canadian mouse that roared in 2008 can create something like “Satrn” in his sleep.
  5. Maroon 5 - Memories (Deepside Deejays Remix)
    - There’s no denying Maroon 5 must be doing something right to maintain this kind of longevity in the music business.  The group’s first top 40 hit dates back to 2003.  Since “Moves Like Jagger” in 2011, Maroon 5 has tweaked its sound just enough to remain one of top 40’s core artists.
  6. Fitz & The Tantrums - I Just Wanna Shine
    - Just one of several radio-friendly songs from Fitz and company’s latest album.  There’s a very good reason “I Just Wanna Shine” was used in a Walmart ad last summer.  So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised this is the Los Angeles band’s third appearance on our Mega6 page.




Mega6 2019


Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2019]

  1. Paul Kalkbrenner - No Goodbye
    - We’re always excited to introduce new artists to our Meganauts—except Paul Kalkbrenner is really a veteran artist and actor from Germany.
  2. Youngr - Nightcrawling
    - Three good songs in as many years from Dario Darnell (“Out of My System,” “Ooh Lordy”).
  3. Michael Calfan Featuring Monique Lawz - Wild Game
    - Easily our favorite release from the French artist who’s perhaps better known for his remix productions.
  4. Zonderling Featuring Josh Cumbee & Damon Sharpe - Lifetime
    - As airplay builds, “Lifetime” could become another dance radio hit for this Dutch duo.
  5. Sasha Sloan - Dancing With Your Ghost (SteVie_N Remix)
    - With no previous chart hit of any kind, Sasha Sloan still managed to amass 25 million views on YouTube for this lovely pop song’s lyric video since its debut last summer.  You might remember her featured turn on Odesza’s “Falls.”  Sloan has also written songs for LANY, Kungs, Kygo, Deorro, Steve Aoki, and Kaskade.  How about a remix from any of these collaborators?  It’s autoplay for the win.  Note that this is the second time in two years we came across an interesting find courtesy of this YouTube feature—not bad considering how rarely we listen to YouTube suggestions (refer to October 2017 issue of Mega6).
  6. Tones and I - Dance Monkey (Amice Remix, DJ Benedict Remix)
    - A record-breaking smash in Toni Watson’s native Australia, “Dance Monkey” is top 10-bound in the U.S.  For people who enjoy quirky female vocals (Macy Gray and the like), this is your jam.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2019]

  1. Don Diablo Featuring KiFi - The Same Way
    - Don Schipper has been making music since the early 2000s—guess we can call him a veteran.  But he didn’t score his first U.S. dance radio hit until 2013 (“Starlight [Could You Be Mine]”).  This is his fifth Mega6 appearance since then.
  2. Jax Jones & Bebe Rexha - Harder (KC Lights 6AM Remix)
    - This is Jax Jones’ best shot for a crossover hit to date.
  3. David Guetta & Morten Featuring Aloe Blacc - Never Be Alone
    - It was 10 years ago when David Guetta led the way in bringing a dance beat back to top 40 radio stateside.  His accomplishments are well documented on our Crossover page and Megastars page.  As we leave the 2010s behind, let’s hear it for Monsieur Guetta one more time.
  4. Bishop Briggs - Champion
    - This song sure sounds like it’d be a good fit in a TV commercial.  Well, Sarah McLaughlin’s latest single was used by WWE Clash of Champions this year.
  5. Fedde Le Grand [vs. Jah Screechy] - Skank
    - This remake (or is it remix?) doesn’t sound too radically different from SL2’s “On a Ragga Tip.”  Whether you like Fedde Le Grand’s version depends on how familiar you are with SL2’s biggest U.K. hit in 1992, which samples Jah Screechy’s “Walk & Skank.”
  6. Sam Feldt Featuring Sophie Simmons - Magnets
    - The last of three Dutch artists in this roundup.  The main reason we wanted to highlight this track is so that more people would check out Sophie Simmons’ “Black Mirror” (see August 2018 issue of Mega6).

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2019]

  1. Rudimental & The Martinez Brothers Featuring Faith Mussa - Sitigawana (Edit)
    - Since “Feel the Love” and “Free” from six years ago, the music of Rudimental rarely disappoints.  The Ed Sheeran-featured “Lay It All on Me” should’ve been a bigger hit stateside.  “Sitigawana” is actually a remake of “A Phiri Anabwera” by Zambian singer Nashil Pichen.  And because the vocals are in a foreign language, its commercial prospects are not very good, which is a shame.
  2. Nicky Romero & StadiumX Featuring Sam Martin - Love You Forever
    - Since 2014’s “Howl at the Moon,” StadiumX has worked on quite a few remixes.  So it’s nice to have this Hungarian duo back with something original.  The use of what sounds like French horn gives this record a cinematic feel—you immediately think of movie scores.  We love it when artists think outside the box.
  3. Marshmello Featuring A Day to Remember - Rescue Me
    - Nothing against country star Kane Brown, but instead of playing “One Thing Right,” top 40 radio should be spinning this song as the follow-up to “Happier” and “Here With Me.”  Perhaps some people wanted a change of pace since A Day to Remember makes it the third rock collaborator in a row for Marshmello.
  4. Alison Wonderland - Peace (Nightcall Remix)
    - One of Australia’s busiest remix producers, Alexandra Sholler returns with another artist recording.  “Peace” is more interesting than “Church” from last year.
  5. TR/ST - Gone
    - After the U.S. and the U.K. made synthpop a thing in the 1970s and ’80s, you just knew other countries would get involved.  Well, Canada’s TR/ST released its first album in 2012 (more options below).
  6. The Parlotones - Antidote
    - And the alternative-leaning Parlotones from South Africa released its first album in 2003.  More synthpop artists from around the world?  Try Mexico’s Moenia.  “Dejame Entrar” (1997) sounds like a mash-up of Depeche Mode, New Order, and Eurythmics.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2019]

  1. Flume Featuring London Grammar - Let You Know
    - If you listen to as much new music every week as we do, you know it’s rare when you hear something unexpected and original.  Right before the one-minute mark, Flume ups the ante by switching some musical notes to an unusually high key.  You’ll recall London Grammar’s “Hey Now,” a dance radio hit in 2014.  The trio’s lead singer Hannah Reid sure sounds like Florence Welch.
  2. Monolink - Return to Oz (Artbat Remix)
    - The first surprise is this is a partial remake of a Scissor Sisters song, a cut from the band’s debut album.  The second surprise is the vocals here are better than Jake Shears’ original take.  Germany’s Monolink (Steffen Linck) gave “Return to Oz” a 1970s synthesizer makeover last year (think Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer).  Then three months ago Linck uploaded Artbat’s remix—the third surprise—which is what they’re playing on the island of Ibiza this summer.  This is more like a dub mix since very little vocals are left on this eight-minute ride.  When you get to the 4:36 mark, Artbat unleashes a sound that someone on YouTube described as opening a portal to another dimension.  Whatever image you see in your mind’s eye, this is why one should invest in a pair of quality speakers.
  3. Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic & Nikki Ambers - In My Arms
    - This song started its life last year as an instrumental with limited vocals.  Then earlier this year more lyrics were added for maximum radio appeal.  And it worked because two stations on our panel have played it.
  4. Blasterjaxx & DBSTF Featuring Envy Monroe - Wonderful Together
    - We’ve made it clear over the years how we feel about big room house music.  So what is Blasterjaxx doing here?  Well, remember to listen with an open mind.  Wikipedia, the people’s encyclopedia, suggests this genre was inspired by Benny Benassi’s 2003 classic “Satisfaction.”  Maybe.  But the title of the first proto-big room hit should go to the top 10 club hit “Derb” by Derb from 2001.  As always, you read it here first.  By the way, there’s no Derb page in the English edition of Wikipedia (a German page is available).  That’s why we keep reminding people of its shortcomings.
  5. Syn Cole & Victor Crone - Discovery
    - The instrumental track is so dominant that one wonders if this song started out as an instrumental.  The title is certainly more befitting an instrumental than a vocal track.
  6. Influencers - My Heart Keeps Running
    - Like “Discovery” above, the instrumental track is clearly the star attraction here, especially when the strings come in.  The processed vocals are fine, but the vocal melody just isn’t as memorable as the instrumental.  Influencers are a duo comprising a veteran DJ from Greece and a DJ from the U.S.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2019]

  1. Lucas & Steve x Deepend - Long Way Home
    - Sometimes a collaboration just brings out the best in all involved.  This song is our favorite track from either Dutch artist.
  2. Avicii Featuring Noonie Bao - Fades Away
    - The first three singles from Avicii’s posthumous album don’t quite do it for you?  We must admit “SOS” eventually grew on us.  This album cut is the closet thing to vintage Avicii.
  3. SebastiAn Featuring Gallant - Run for Me
    - One listen to this slightly offbeat track and you’ll wonder if this artist is from France.  Well, Sebastian Akchote is French.  Christopher Gallant is an American artist who’s worked with ZHU and SG Lewis before.
  4. Flor - Dancing Around
    - Not to be confused with Flora Cash, this is a band from Oregon.
  5. SHAED - Trampoline (Jauz Remix)
    - Like Imagine Dragons’ “Believer,” the original version of “Trampoline” also seems to be inspired by Awolnation.  Think of it as a softer and gentler “Sail.”  If it’s not dance enough for you, the remix by Jauz should suffice.
  6. Taylor Swift - You Need to Calm Down (Barry Harris Remix)
    - The original version of “You Need to Calm Down” is dance-adjacent enough for dance radio.  Now let’s talk about the controversy surrounding its lyrics and music video.  As we opined in 2013 about the controversy over Brad Paisley’s “Accidental Racist,” “it’s impossible to provide an in-depth discussion of any serious topic in”  A three-minute song that rhymes is not the same as a think-tank white paper or college thesis.  Besides, we doubt Taylor Swift and company were trying to give us the 21st century version of “Strange Fruit,” the 1939 song Time magazine named the best song of the century.  We do agree with one criticism of the music video: the use of toothless (literally) rednecks as bigots.  Perhaps no one should be surprised because Hollywood has a long history of stereotypes going back to 1915’s “The Birth of a Nation.”  Swift and her co-director could have used characters who resemble, say, Mormon missionaries.  After all, the Mormon church raised millions to get California Proposition 8 on the ballot in 2008 and was instrumental in its passage.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2019]

  1. Markus Schulz & Smiley - The Dreamers (Markus Schulz’s Festival Mix, Markus Schulz’s in Bloom Remix)
    - The third Mega6 appearance by Markus Schulz—not bad for a trance artist from Germany.  Smiley is Romanian singer Andrei-Tiberiu Maria.
  2. Sigma Featuring Louisa - Here We Go Again
    - This U.K. duo is one reason drum and bass is still around as we near 2020.  Louisa Johnson is also featured on “Ain’t Thinkin Bout You” by KREAM & Eden Prince.
  3. Don Diablo With Jessie J - Brave (Don Diablo VIP Mix)
    - On Dr. Luke productions such as “Price Tag” and ”Domino,” Jessie J sounded like Katy Perry.  And she tried her best to get down and dirty on 2014’s “Bang Bang.”  As Eminem would say, will the real Jessie J please stand up?  Listen to something like “Not My Ex,” one of the singles from her last album, and you realize she’s perhaps more Adele than Katy (check out the stark, confessional style music video).  She’s 31 now, and we could see her releasing a jazz album in 10 years a la Diana Krall.
  4. Daya - Back to Me (Projekt X Remix, Nistro Remix)
    - With new music coming out the last two years (including a new song we featured here last month), Daya seems to be working on a new EP or album.  So it’s a little strange that some top 40 stations are playing this cut from her debut album.  Well, it’s all good because “Back to Me” is certainly radio friendly.
  5. Taylor Swift Featuring Brendon Urie - Me! (Barry Harris Moombahton Remix)
    - There was some head-scratching as to why Taylor Swift’s lead single from her previous album was embraced immediately by top 40 radio and then quickly faded.  We figure “Me!” should have more staying power since it is a little more conventional than “Look What You Made Me Do.”
  6. A Boogie wit da Hoodie - Look Back at It (Amice Remix)
    - Oops, we did it again.  Here’s another unexpected pick from left field.  This single has been out for half a year, but we’d assumed (mistakenly) that it was a typical hip-hop record.  The more adventurous dance radio stations should play the original version.  Go to our Crossover page and find out what this song has to do with Michael Jackson.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2019]

  1. Gryffin & Slander Featuring Calle Lehmann - All You Need to Know
    - Like “You Remind Me,” here’s another Gryffin track with strong male vocals and—is that real electric guitar in the background?
  2. Billie Eilish - Bad Guy (Tiesto Remix)
    - Billie Eilish is like the new Lana Del Rey—a quirky female pop artist who can sell a lot of records without much help from radio initially.  Del Rey eventually scored a radio hit thanks to a dance remix.  Eilish currently has one top 20 hit (“When the Party’s Over”) at mainstream top 40 radio, and “Bad Guy” may go top 10 when all is said and done.  We stand by our critique of her music last year when we wrote that her records are terribly underproduced.  “Guy” is one exception.  In fact, its instrumental track is so strong that Tiesto’s remix copies most of that melody.
  3. Daya - Insomnia
    - Perhaps best remembered as the guest vocalist on The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down,” Daya has had two hits of her own (“Hide Away,” “Sit Still, Look Pretty”).  Will this song make her an A-list artist like Halsey, another Chainsmokers guest back in 2016?  As someone posted on YouTube, the instrumental track does recall Kylie Minogue’s ”Can’t Get You out of My Head.”
  4. Steve Aoki & Alan Walker Featuring ISAK - Are You Lonely
    - Two prolific dance music artists get together, and, well, we won’t play that game of who did the heavy lifting on this record.
  5. Drax Project Featuring Hailee Steinfeld - Woke up Late (Sam Feldt Remix, Adam Trigger Remix, Lash Remix)
    - Judging by this dance-pop single, you wouldn’t think this is some genre-bending band from New Zealand.
  6. Dean Lewis - Alright (Kue Remix)
    - Since Ed Sheeran successfully crossed over to this side of the Atlantic, we’ve had a string of sensitive singer-songwriters from the U.K.:  John Newman, Sam Smith, James Bay, Passenger, James Arthur, Tom Walker, Calum Scott, and Lewis Capaldi.  That’s why we passed on Dean Lewis at first.  But that one line in “Alright” will grow on you eventually.  Oh, and he’s Australian.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2019]

  1. Arizona - Find Someone
    - Ever since “Oceans Away” from two years ago (see March 2017 issue of Mega6), we’ve been waiting for another Arizona track to sink our teeth into.  Well, here it is.
  2. DVBBS Featuring Saro - Somebody Like You
    - These Canadian brothers love to collaborate with other artists.  This is one rare instance when they are not sharing top billing with someone else.
  3. HIDDN & DJ Junior - At Least We Lived
    - One of those “live for today” songs.  The horn section strikes again.
  4. Blue Ivy - Last Time (Radio Edit, Slim Tim Remix)
    - The one problem we have with this recent top 30 club hit is the artist’s stage name.  Surely she’s aware of the name of the Carters’ daughter.  Blue Ivy Carter was featured on Jay Z’s “Glory” in 2012.
  5. Alan Walker, K-391 & Emelie Hollow - Lily
    - Yes, Alan Walker’s earlier stuff may be better—we know he hasn’t been around that long, but he’s been very prolific—but even his lesser work is a cut above most of what’s out there.
  6. Lil Peep & iLoveMakonnen Featuring Fall out Boy - I’ve Been Waiting (Luke Hoodz Remix)
    - The first time we listened to this song two months ago, it didn’t leave much of an impression.  As we explained before, we listen to dozens of new records each week, and if something doesn’t grab us in the first two minutes, we say “Thank you, next.”  Then a local radio station put it in heavy rotation, and we started to notice how much the late Lil Peep sounds like Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur) here.  Fall out Boy’s contribution seems unnecessary, but then again we’ve never cared for high-pitched male vocalists with a thing for long song titles—think Panic! at the Disco and The All-American Rejects as well.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2019]

  1. One Ok Rock - Stand out Fit In (Alien Kudo Remix, WhatsME Remix)
    - Memo to BTS Army:  If you want to listen to catchy music from that part of the world, change one letter in K-pop and you have it.  J-pop has a long history going back to Kyu Sakamoto’s “Ue o Muite Aruko” (aka “Sukiyaki”), one of three foreign-language songs to hit No. 1 in the U.S. between 1958 and 1963.  If you can name the other two, give yourself a gold star.  We’d rather listen to One Ok Rock than BTS or PSY or “Baby Shark.”
  2. Smith & Thell Featuring Swedish Jam Factory - Forgive Me Friend
    - Sounding a little like Of Monsters and Men (“Little Talks,” “Mountain Sound”), this duo continues to give folk music a Swedish twist like Peter Bjorn and John (“Young Folks”) and some guy named Avicii.
  3. Gryffin Featuring Stanaj - You Remind Me
    - Sometimes it feels like U.S. dance radio is playing mostly non-American artists, so it’s nice to know there are local acts such as Gryffin and Illenium (see below) representing North America.  You’ll recall guest vocalist Stanaj from Afrojack’s ”Bed of Roses.”
  4. Illenium Featuring Bahari - Crashing
    - If you loved “Take You Down,” you’ll like this follow-up.
  5. Steve Aoki Featuring Mike Posner - A Lover and a Memory (Franklin Remix)
    - This may not be SeeB’s remix of “I Took a Pill in Ibiza,” but it’s still good to hear Mike Posner on a dance record again.
  6. Pet Shop Boys - On Social Media
    - Another track from PSB’s latest EP.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2019]

  1. Dropgun Featuring Nevve - Drought
    - From Russia we get this well-constructed dance number.  A little trendy, a little retro, mostly frantic but quiet in the middle.  Dropgun previously made our Megamix page in 2015 with “Pyramids” (together with DVBBS).
  2. LANY - Thru These Tears
    - The good news is this Los Angeles-based trio (“ILYSB,” “Yea, Babe, No Way”) has found a home at alternative radio with this release.
  3. Steve Brian & Eric Lumiere - In Your Eyes
    - Not a remake of the Peter Gabriel song, “In Your Eyes” is a collaboration between Germany’s Steve Brian and California’s Eric Lumiere, who was featured on Filo & Peri’s 2008 dance hit “Anthem.”
  4. Carly Rae Jepsen - Party for One (Anki Remix, Toy Armada & DJ GRIND Remix, Otto Benson Remix)
    - There are worse things than being tagged a one-hit wonder, especially when that song is the monster hit “Call Me Maybe.”  Yes, she did go top 10 with that Owl City duet.  “Party for One,” co-produced by Captain Cuts, may not be an earworm like “Maybe,” but it’s her catchiest song since 2012.
  5. Pet Shop Boys - Give Stupidity a Chance
    - Since the Iraq War and more current events, artists have been recording more political songs that rival the 1960s peak.  So give the Pet Shop Boys’ latest a chance.
  6. Flora Cash - You’re Somebody Else (Young Bombs Remix, Frank Pole Remix, Splizz Remix)
    - Poised to be the next alternative track to cross over after lovelytheband’s “Broken,” this song was used two years ago in a Mexican ad campaign regarding catfishing (“Not everyone is who you think they are.”).  Now why didn’t the U.S. government think of that?

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2019]

  1. Martin Garrix Featuring Mike Yung - Dreamer
    - The surprise crossover hit “Animals” seems like a long time ago now.  In the last five years, Martin Garrix may have been too prolific for his own good.  If not for his busy release schedule, “Ocean,” “High on Life,” and “Burn Out” could have been as popular as “Animals.”
  2. Codeko Featuring Xuitcasecity - Woke Up
    - The U.K.’s Ed Clark is back with a worthy follow-up to “Say Hi,” this time working with the up-and-coming pop/hip-hop duo Xuitcasecity.
  3. Lauren Daigle - You Say (Hydro Walkers Remix, Kara$$mo Bootleg)
    - For listeners familiar with Lisa Loeb, the title may recall her 1990s hit “Stay (I Missed You).”  It doesn’t hurt that Lauren Daigle sounds a bit like Adele here; the original version’s piano notes are reminiscent of “Someone Like You” as well.  The gospel bits are a nice touch.
  4. Salt Cathedral - Rude Boy
    - Not a remake of the Rihanna song, this single is from a duo named after an underground church in Colombia.
  5. VNV Nation - God of All
    - A catchy cut from VNV Nation’s latest album.
  6. Fitness - Cold Rain
    - Just as Keith Wallen (see December 2018 issue of Mega6) has a distinctly non-dance background, the members of Fitness are part of the alternative band Eve 6 (“Inside Out,” “Here’s to the Night”).

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2019]

  1. Metric - Now or Never Now
    - Remember “Help I’m Alive” from 2009?  Well, this Canadian band is back with something more synthpop.
  2. Alpharock - Stars
    - Known more for his remix work, the Netherlands’ Jeffrey Lens has finally made our Megamix page as an artist.
  3. George Ezra - Shotgun (KVR Remix, Danny Dove Remix)
    - Serendipity strikes again.  When none of the official remixes really stood out last summer, we decided to pass on “Shotgun.”  Then recently we heard Danny Dove’s remix on a local radio station’s Saturday night mix show and here we are.  It’s a wonderful remix even if it sounds kind of similar to Kungs’ remix of “This Girl.”
  4. VNV Nation - When Is the Future?
    - VNV Nation was a duo in the past (check out 2002’s “Epicentre”).  Now it’s pretty much Ronan Harris’ solo project.
  5. Debby Holiday - Waiting for a Lifetime (Larry Peace Edit, Juanma Escudero & Stex Remix)
    - This is only Debby Holiday’s second appearance on our Megamix page (since “Dive” in 2004).  “Waiting for a Lifetime” is her third top 10 club hit in the U.S. (four more as a featured vocalist).
  6. Wallows - 1980s Horror Film
    - A Los Angeles band pays tribute to the 1980s.  By the way, that decade had the best drums sound.  After the 1980s, the drums started to sound tinny.




Mega6 2018


Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2018]

  1. David Guetta Featuring Faouzia - Battle
    - Co-produced by Netsky and others, this album cut is the closest David Guetta has come to recapture the magic of “Titanium.”
  2. Don Diablo Featuring Emeli Sande & Gucci Mane - Survive
    - Emeli Sande is the biggest feature in Don Diablo’s catalog to date, and the result is not a crossover-bait as one would expect.
  3. Keith Wallen - Summer Sunday
    - Keith Wallen is not a dance artist; “Summer Sunday” is not a dance track.  But there are enough synths in the background to justify the inclusion of this terrific pop song.  After you give it a listen, then look up his name and you’ll be just as surprised as we were.
  4. Kidnap - Ursa Minor
    - A tasty instrumental from the U.K.’s Matt Relton.  Ursa Minor is a constellation.
  5. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Crockett Theme
    - A Caribbean-sounding remake of an instrumental from an iconic 1980s American TV series by a German band.  Music is the universal language.
  6. Lisette Melendez - Rise
    - Our Bay Area Meganauts know how we felt about the defunct KPTI’s overuse of 1980s freestyle.  Well, that station is long gone, and so we don’t mind a little bit of new freestyle as we near 2020.  Freestyle fans should recall Lisette Melendez’ “Together Forever” from 1991.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2018]

  1. Bob Moses - Back Down
    - A relatively new electronic duo from Canada.  Dance music is more than trendy beats, distorted vocals, and star guest features.
  2. Black Coffee & David Guetta Featuring Delilah Montagu - Drive (Edit)
    - The first time South Africa’s Nkosinathi Maphumulo made our Megamix page was via his remix of Alicia Keys’ “In Common” two years ago.  Then last year Black Coffee cracked the Hot 100 as a featured artist on a Drake track.  He released his first album in 2005.
  3. Benny Benassi & Sofi Tukker - Everybody Needs a Kiss
    - As one of dance music’s heavy hitters, Benny Benassi could’ve retired after giving us the iconic “Satisfaction” in 2003.  This is his first Mega6 appearance since the inception of our column in 2009.
  4. Sofi Tukker - Benadryl
    - Sofi Tukker is on a roll.  After “Best Friend,” “Batshit,” and the remix of Billie Eilish’s “Copycat,” the duo keeps going with a collaboration with Benny Benassi (see above) and “Benadryl”—both featuring Portuguese words for some reason.
  5. Softmal - I Believe in Miracles
    - Brazil’s Clayton Farias seems to specialize in remixing old hits.  This rework of Hot Chocolate’s 1976 hit “You Sexy Thing” strikes the right balance between staying true to the original and applying a fresh coat of paint.  For those who prefer a remix to be radically different from the original, give this one a chance.
  6. American Authors - Deep Water (Steve Reece Remix)
    - We highlighted this New York rock band’s “Believer” here in 2014.  Most people are familiar with its biggest crossover hit “Best Day of My Life.”

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2018]

  1. San Holo Featuring Sofie Winterson - Lift Me From the Ground
    - For the first time in the history of our Mega6 column (dating back to March 2009), we have the same artist leading off two consecutive issues.  San Holo is featured on Yellow Claw’s “Summertime” last month.
  2. K-391 & Alan Walker Featuring Julie Bergan & Seungri - Ignite (Ahrix Remix, Hollaphonic Remix)
    - If you like the sound of Ahrix and Alan Walker, Kenneth Nilsen (aka K-391) aims to please.
  3. Vicetone Featuring Meron Ryan - Walk Thru Fire
    - Not to be confused with Vice, the Los Angeles DJ (“The World Is Our Playground”), Vicetone is a duo from the Netherlands.
  4. Martin Garrix Featuring Bonn - High on Life
    - Here’s another example of the compressed release schedule we talked about last month.  While “Ocean” is starting to gain traction at top 40 radio stateside, Martin Garrix has already released this song and another one.
  5. Keanu Silva - Fine Day
    - A decent remake.  The only question is does it sample vocals from Opus III or Jane’s original version?
  6. lovelytheband - Broken (Reed Streets Remix)
    - As this alternative hit, which sounds like a cross between Foster the People’s “Pumped up Kicks” and MGMT’s “Kids,” continues to crossover to other formats, we hope there’ll be more remixes to choose from.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2018]

  1. Yellow Claw Featuring San Holo - Summertime
    - Somewhat of a slight departure for Yellow Claw—a slower, hypnotic collaboration with fellow Dutch artist San Holo.
  2. Hundred Handed - Too Good
    - Judging by “Too Good” alone, we’d have to say this pop rock duo from Los Angeles reminds us of Chromeo, Odesza, and Phantoms.  The founder of Hundred Handed is the younger son of Phil McGraw.  If you search for hundred handed on Wikipedia, you’ll be directed to Greek mythology.
  3. Elohim - Half Love
    - Another winner from the mysterious Elohim proves she is a good producer.
  4. Kygo & Imagine Dragons - Born to Be Yours
    - After Selena Gomez, Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons) is definitely a big get for Kygo to work with.  As “Remind Me to Forget” is still building at radio, the release of “Born to Be Yours” feels premature.  Too many releases in a short amount of time (read on)?
  5. Sean Paul + Major Lazer - Tip Pon It
    - It kind of makes sense for dance artists still looking for a big crossover hit (think Steve Aoki) or those who have just achieved some mainstream success (Marshmello comes to mind) to release a new track every other week or month.  But for artists such as The Chainsmokers, Major Lazer/Diplo and, to a lesser extent, Calvin Harris to do the same seems to cheapen their brand.  Because of the steady stream of releases from Major Lazer/Diplo (and LSD and Silk City), “Tip Pon It” is in danger of getting lost in the shuffle.
  6. Mr. Probz - Space for Two (Robin Schulz Remix)
    - Back together again—Robin Schulz remixing another Mr. Probz song.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2018]

  1. Hilda x Don Diablo - Wake Me When It’s Quiet
    - Just as people grieve differently, some radio stations pay tribute to Avicii in their own way.  Sirius XM Radio’s BPM immediately started spinning Avicii’s remix of Morten’s “Beautiful Heartbeat,” a dance radio hit in 2016.  Other stations followed suit—though some didn’t even play the Avicii remix.  Meanwhile, three different stations added Swedish singer Hilda’s tribute, which was remixed by Don Diablo.
  2. Morgan Page & Jayceeoh Featuring Kaleena Zanders - Lost Dreams
    - Dance radio stateside has always been a big supporter of Morgan Page.  But for some reason only three stations have played this catch number with strong vocals and a little bit of electric guitar.
  3. Blair St. Clair - Now or Never
    - As someone wrote on YouTube, this is the first time a drag performer has released something radio-friendly.  Well, Sylvester did have a few crossover hits in the 1970s.  We do give Andrew Bryson credit for not dropping a novelty song or something strictly for the clubs.
  4. Sophie Simmons - Black Mirror (The Galaxy Remix, Dirty Werk Remix, Alex Acosta Remix)
    - It’s a shame the original version of this minor club hit was overlooked by top 40 radio.  The artist’s father is some guy named Gene.
  5. TLUXX Featuring Brett Pemberton - We Weren’t Born to Lose
    - Brett Pemberton’s robust vocals are the best thing about our second tribute song, this time having to do with the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.
  6. Taylor Swift - Delicate (SeeB Remix, Sawyr & Ryan Tedder Mix, AFG Remix, BassBomber Remix, JollY Remix, Dark Intensity Remix)
    - Let the record show that we added this track to our Megamix page last April.  Some people had written off the fourth official single from Taylor Swift’s latest album because the first three had under-performed at radio.  Well, this dance-lite tune has proved the naysayers wrong.  It finally hit No. 1 at mainstream top 40 after doing the same at adult top 40 a few weeks earlier and No. 2 across all formats.  Even without much help from sales and streaming (we are four singles deep into the album), it is currently just outside the top 10 on Hot 100.  Never mind the two recently released official remixes.  We prefer the ones from AFG, BassBomber, and JollY.  The last one sounds like it’s done in the style of Kygo.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2018]

  1. Paul Mayson - Letting You Go
    - Sporting a slight Hozier (“Take Me to Church”) vibe, the latest single from this Dutch DJ and producer is easy to love.
  2. The Him - White Lies
    - Known primarily for its remixes, this Dutch duo could change all that if we get more tasty treats like “White Lies.”  A little sax never hurts either.
  3. Youngr - Ooh Lordy
    - Dance radio stateside supported “Out of My System” in 2016—and viewers loved the one-man-band music video—the U.K.’s Dario Darnell’s latest made the U.S. club chart recently.  Now he and his father (of Kid Creole and the Coconuts fame) have that in common.
  4. Rosendale - Divine
    - From The Decemberists and tobyMac to Wolf Alice and Blair St. Clair, you can count on Dance Radio Post to listen and advise without prejudice.  Add this Bay Area artist to our diverse list of recommendations.  The vocals and a few notes may remind you of Mot & Krid’s “Make It last” from last year.
  5. Munroe - Give Me a Smile (Radio Mix)
    - We highlighted “Spring of Life” on this page two years ago.  Well, the “distorted” sound of Munroe is back.  Perhaps those of you who can read music or play instruments can help us put our finger on it.  Is he playing around with scales?  This little instrumental will grow on you.
  6. Tom Walker - Leave a Light On (AlunaGeorge Remix, Cheat Codes Remix, High Contrast Remix, Amice Remix)
    - Another month, another singer-songwriter from the U.K.  The Amice remix has rightly focused on the most memorable part of the original version’s instrumental track.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2018]

  1. Elohim Featuring Yoshi Flower - Panic Attacks
    - Slower tempo, keyboard focus, co-ed vocals, and namecheck of a city—no, this record is really not a copycat of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer.”  The way the male and female vocals are spliced together throughout is actually quite unusual.  The enigmatic Elohim has never revealed her real name and her face is often obscured by her hair in her music videos.  The line “Moved out to Topanga, now I’m living with god” may have a more prosaic meaning.  You see, Elohim is Hebrew for god or deity, and the artist was born in Topanga, Calif.  Will this song put Topanga on the map the way “Closer” has done for Boulder?  Probably not.
  2. Dada Life - Higher Than the Sun
    - Dada Life’s latest release demonstrates why we’ve supported the Swedish duo since 2010’s “Cookies With a Smile.”
  3. Moguai & Zonderling - Lee
    - .Just as we’ve never figured out what the title of Feder’s “Lordly” has to do with that 2016 song, we’re not sure what “Lee” has to do with the lyrics here.
  4. 3LAU Featuring Carly Paige - Touch
    - This is the first time we’ve highlighted a Justin Blau song on this page.
  5. Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt - Safe From Harm (Club Mix)
    - A trance number from Germany’s other Schulz (we’re certain Robin and Markus are not related).  If drum and bass is still alive and kicking in the late 2010s, we shouldn’t be surprised trance is still around as well.
  6. Curtis Harding - Need Your Love
    - If you enjoy a bit of retro fun now and then like The Freshmen’s “Hello There” (see October 2011 issue of Mega6), you need a dose of Curtis Harding.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2018]

  1. R3hab x Mike Williams - Lullaby
    - One good lullaby (Alan Walker’s “Sing Me to Sleep”) derserves another (Sigala & Paloma Faith) and another: a collaboration between two Dutch artists.
  2. Beca - In Deep Love (Caller Remix)
    - We will probably never see another female dance artist like Donna Summer.  Kylie Minogue has done well sporadically stateside.  Jes and Nadia Ali have never had a solo crossover hit.  Kristine W and Ultra Nate each had one minor crossover hit in the 1990s; Amber had a few more around the same time.  So good luck to Becca Schack.  Male DJs have pretty much taken over the dance scene these days.
  3. Jack Wins Featuring Caitlyn Scarlett - Freewheelin’
    - Here comes another Dutch import.
  4. Robin Schulz & Marc Scibilia - Unforgettable (StadiumX Remix)
    - There’s always room for more strong male vocals at dance radio.  Not a remake of the Nat King Cole classic or last year’s French Montana hit.
  5. Janieck - Does It Matter (Denis First & Reznikov Remix)
    - This hybrid song might just grow on you. The interpolation of Alice Deejay’s “Better off Alone” is pleasant enough, but we actually prefer the original half (well, it’s really less than 50 percent of the total record).
  6. Ocean Park Standoff vs. SeeB - Lost Boys
    - More lost boys.  It was only a few months ago when we talked about Computer Games’ “Lost Boys Life.”  Ocean Park Standoff is a pop trio whose debut single was a top 15 hit at adult top 40 radio.  For the follow-up single, the record label services an official remix from the same team which did wonders for Mike Posner.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2018]

  1. Dada Life - We Want Your Soul (Mike Williams Remix, Rob & Jack Remix)
    - EDM’s fun-loving duo is back.  Not a remake of Freeland’s 2003 song of the same name.
  2. Dustin Atlas x Erin Bowman - Fake Ass Friends
    - Since the runaway success of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” in 2016, there’s been no shortage of records featuring co-ed vocals.
  3. MARC Featuring Caroline Hoier - The Way I Do
    - It was just last year when we added “Can’t Live Without It” to our Megamix page.  Sweden’s MARC scores again.
  4. Asher - Forever
    - It’s been a while since we featured an artist from Romania.  Remember the Romanian dance invasion in 2010 (see Stories in the Mix)?
  5. Wolves - Animal
    - Don’t confuse Los Angeles-based Wolves with the East Los Angeles-based alternative band Los Lobos (“La Bamba”).  If you remove the male vocals from the debut single from this pop trio, the instrumental track would fit nicely on Taylor Swift’s last two albums.
  6. The Decemberists - Severed
    - When we first heard the lead single from the triple-A band’s eighth album, we thought we detected more than a hint of EDM.  Sure enough, The Decemberists’ latest album is partly inspired by 1980s dance rock.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2018]

  1. Sigrid - Strangers (R3hab Remix, Franky Rizardo Remix)
    - The latest from Norway’s Sigrid Raabe is better than last year’s “Don’t Kill My Vibe.”
  2. Dirty South Featuring ANIMA! - If It All Stops
    - Australia’s Dragan Roganovic has scored again with ANIMA! (you’ll recall “All of Us” from 2016).  Do you suppose his stage name is a little confusing stateside?  Most people think of hip-hop from the South (Geto Boys, 2 Live Crew, OutKast, T.I., Ludacris et al.).
  3. Arty Featuring April Bender - Sunrise
    - Thanks to the Internet and the digitization of music, an artist can drop as many singles as he wants—no need to deal with manufacturing and shipping.  Though he’s recorded only one album, Artem Stolyarov has released over 40 singles in the last 10 years.
  4. Billie Eilish - Copycat (Sofi Tukker Remix)
    - What a difference a remix makes.  Written by Billie Eilish O’Connell with her older brother, an actor who also produced her debut EP, the original musical arrangement of “Copycat” just doesn’t cut it.  As Eilish, who’s still a teenager, and her brother grow older, they will be able to write and produce more complete songs.
  5. Oliver Heldens Featuring Danny Shah - What the Funk (Steve Aoki Remix)
    - A slight departure in sound from Oliver Heldens.  Steve Aoki’s remix is pretty good as well.
  6. Peking Duk - Wasted
    - The Australian duo has finally made our Mega6 page.  The Duk has landed.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2018]

  1. DiMaro Featuring Cha:dy - History (DiMaro & Lennert Wolfs With Love From Ibiza Mix)
    - For a small European country, Belgium has produced quite a few dance artists, including Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Lost Frequencies, Netsky, Airscape, and Jessy.  Before “History,” DiMaro’s remix of Lost Frequencies’ “Are You With Me” made our Megamix page.
  2. Mike La Funk Featuring Lyla Bull - Alive (Edit)
    - If you’re familiar with Germany’s house music scene, you already know Mike La Funk.  Pardon the overused song title.
  3. Fedde Le Grand Featuring Adam McInnis - Wonder Years
    - Since Fedde Le Grand’s remix of Ida Corr’s “Let Me Think About It” became an international hit in 2008, he hasn’t been able to achieve that level of commercial success.  Well, thank God popularity is not the only measure of success.
  4. Yellow Claw Featuring STORi - Both of Us
    - Since 2014, Yellow Claw has scored almost 10 dance hits stateside.  This is another radio-friendly release from the Dutch duo.
  5. Jes - Get Me Through the Night
    - Most of us first heard Jes Brieden’s voice on Motorcycle’s 2004 classic “As the Rush Comes.”  Gabriel and Dresden have continued to make music together; Jes has done alright on her own.  Go to our Megastars page and you’ll see that she is the top female artist after Kylie Minogue.  Maybe she will work with G&D again in the future.
  6. Broke Royals - As Long as I Can See (Penguin Prison Remix)
    - Not to be confused with Bad Royale or Royal Blood, this DC area duo used sign language in the music video for “As Long as I Can See” to celebrate deafness awareness month last year.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2018]

  1. Gabriel & Dresden Featuring Sub Teal - This Love Kills Me (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix - Above & Beyond Respray Edit)
    - The Bay Area’s own dynamic duo is back.  G&D has a unique sound that never tries to be trendy—and for that we are grateful.
  2. Lee Dagger & Sian Evans - Shelter From the Storm (Original Radio, Dark Intensity Radio Edit)
    - It’s been a while since we heard the unmistakable voice of Sian Evans.(Kosheen).
  3. Luttrell - Contact
    - Eric Luttrell, a new artist from San Francisco, is off to a good start.
  4. Shanahan - Hold on to Me
    - After last year’s hit “Stars & Moon” with Breathe Carolina, Jake Shanahan returns alone.
  5. Jai Wolf Featuring MNDR - Like It’s Over
    - Released over 12 months ago, this is another one that almost got away.  Except for a couple of remixes, Sajeeb Saha has never made our Megamix page until now.
  6. Mr. Probz Featuring Anderson .Paak - Gone
    - You’ll recall this Dutch artist’s breakout hit “Waves” from a few years ago (thanks to the Robin Schulz remix).  Here’s something noteworthy from Mr. Probz that doesn’t require a remix.  The instrumental track sounds awfully close to Ten Years After’s 1971 evergreen “I’d Love to Change the World.”  Let’s hope the late Alvin Lee got proper credit for “Gone.”  Compare with Cosmosound’s remake of Ten Years After’s signature song (refer to the January 2010 edition of Mega6).




Mega6 2017


Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2017]

  1. Milk N Cooks - Joy District
    - Formerly Milk N Cookies, this Chicago duo has cooked up something tasty with a dash of jazz.  Joy District is the Windy City’s newest hot spot since its 2016 opening.
  2. MagnusTheMagnus - Area
    - You could say Sweden’s Magnus Lidehall won the music lottery.  That’s because his little instrumental was used in an Apple iPhone 8 ad.
  3. Computer Games - Lost Boys Life
    - If you are a fan of “Glee” and “Stranger Things,” this song and its music video will make your day.
  4. Calvin Harris Featuring Kehlani & Lil Yachty - Faking It (Radio Edit)
    - There are Calvin Harris songs that we like immediately and then there are Calvin Harris songs that we grow to like eventually.  “Faking It” falls in the latter category.  And who cares if this record is only 60 BPM?  The Chainsmokers have proved that BPM is just a number.
  5. Nick Jonas - Find You
    - Nick Jonas’ latest tropical-flavored single just missed the U.S. Hot 100.  Maybe his performance at the American Music Awards will give it the boost it needed.
  6. Wyclef Jean Featuring LunchMoney Lewis & The Knocks - What Happened to Love
    - Not as catchy as “Hips Don’t Lie,” the second single from Wyclef Jean’s latest album does have a feel-good vibe—it is produced and co-written by The Knocks.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2017]

  1. Above & Beyond Featuring Marty Longstaff - Tightrope (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
    - The one female singer most closely associated with Above & Beyond—you know the one—has a voice that’s really an acquired taste.  Well, we don’t have an issue with the featured male vocalist here.
  2. Savoy Featuring Roniit - How U Like Me Now
    - This American trio has been releasing records since 2009.  A switch to Canada’s Monstercat label should broaden Savoy’s fanbase.
  3. Lost Frequencies & Netsky - Here With You (Bassjackers Remix, Mastrovita x Mordkey Remix)
    - A satisfying collaboration between two Belgian artists.  It’s almost as good as the best from Lost Frequencies (“Are You With Me”) and Netsky (“Come Alive,” “Rio”).
  4. Wolf Alice - Don’t Delete the Kisses
    - When this U.K. alternative band decided to record a synthpop song for its latest album, the result is something a little different for dance radio.
  5. Why Don’t We - Something Different
    - Speaking of something different...a dance-leaning single from a boy band.
  6. Vance Joy - Lay It on Me
    - An alternative track with a slight dance beat.  You might recall Australia’s James Keogh’s breakthrough hit “Riptide” from a few years ago.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2017]

  1. Total Ape Featuring Miss Li - More
    - From Sweden we get another record with altered vocals that’s all the rage these days.  It may sound a little off-putting at first but have patience.
  2. Oceans - Cold Ain’t for Me
    - If country singer Sam Hunt worked with a DJ producer, the result might sound something like this.  If not for YouTube’s autoplay feature, we never would’ve heard this older release on Ultra.  But wait...aren’t we on this record label’s mailing list?  No.  Most record companies wouldn’t know marketing if it jumped up and bit them in the behind.  It’s no surprise there’s not much we could find about this artist on the Net.
  3. Fantastiques - Beautiful Terminator
    - A partnership between an American singer and a French producer has resulted in this minor club hit stateside.
  4. Sultan + Shepard Featuring Red Rosamond - Damn
    - As dance radio keeps spinning Sultan + Shepard’s latest single “Almost Home,”we’d like to bring your attention to something this Canadian duo released earlier this year, a jazzy track that sounds like nothing else in S+S’s catalog.
  5. Bebe Rexha Featuring Lil Wayne - The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody) (DallasK Remix)
    - A tribute of sorts to Whitney Houston’s classic hit with a similar title, this record is Bebe Rexha’s most dance-leaning single since her early days as part of an EDM duo.  Free publicity:  ABC is currently using her song to promote the 25th season of the U.S. edition of “Dancing With the Stars.”
  6. Hifi Sean Featuring Crystal Waters - Testify (Radio Edit, Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix)
    - Here’s a song that cries out for a good remix.  Fortunately, Crystal Waters’ vocals rise above the original version’s prosaic musical arrangement.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2017]

  1. Disciples - On My Mind (Denney Remix, Unorthodox Remix)
    - The first of two songs that almost got away.  This U.K. trio finally scored when we heard this single recently on California Music Channel (—a few months after we first listened to it.
  2. Chord Overstreet - Hold On (Deepend Remix)
    - We’d passed on this Deepend remix until CMC came to the rescue again.  Chord Overstreet is country singer Paul Overstreet’s son.
  3. Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (Ofenbach Remix)
    - It’s gratifying when a deserving alternative track becomes a crossover hit.  The Ofenbach remix gives the original a light dance makeover.
  4. The Weeknd - Secrets
    - The Weeknd’s record company should release this dance-leaning album cut as a radio single in the future.  In the meantime, he has uploaded a music video for the song.
  5. Fifth Harmony Featuring Gucci Mane - Down (Spectrum Remix, Jad Desenchanntee vs. Jump Smokers Remix, Vin Remix, AlphaLove Remix, Lindo Habie Remix, Elliot Karsten Remix)
    - Co-produced by DallasK, this Fifth Harmony single has under-performed at top 40 radio.  The original version is ready for dance radio as is.
  6. Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill (SeeB Remix, Throttle Remix, Country Club Martini Crew Remix, NWYR Remix, Sondr Remix, Kastra & Buzzmeisters Remix, Straight Wyoming Remix)
    - It was back in 2012 when we highlighted Lazy Jay’s remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Drunk” here.  He is now a pop A-lister.  The remixes of “Castle on the Hill” are in general better than the batch for “Shape of You.”

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2017]

  1. Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli Featuring Kye Sones - Heavy Love
    - Maldovan artist Andrew Rayel joins forces with Maldovan American artist Max Vangeli; we expect more dance stations to play their first collaboration soon.
  2. Parcels - Overnight
    - The Weeknd’s latest album not sufficient Daft Punk fix for you?  Well, try this song from an Australian band on for size.  It’s produced and co-written by your favorite French Robots.
  3. RL Grime Featuring Miguel - Stay for It
    - Until now, Henry Steinway made our Megamix page via his remix of The Weeknd’s “The Hills.”  “Stay for It” is his best shot for crossover success.
  4. Mot & Krid Featuring Redd Carter - Make It last (StoneBridge & Damien Hall Radio)
    - As far as we can tell, Mot & Krid is not a duo but the moniker for Thomas Gallmeier.  The chorus is pretty catchy, and the StoneBridge/Damien Hall remix just puts it over the top.
  5. Karel Ullner - We Get High (Radio Edit)
    - The first club hit for a new artist from New York (top 20 to date).
  6. Imagine Dragons - Believer (Kaskade Remix)
    - The lead single from the Las Vegas band’s third album has placed Imagine Dragons back in the top 10 after its sophomore album failed to connect with top 40 radio.  If the original version of this song gives you a sense of deja vu, we submit it sounds like it’s inspired by Awolnation’s “Sail.”

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2017]

  1. Cosmic Gate & Tim White - The Deep End (Radio Edit)
    - A worthy follow-up to “Fall Into You” from German duo Cosmic Gate, one of whom is Nic Chagall.
  2. AJR - Weak (Cheat Codes Remix, Mike D Remix, Steve Smart Official Edit, WesMaizter Remix)
    - Following the footsteps of Hanson and Jonas, AJR is another trio of brothers.
  3. Aaron Carter - Sooner or Later (Hook x L Remix)
    - The keyword here is baggage.  If top 40 radio didn’t know the name of the artist, this record would have received more airplay.
  4. Pitbull Featuring Stephen Marley - Options (Chuckie Remix)
    - There was a time when the Netherlands’ Chuckie seemed poised to be the next DJ to crossover a la David Guetta and others, but it never happened.  Well, it may never happen, so enjoy this remix now.
  5. Julia Michaels - Issues (Alan Walker Remix, Riddler Remix, Cezar Nedelcu Remix, Ash Remix, Paul Gannon Bootleg)
    - The first of two pop songs with similar tempo and theme.  You have a plethora of remixes to choose from.
  6. Halsey - Now or Never (R3hab Remix Edit, Sisco Kennedy Dancehall Remix, Slander Remix)
    - After her guest turn on The Chainsmokers’ monster hit “Closer,” Ashley Frangipane could be the next left-of-center pop artist to break through after Lana Del Rey.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2017]

  1. Autograf Featuring Lils - You Might Be
    - While you listen to this tasty track, don’t forget “Metaphysical” from last year.
  2. Otto Knows - With You
    - The second Otto Knows song to be featured here after “Next to Me.”
  3. Fletcher - Wasted Youth (Michael Brun Remix)
    - The Michael Brun remix may be more to the liking of dance radio, but we prefer the original version by pop singer Cari Fletcher.
  4. James Arthur - Say You Won’t Let Go (Luca Schreiner Remix, Dash Berlin Rework, Paul Gannon Bootleg)
    - There’s certainly no shortage of male vocalists from the U.K.  James Arthur happens to be—let’s all say it together—another TV singing contest alumnus.
  5. Post Malone Featuring Quavo - Congratulations (Dzeko Remix, BKAYE & TELYKast Remix, Andrey Azizov Remix, Just a Tune Flip)
    - It’s just a coincidence we have two hip-hop artists this month (see below).  The vocals are provided by Quavo of Migos fame.
  6. Play-N-Skillz Featuring Wisin x Frankie J x Leslie Grace - Si Una Vez (If I Once)
    - The whistle-sounding part is what drew us to this reggaeton-lite track initially.  Then we found out it’s actually a remake of a mariachi cut from fellow Texan Selena’s 1994 album.  There is an English version available.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2017]

  1. Future Islands - Ran
    - Featuring eerie synths and gruff vocals, this synthpop gem is not the typical fare for dance radio, which is precisely why you should care.
  2. Sondr Featuring Peg Parnevik - Live Love Learn
    - Let’s get the obvious out of the way–this song’s instrumental track recalls a certain Avicii sound.  How many times have we all thought that the last three years?  So luckily for this U.K. import, the vocal part is good enough to stand on its own.
  3. Phantoms - Pulling Me In
    - A California duo that kind of reminds us of Capital Cities.
  4. Ahrix - Nova
    - If you can believe Wikipedia, Alan Walker is supposedly influenced by Ahrix.  One listen to this 2013 release and you can hear the similarities.
  5. Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost in the World Like Me? (KDA Made on 11/9 Version)
    - One of the biggest dance crossover acts in the 1990s is back with his latest album, which has so far failed to make the U.S. top 200 albums chart.
  6. Noah Cyrus Featuring Labrinth - Make Me (Cry) (Marshmello Remix, Grey Remix)
    - Here’s hoping U.K.’s Labrinth will have more success stateside.  In the meantime, check out his debut album from a few years ago, which yielded the minor top 40 hit “Beneath Your Beautiful.”

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2017]

  1. Ashworth - Second Guess
    - This is actually Ashworth’s second appearance on our Megamix page.  His remix of Childish Gambino’s “Heartbeat” made the cut in 2012 (when he went by Ashworth IV).
  2. Filous Featuring Mat Kearney - Goodbye
    - Two reasons why we gave the lastest from Austria’s Matthias Oldofredi the thumbs up:  1) Mat Kearney’s vocals (“Nothing Left to Lose,” “Closer to Love”), and 2) to make up for almost recommending Filous’ previous release “Emelie.”
  3. Marshmello - Summer
    - The mysterious Marshmello has not been around that long, but he can turn out a catchy instrumental with ease like another mascot-looking DJ named Deadmau5.
  4. Marian Hill - Down
    - Another act to really benefit from a TV commercial since Fun’s “We Are Young.”  Released a year ago, “Down” took off immediately after the Apple AirPods ad aired a few months ago.  Not every song featured in a TV spot becomes a hit.  The odds improve when you combine a memorable commercial with the perfect soundtrack.
  5. Virginia to Vegas - Lights Out
    - The second top 40 hit from Derik Baker’s debut album in his native Canada.  The inclusion of the key line from the Rockwell hit is a good thing on balance.
  6. Starley - Call on Me (Ryan Riback Remix, Hella Remix, Raffa Remix)
    - A bad movie is bad no matter how many times you watch it, but a song can grow on you the more you listen to it.  That’s one difference between music and film.  When we first heard this Australian import late last year, we passed on it.  Then top 40 radio started playing the Ryan Riback remix, and we were still not interested.  Well, we’ve changed our opinion after listening to it a few more times on the radio.  The vaunted Riback remix may not even be the best among the offical remixes.  Check out Hella and Raffa.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2017]

  1. ARIZONA – Oceans Away (Sam Feldt Remix)
    - Like Alabama, Kansas, and Texas, this is another artist, a trio from New Jersey, named after an American state (there was a 1990s U.K. group with the same name).  We like the original version just fine, but the Sam Feldt remix is there if you feel the need.  When done properly, a little vocalizing can have a big impact.
  2. Chef’Special – Amigo
    - This Dutch group had a minor alternative hit stateside last year.  The genre-bending “Amigo” is perfect for the more adventurous Meganauts.
  3. Pryda – Lillo
    - Eric Prydz’s tribute to a fan called James Lillo who passed away in 2016.
  4. Deadmau5 Featuring Grabbitz – Let Go
    - Canada’s favorite mouseketeer hasn’t released anything memorable since 2012.  What makes this song stand out is the vocal track.
  5. Pegboard Nerds – Melodymania
    - It was three years ago when we highlighted “Hero” here; the Scandinavian duo scored a minor dance radio hit in the U.S. last year with “Superstar.”  This instrumental represents a slight musical detour perhaps.
  6. Jasmine Murray – Fearless
    - Not a remake of the Taylor Swift song, this is the latest single from someone who competed in the 2009 season of “American Idol” (Kris Allen was the eventual winner that year).  Since we never watched that FOX show, we only learned about Jasmine Murray’s past after we heard this song—the music equivalent of blind tasting.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2017]

  1. Henri PFR Featuring Raphaella – Until the End
    - PFR may be short for Peiffer, this Belgian artist’s last name.  The impassioned vocals are provided by the same singer on Codeko’s “Walking With Lions.”  We don’t mind even if the instrumental track sounds like it’s inspired by Kungs (see below).
  2. Elephante Featuring Brandyn Burnette – Plans
    - Not to be confused with the Swedish singer Elliphant, American DJ Tim Wu delivers his strongest single to date.
  3. SteLouse Featuring Nick Leng – Been so Long
    - SteLouse is Ross Ryan’s way of spelling Stay Loose—it certainly makes for a better stage name.
  4. Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway – Spotless
    - The best cut from Martin Garrix’s latest seven-song EP.
  5. Alan Walker – Alone
    - Using a different vocalist from the one on his last two international hits, Alan Walker’s latest still sounds similar and once again garners over 100 million views on YouTube.  “Faded” should hit one billion in the next 12 months.
  6. Kungs Featuring Ephemerals – I Feel so Bad
    - The follow-up to “This Girl” sounds like a sequel, which is fine since that song should’ve been a bigger hit stateside.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2017]

  1. Syn Cole Featuring Joshua Radin – Follow Me
    - Easily our favorite track from Estonia’s Rene Pais.
  2. Richard Judge – Youth
    - Not a remake of the Troye Sivan hit, this is something different from the artist formerly known as J.U.D.G.E.
  3. Sante Cruze & Crazibiza Featuring Rich Fayden – Set Me Free
    - First of two examples of what dance music does well but shouldn’t indulge too often.  A partial remake of a Supremes hit.
  4. Bob Sinclar & Daddy’s Groove – Burning
    - Though we like this song, Bob Sinclar is better than reworking the Harold Melvin/Thelma Houston classic.
  5. Crystal Castles – Char
    - Well, no one can accuse this Canadian duo of writing mundane lyrics.  You must check out 2008’s “Crimewave” and “Vanished.”
  6. Arkells – My Heart’s Always Yours
    - A little bit of dance-rock from Canada.




Mega6 2016


Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2016]

  1. Bakermat Featuring Alex Clare – Living
    - Featuring the distinctive vocals of Alex Clare (“Too Close”), this song may be the Netherlands’ Bakermat’s best hope for a dance hit stateside.
  2. Lindsey Stirling Featuring Rooty – Love’s Just a Feeling
    - This album cut from the violinist’s latest album is very radio friendly; it is produced and co-written by Zedd after all.
  3. Michael Woods – Gold
    - A veteran whose music career began in the late 1990s, Michael Woods (“So Special,” “We’ve Only Just Begun,” “In Your Arms”) has yet to score a crossover hit.
  4. Feder Featuring Alex Aiono – Lordly
    - The most intriguing thing about the follow-up to the French artist Feder’s first dance radio hit “Blind” is the unusual title.
  5. Empire of the Sun – High and Low
    - A timely release after a TV commercial made “Walking on a Dream” a minor (belated) hit in the U.S. earlier this year.
  6. Mike Posner – Be as You Are (JordanXL Remix)
    - It took a dance remix to bring Mike Posner back on top 40 radio, but so far another remix is not getting much traction.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2016]

  1. Junge Junge Featuring Kyle Pearce – Run Run Run
    - Just when certain genres—tropical house and big room come to mind—seem to take over dance music from time to time, we’re grateful for a different sound coming from U.K.’s Youngr (“Out of My System”) and this German duo.
  2. LP – Lost on You (Consoul Trainin & Liva K Radio Edit, Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper Remix)
    - When a relatively unknown American artist has a surprise hit outside the U.S., we want to know about it.  So when we heard a song from Laura Pergolizzi’s latest EP became a favorite in several European countries, we had to check it out.  Just like “Into the Wild,” an earlier LP song we highlighted before (see June 2012 issue of Mega6), her vocals shift into overdrive when the chorus strikes.
  3. Ladyhawke – A Love Song (Adam Turner Remix)
    - Pip Brown’s best since 2009’s “My Delirium.”  If you’re into Goldfrapp, La Roux, and Little Boots, add this New Zealand artist to your playlist.
  4. JoJo Featuring Wiz Khalifa – F*** Apologies (Jump Smokers Remix Edit, Hellberg Remix, Craig Welsh Remix)
    - If you were in high school in 2004, then-13-year-old Joanna Levesque’s “Leave (Get Out)” was probably one of your jams.  But that was then and this is now.  A single released late last year never turned into her comeback hit.  Despite an extremely catchy chorus, top 40 radio is equally lukewarm toward “F*** Apologies.”  As far as remixes go, the one by Craig Welsh is the clear winner.
  5. No Mana Featuring Zashanell – Over & Over
    - We don’t have much info on this artist on Deadmau5’ label.
  6. FTampa Featuring Amanda Wilson – Stay
    - Nothing against this Brazilian DJ, but sometimes we like a song because of the vocalist.  Amanda Wilson has worked with Freemasons, Aurora, Soulcatcher, Paul Rudd, Dim Chris, and Samuele Sartini, among others.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2016]

  1. PARKX – Your Love
    - After remixing Alan Walker’s last two international hits, U.K.’s Alex Cramp is ready to step into the spotlight.
  2. Gareth Emery Featuring Janet Devlin – Lost (Ferry Corsten Remix, Super8 & Tab Remix)
    - While some dance radio stations are just starting to play “Reckless,” here’s another cut from Gareth Emery’s latest album that will grow on you.
  3. Kaskade & Felix Cartel Featuring Ofelia K – Fakin It
    - This is an interesting song from one of dance radio’s core artists.  It harkens back to vintage Kaskade while at the same time sounds a little like tropical house.
  4. Sons of Sonix Featuring Melanie C – Numb (Midnight City Edit, Wyte Labl Remix, Man Without a Clue Remix)
    - Not to be confused with Sons of Maria, this U.K. outfit teams with Melanie C, the first ex-Spice Girl to embrace dance music (2000’s “I Turn to You”).
  5. Coldplay – Hymn for the Weekend (SeeB Remix)
    - The original version, co-produced by Avicii, is more memorable than Coldplay’s lead single from the band’s latest album.  The SeeB remix just takes it over the top.
  6. Phil Wickham – Your Love Awakens Me
    - Something up-tempo for those with an open mind.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2016]

  1. LANY – Yea, Babe, No Way
    - The follow-up to “ILYSB” is an improvement in our opinion (the trio’s name is an acronym for Los Angeles and New York).
  2. Matoma & Becky Hill – False Alarm
    - This is Tom Lagergren’s third top 10 hit in his native Norway.  For fans of “Running Out,” it should hit the spot nicely.
  3. Rob Thomas – Pieces (Sam Feldt Remix)
    - After dance remixes produced breakthrough U.S. hits for Lana Del Rey, Mr. Probz, OMI, and Lilly Wood—and returned Mike Posner to the top of the charts—the last three years, you’d think more record companies would try the same ploy with other non-dance artists.  So it’s a surprise to find Rob Thomas’ label promoting this remix of the third single from his third solo album.  His last and only top 10 hit was back in 2005; Matchbox Twenty’s last top 10 hit was two years before that.  Adult top 40 and AC radio are already playing this remix version (we haven’t been able to confirm this).  Even if you’re tired of tropical house, the new arrangement will grow on you, starting with Thomas’ relatively restrained delivery (he can go over the top sometimes).
  4. U4Ya – Love & Celebrate (Radio Edit)
    - We don’t have a name for this Chicago DJ, so just sit back and enjoy this little pick-me-up.
  5. Mike Taylor – Body High (Dirty Pop Club Remix)
    - When we first heard this record, we thought the singer sounded familiar.  Sure enough, it’s the same Mike Taylor on Afrojack’s “SummerThing!” (2015), Arno Cost & Norman Doray’s “Rising Love” (2015), and Vice’s “The World Is Our Playground” (2014).  This is the Philadelphia artist’s debut single, which is already a top 10 club hit.
  6. Will Jay – Gentleman (Radio Edit)
    - If you live with teenagers in your house, you may have heard of this Los Angeles singer.  Or not.  That’s because he’s already 20, a little older than Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber when they hit the big time.  Coincidentally, Mendes’ latest hit single also talks about being a gentleman.  This is just the latest track to grab our attention thanks to local TV shows (refer to our Notes on CMC and “B-Sides On-Air”).  Exposure is a good thing for any artist in the music business.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2016]

  1. Alan Walker – Sing Me to Sleep
    - Featuring the same vocalist and with a video that shares the same motif, this Norwegian artist’s follow-up to “Faded” sounds and looks like a sequel.  That’s okay because we give new artists some room to repeat themselves.  By the way, “Sing” has garnered close to 40 million views on YouTube while “Faded” has racked up over 502 million views.  Even some big-name stars would envy these numbers.
  2. Dirty South Featuring ANIMA! – All of Us
    - Sporting a slightly harder sound, Australia’s Dragan Roganovic continues his string of catchy releases since his remix of Evermore’s “It’s Too Late (Ride On)” in 2006.
  3. Sharam Featuring Anousheh – Same
    - Working once again with Anousheh Khalili, Deep Dish’s Sharam Tayebi delivers the kind of quality music we’ve come to expect.
  4. ZHU – Generationwhy
    - Since his debut two years ago with “Faded,” which went on to become a minor crossover hit, Steven Zhu has been a regular on dance radio thanks to hits like “Automatic” and “Working for It.”  “Generationwhy” happily features the same distinctive vocals as heard on “Faded” (Zhu’s own singing?).
  5. Sigma Featuring Take That – Cry (Control-S Remix)
    - For fans of 1990s U.K. boy band Take That, this collaboration with the drum and bass duo Sigma is something a little different.
  6. Rihanna – Kiss It Better (Feenixpawl Remix, The Scene Kings Remix, Four Tet Remix)
    - It seems like ages ago when an awkward Rihanna first performed “Pon de Replay” on American TV in 2005.  With a sizable catalog under her belt, it’s not surprising some of her singles fail to perform better at top 40 radio.  This follow-up to “Work” is just one of those cases.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2016]

  1. Don Diablo Featuring Dave Thomas Jr. – Silence
    - Don Diablo’s most radio-friendly song to date—and the first time he’s made our Mega6 page.
  2. High Contrast – Remind Me
    - The revival of drum and bass continues.  This time it’s U.K.’s Lincoln Barrett.
  3. Ookay – Thief
    - San Diego-based artist with the distinctive name (pronounced okay) scores by changing the pitch of the vocals, a popular trend in dance music these days.
  4. Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness (MAGIX Remix)
    - The fourth single from Selena Gomez’s latest album and the first with a dance-leaning sound that recalls her output circa 2010.
  5. Kent Jones – Don’t Mind
    - Lyrically speaking, this song can trace its roots back to Ricky Nelson’s “Travelin’ Man” (1961) and Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson’s “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” (1984).
  6. Nick Jonas Featuring Tove Lo – Close (Dan E Radio Edit, Louis Vivet Remix)
    - Of the two official remixes, Dan E’s take stays closer to the original version, which is a good thing in this case.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2016]

  1. Kungs vs. Cookin’ on 3 Burners – This Girl (Radio Edit)
    - We’d rather listen to a remix of an unfamiliar song than, say, “Show Me Love” for the umpteenth time.  So we’re grateful a French producer has remixed an obscure 2009 single from an Australian funk/jazz trio.  If you want to hear more of the featured vocals (a good portion is removed in Kungs’ remix), check out the original version.
  2. LuvBug – Best Is Yet to Come
    - If you loved “Resonance” from two years ago, you’ll like the latest single from the U.K. trio whose lineup includes The White N3rd (“That Thing”) and a former member of a boy band.
  3. Bobina & Kyle Richardson – Love Is the Answer
    - The first time we’ve featured a track from one of the biggest trance producers in Russia.  Kyle Richardson is a Canadian singer—not the former NFL player or the former Australian swimmer.  We suppose this would be a more interesting story if the vocalist were a former athlete.
  4. Tundran – Still Afraid (King Arthur Remix Radio Edit)
    - Until now, Tundran is known for remixing one of Avicii’s songs.  It’s a little ironic this Swedish duo needs an assist from King Arthur to make “Still Afraid” more club-friendly.
  5. Kygo & Labrinth – Fragile
    - We believe a dance radio station can put a slower song in light or medium rotation.  “Fragile” is almost like a power ballad.
  6. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. W&W – Arcade
    - Parts of “Arcade” are slightly reminiscent of Jean-Michel Jarre’s classic “Oxygene.”

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2016]

  1. Medina – We Survive
    - Since the beginning of this decade, Denmark’s Andrea Valbak has been winning fans in the U.S.  She’s worked with Wolfgang Gartner; Deadmau5 has remixed one of her songs.  This is the first time we’ve featured one of her records here.
  2. Julian Perretta – Miracle
    - U.K. singer Julian Perretta may not be a dance artist—though some of you should recall his work on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s “Tales of Tomorrow” a year ago—but “Miracle” sounds perfect for dance radio in its original form.
  3. Munroe – Spring of Life (Radio Mix)
    - It’s been a long time since we heard an instrumental with a slightly distorted sound (at least we think that’s what it is).  This New York artist has been making music for quite some time according to his record label, so why is he missing from Discogs’ vast database?
  4. Kaskade Featuring KOLAJ – Whatever
    - While dance radio has opted to play “Us” from Kaskade’s latest album, we prefer this single.
  5. The Chainsmokers – New York City (Dash Berlin Remix)
    - With one top 10 crossover hit and another one currently in the top 20, 2016 is looking like a very good year for The Chainsmokers.  Maybe “New York City” will make it three in a row.
  6. Lukas Graham – 7 Years (Disco Suckz Remix, Swench Remix, Toby Romeo Remix, Tom Arox Remix)
    - The melancholy piano notes may draw comparisons to Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again,” but we’d argue “7 Years” is a much better song.  Without the benefit of a smash movie behind it, this song from a Danish band seemingly came out of nowhere and went all the way to No. 2 in America.  You know the Internet is a key factor when airplay lagged way behind sales and streaming initially (U.S. radio has finally caught up the last few weeks).  Well, it’s the same Internet that turned “Gangnam Style” into a worldwide hit.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2016]

  1. Alan Walker – Faded
    - Not to be confused with ZHU’s song from 2014, this Norwegian import has all the right synths.  The accompanying video is already a top 10 music video on YouTube—not bad for a song that hasn’t even made the Hot 100.
  2. Hermitude Featuring Mataya & Young Tapz – The Buzz (PACES Remix, Alison Wonderland Remix, Sticky Remix)
    - Back in September 2011, we highlighted Zedd’s “Dovregubben” here.  “The Buzz” also sounds like a rework of Edvard Grieg’s “I Dovregubbens Hall.”  The Australian duo scored when this song is used in a Samsung TV ad.
  3. Joe Gauthreaux Featuring Abigail – February (Our Last Kiss) (Sven Kirchhof Festival Radio Edit)
    - If you’ve heard Abigail’s No. 1 club hits before (“You Set Me Free,” “If It Don’t Fit”), you’ll recognize her voice immediately.  This is no small distinction because featured vocalists—male or female—are often interchangeable or sometimes an acquired taste.  We won’t embarrass anyone by naming names here.
  4. Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids (Radio Edit)
    - Not too many 1980s artists continue to release new music like the Pet Shop Boys.  We can think of Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Erasure.
  5. Apres – Prophet
    - A little instrumental from the U.K. to satisfy our love of instrumental tracks.
  6. Tony Valor Featuring Li Na – To the Top (Giuseppe D. Radio Edit)
    - We’d passed on this recent club hit until we started watching a local music video program called California Music Channel (  CMC began broadcasting in the 1980s and then added a 24x7 program last year on one of those multicasting HD channels.  Since they provide streaming on their Web site, you don’t have to live in the San Francisco Bay Area to check out their unusually long and varied playlist (  Note that they play mostly music from the 1980s on weekends.  Their Golden Getaway Weekend will surprise you with many obscure selections.  We wish more TV stations would add a music channel.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2016]

  1. Imany – Don’t Be so Shy (Filatov & Karas Remix)
    - It was almost a year ago when we commented on Swedish singer Seinabo Sey’s vocals.  Now we can add France’s Imany to the list of impressive vocalists Americans may not be familiar with.  Her music is best described as acoustic soul—think India.Arie with a deeper voice.  Check out the original version and you’ll see what we mean.
  2. Andra Day – Rise Up (JR Nelson Remix, ADRM x Nic Luther Remix)
    - The Internet may be a powerful resource, but radio and TV (performance or commercial spot) can still promote music like nothing else.  After watching Andra Day’s performance on the recent Grammy broadcast, we just have to add “Rise Up” to our Megamix page.  Shame on radio for ignoring Day so far.
  3. Foxes – Better Love (Steve Smart Remix)
    - Louisa Allen’s best track since 2013’s “Youth” (not counting her featured work on Zedd’s “Clarity,” of course).  If it sounds like a Bastille song, well, its lead singer co-wrote and sings on it.
  4. Hillsong Young & Free – Where You Are (Radio Version, Gui Brazil Remix)
    - Almost as good as last year’s “This Is Living.”
  5. Adrian Lux – Torn Apart (Radio Edit, Fehrplay Remix)
    - Adrian Lux’s songs rarely need a makeover, but Fehrplay has undoubtedly made “Torn Apart” more dance radio-ready.
  6. BORNS – Electric Love (Oliver Remix, Gryffin Remix)
    - This alternative track managed to crossover and become a minor top 40 hit.  It’ll grow on you.  Yes, Garrett Borns has a gender-bending voice.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2016]

  1. Autograf Featuring Janelle Kroll – Metaphysical (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)
    - Unusual title aside—anything but the overused “Alive” is a good thing—this deep house track from Chicago deserves your consideration.
  2. DADA, Paul Harris & Dragonette – Red Heart Black
    - U.K.’s Matt Schwartz and Paul Harris join forces with Canada’s Dragonette to deliver something that stands out among Spinnin’ Records’ seemingly endless releases.
  3. Arty Featuring Blondfire – Glorious
    - Not a remake of other songs with the same title, this is the first time we’ve featured a song from Russia’s Artem Stolyarov.
  4. Nero – Into the Night
    - The fourth single from Nero’s sophomore album is even more satisfying than the first single “Satisfy.”
  5. Adam Lambert – Another Lonely Night (Pop Mix, Oliver Moldan Remix, Gorex Remix)
    - Here comes another radio-friendly song that’s co-produced and/or co-written by Ali Payami, who is partially responsible for many top 40 songs lately—just like Sandy Vee a few years ago (see Crossover Hits for more details).  Interestingly, neither Payami nor Vee has managed to crossover with their own records.
  6. Ellie Goulding – Lost and Found
    - A catchy cut from Ellie Goulding’s latest album.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2016]

  1. MOGUAI Featuring Cheat Codes – Hold On (Radio Edit)
    - We can’t say we’ve listened to every release from the German artist with the Harry Potter-sounding name since the mid-1990s.  But we have a feeling “Hold On” is his most radio-friendly single to date.  The instrumental arrangement is so addictive that it wouldn’t surprise us if the song was originally conceived as an instrumental.
  2. Nadia Ali & PANG! – All in My Head
    - The face of iio continues to collaborate with other artists ever since she went solo 10 years ago.  She’s not forlorn; she just sounds that way.  This is what we call classy dance music.
  3. Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza – Dawn to Dusk
    - The soft piano running through the first half of this six-minute track is what grabbed our attention.  Definitely not the usual deep house fare provided by Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep label.  If anyone recognizes the vocal sample, let us know.
  4. Lucas Nord Featuring Tove Lo – Run on Love (Radio Edit)
    - After two surprise hits in America, Swedish singer Tove Lo’s name has likely helped turn this song from fellow countryman Lucas Nord into a top 10 club hit stateside.  The electric guitar (on synthesizer?) is a nice touch.
  5. Terri B! – I’m Coming Back (Radio Edit, Glastrophobie Remix)
    - It’s easy to mistake American Terri Bjerre for European because she was in the Germany group 2 Eivissa and has since worked with several European artists as a featured vocalist.  This song has that folk-meets-dance vibe so closely associated with Avicii.
  6. Roger Sanchez Featuring Stealth – Remember Me (Siwell Remix)
    - Not to be confused with Junior Sanchez, Roger Sanchez’ “Another Chance” became a well-deserved international hit in 2001.  It looks like this American artist is once again not getting much love at home.




Mega6 2015


Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2015]

  1. Netsky Featuring Digital Farm Animals – Rio
    - For those keeping score, this is the third Netsky track we’ve added to our Megamix page since 2012.  This time it’s a bit of downtempo drum and bass.
  2. Cedric Gervais Featuring Juanes – Este Amor
    - Even since his remix of “Summertime Sadness” earned him a crossover hit, we’re all curious if he can do it again.  Let’s not dwell on that and just enjoy the vocals of Colombian superstar Juanes (“Nada Valgo sin Tu Amor,” “Volverte a Ver,” “Fotografia”).
  3. CamelPhat – Constellations
    - U.K.’s Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala first made our Megamix page with their remix of Narcotic Thrust’s “Waiting for You” in 2006.  The following year they returned under the moniker DYAD10 with “Sugar (Sweet Thing).”  Earlier this year “Paradigm” became the duo’s biggest hit to date.  We love instrumentals, so we prefer “Constellations.”
  4. Robert DeLong – Don’t Wait Up (Rain Man Remix)
    - Third time’s the charm.  Not to be confused with Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge, EDM artist Robert DeLong’s third alternative hit is one dance radio should and can embrace.
  5. Little Boots – No Pressure (Vicetone Remix)
    - Not as good as “Stuck on Repeat” (2009) or “Remedy” (2010), this single from Victoria Hesketh’s third album still benefits from her soothing vocals.  If the original version is not dance enough for some, the Vicetone Remix will do.
  6. Wax Motif – Krush Groove
    - Not trendy enough for rabid boom house fans or retro enough for early drum machine aficionados, this little slice of Australian G-house may be overlooked even though it’s on Diplo’s label.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2015]

  1. Kristii – I Can’t Live Without You
    - Two months ago we talked about a song that sounds like a drum and bass ballad.  Well, now we give you something that’s close to a dubstep ballad.
  2. Pep & Rash – Red Roses (Radio Edit)
    - Like Hardwell’s “Spaceman,” the mostly instrumental follow-up to the Dutch duo’s “Rumors” also recalls ATB’s “9 PM (Till I Come).”
  3. Pryda – Opus
    - So does Eric Prydz’s “Opus” live up to its title?  Decide for yourself.  We like to think of it as EDM’s “Dueling Banjos.”  Now that the Bloom County comic strip is back after 26 years (, maybe the title refers to its most famous resident.
  4. Stromae – Ta Fete (J.A.C.K Remix)
    - It’s been five years since Paul Van Haver’s international hit “Alors On Danse” was played on dance radio stateside.  We’re sure you remember the remix by DJs From Mars.  He’s back with another party song.
  5. Doc Skulley Featuring Echoboyy – Never Back Down (DJ Epiphany Remix, House of Praise Remix)
    - The vocals remind us of Information Society (“What’s on Your Mind [Pure Energy],” “Walking Away”).
  6. Shift – Compass
    - This track from a Vegas-based DJ kind of got lost in the crowd because the vocals could be by any number of top 40 artists.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2015]

  1. Yves Larock Featuring Natalie – Free Tonight
    - It’s good to have Yves Larock (“Rise Up,” “Zookey [Lift Your Leg Up]”) back.
  2. Cartoon Featuring Coleman Trapp – Why We Lose
    - Another tasty song from the U.K.’s NoCopyrightSounds label.  Cartoon is a trio from Estonia.
  3. Raluka – No Question
    - It seems the majority of dance artists are either from Sweden or the Netherlands nowadays.  But there was a Romanian invasion back in 2010 (see Stories in the Mix).  Raluca Nistor keeps hope alive for another surge.
  4. W&W – The One
    - Recycling Whitney Houston songs is a familiar modus operandi in dance (think back to “Take Me to the Clouds Above” by LMC vs. U2).  Is it a crutch or sweet inspiration?
  5. Ten Walls – Sparta
    - This may be the first Lithuanian artist on our Megamix page.  While “Sparta” is musically stronger than Ten Walls’ previous international hit “Walking With Elephants,” you should check out the artistic music video for “Elephants.”  If MTV really cared about excellence in music video, it would’ve been nominated for tons of awards.
  6. Jay Hardway – Wake Up
    - A boom house track that stands out among all the similar releases out there.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2015]

  1. Nicky Romero vs. Volt & State – Warriors (Syn Cole Remix)
    - This may be hard to believe, but we liked this number before we realized it could be a great theme song for a certain NBA team.
  2. Tourist Featuring Josef Salvat & Niia – Holding On (Todd Edwards Remix)
    - You may know William Phillips as one of the writers of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”  Let’s hope he doesn’t give up his recording career anytime soon.  He describes his sound as “sad dance music.”  We featured “I Can’t Keep Up” here last year.
  3. Dexcell Featuring Louisa Bass – Water
    - This track by a trio from the U.K. (where else?) is the closest thing to a drum and bass ballad.  DnB may no longer be in vogue, but we keep running across several good representatives the last few years.  This dance genre has never produced a crossover hit stateside.  Even U.S. clubs never warmed to it in the 1990s when it started in England.
  4. Whitney Tai – To Be Loved (Adrian Buster Remix)
    - Released well over a year ago, this song (co-produced by Sunfreakz?) is getting another look as the New York singer’s debut album streets.
  5. Leftfield – Universal Everything
    - One of the lesser-known EDM bands from the 1990s, Leftfield (“Open Up,” “Afro-Left”) released two albums and then disbanded.  Neil Barnes carries on the Leftfield name as a solo project.
  6. Owl City Featuring Aloe Blacc – Verge
    - Adam Young’s vocals are a bit of an acquired taste, so give him credit for using a strong vocalist like Aloe Blacc in a duet.  If you can overlook the vocal imbalance, “Verge” has a lot going for it, including the always crowd-pleasing whistling.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2015]

  1. Otto Knows – Next to Me
    - Like Paul van Dyk’s “I Don’t Deserve You” from a few years ago, Otto Jettman’s latest should’ve been a crossover hit.  That’s why Dance Radio Post is here for you.  Another great example of the use of strings in dance music, “Next to Me” did become his first top 10 hit in his native Sweden.
  2. Disco Fries Featuring Nick Hexum – Head in the Clouds
    - One of our favorites from Disco Fries.
  3. James Bay – Hold Back the River (Ofenbach Remix, FlyBoy Bootleg, D-Reeze Remix, James Hunt Remix)
    - Often mentioned as one of the U.K. male singers to breakthrough stateside after Ed Sheeran (see below), John Newman, and Sam Smith, James Bay may be the same age as Sheeran but sounds and looks older.  This song is at least a top 20 hit at adult top 40.
  4. Ed Sheeran – Photograph (Felix Jaehn Remix, Zagoor Remix)
    - It took “The A Team” a while to make that transatlantic trip and turn into a hit in America.  We added Ed Sheeran’s “Drunk” to our Megamix page two years ago (based on Lazy Jay’s remix).  It helps that he rode the folk wave the same time as Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers.  After some Grammy nominations and noteworthy TV performances, his stock could go either way.  Then he released his second album “X” (for multiply).  The Justin Timberlake-sounding and over-hyped (because of its Pharrell Williams connection) lead single “Sing” rightly failed to go top 10.  But the next two singles fared much better.  He is now considered an A-list artist and touted as a singer-songwriter who’s inspired other artists.  Every artist—if he’s lucky enough—should have one album that’s a hit with both consumers and critics.  For Bruce Springsteen and Prince, it was “Born in the U.S.A.” and the “Purple Rain” soundtrack, respectively.  Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is that perfect blend of commercial and artistic success.  It may be a bit premature to say, but it looks like “X” is Sheeran’s career-defining album—just as “1989” may prove to be Taylor Swift’s signature album.  Felix Jaehn’s remix could help make “Photograph” his third top 10 hit in a row.
  5. Jeremih Featuring Flo Rida – Tonight Belongs to U!
    - Dance music’s resurgence at mainstream top 40 radio may have cooled a little, which might explain why this David Guetta-produced track has mostly been ignored.
  6. X Ambassadors – Renegades (Stash Konig Bootleg Remix, K.O. Dance Remix, Wellman Remix)
    - We all know what a TV commercial did for Fun’s “We Are Young.”  Another car commercial—Jeep this time—has done wonders for X Ambassadors.  “Renegades” is No. 1 at alternative and top 50 on Hot 100.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2015]

  1. Protoculture – Pegasus (Radio Edit)
    - It’s not often we can plug an artist from South Africa. Until now, he’s only appeared as a remix producer on our Megamix page.
  2. Charles Perry – Stranger to Love (Tiesto Remix)
    - All we know is that this is a new pop/R&B singer from New York. Since he is on a major record label, you’d think there’d be a Wikipedia page at least.
  3. Madonna – Ghosttown (Dirty Pop Intro Remix)
    - As pop stars age, they inevitably turn AC, adult R&B, or whatever adult-oriented genre that makes the most sense for them. Madonna has so far declined to do what the likes of Annie Lennox and Rod Stewart have done, which creates a problem for mainstream top 40 radio. Musically more complex than the simple lead single “Living for Love” from her latest album and not youth-pandering like anything that features a hip-hop artist, the original version of “Ghosttown” is one of her stronger records in a while. Are top 40 program directors ageist? If they wanted to, they could have played the more up-tempo Dirty Pop Intro Remix.
  4. Adam Lambert – Ghost Town (Tritonal Radio Edit, Steven Redant Remix)
    - Though the latest single from the “American Idol” alumnus is currently a top 30 hit at mainstream top 40 radio, going top 20 looks like a long shot at this point (his recent performance on “Good Morning America” may boost sales). And that’s a shame because it’s another radio-friendly dance/pop song that Ali Payami helped put together after working with Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Ellie Goulding. He’s turned into the new Sandy Vee (see Crossover Hits for more details).
  5. Hardsoul Featuring Hero Baldwin – Human (Silver Lining)
    - Like Disclosure and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the Netherlands’ Hardsoul are two brothers.
  6. Grizfolk – Hymnals (Jenaux Remix)
    - If the vocalist of this alternative band sounds familiar, it’s because he could be mistaken for the lead singer of The Fray.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2015]

  1. Skyden & Beaman Featuring Sarah McLeod – Elements (Radio Edit)
    - Australian rock singer Sarah McLeod (not to be confused with the New Zealand actress) is no stranger to dance radio since 2007, thanks to remixes of her songs and featured work like this one.
  2. Royksopp – I Had This Thing
    - We’ve followed Royksopp’s career since 2001’s “Eple.”  The follow-up to “Sordid Affair” does not disappoint.
  3. Martin Garrix – Forbidden Voices
    - The first of two tracks from emerging Dutch artists that will probably be overlooked by dance radio.  Martin Garrix has already scored one crossover hit (“Animals”).  Since then he’s been busy collaborating with many others; the Usher song is the one getting most of the attention now.
  4. Oliver Heldens – Melody
    - Like Garrix, Oliver Heldens has also been very prolific since his breakthrough “Gecko.”
  5. Life of Dillon – Overload
    - The first of two songs that should have fared better at top 40 radio.  This trio calls its music acoustic house.  That’s cute but the house part is questionable.  We submit it has more in common with Mumford & Sons.  Both bands are based in London and feature an acoustic instrument prominently.  And they write about relationships—though Life of Dillon’s lyrics are admittedly more juvenile.
  6. Who Is Fancy – Goodbye (Carlos Gallardo Remix, Trinity’s Bored on the Plane Remix)
    - In hindsight, the marketing strategy for this new artist likely backfired.  By keeping his identity a secret, Jake Hagood wasn’t able to go around the country visiting radio stations, for example.  By the time he performed on “The Tonight Show,” this song had already peaked at top 40 radio.  Yes, he does sound a little like Sonique (“It Feels so Good”) on this record.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2015]

  1. Dannic & Shermanology – Wait for You (Radio Edit)
    - Mainstream listeners may remember Shermanology when the Dutch sibling act teamed up with Afrojack on the minor crossover hit “Can’t Stop Me” two years ago.  We’ve been fans since 2012’s “Blessed.”
  2. twoloud – Outside World
    - It’s not clear if Germany’s Spencer & Hill is a duo or a trio.  Either way, two members are behind twoloud.  This is a nice remake of a rave-ish song from the 1990s.
  3. Jenevieve X – Move
    - A recent club top 10 hit with a 1980s feel.
  4. Mikey B – Stay a While (Tiesto Remix)
    - Back in 2011, top 40 radio played four whistling songs concurrently:  OneRepublic’s “Good Life,” Britney Spears’ “I Wanna Go,” Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger,” and Foster the People’s “Pumped up Kicks.”  Here’s another one for the whistling catalog.
  5. Sheppard – Geronimo (Benny Benassi Remix, Matoma Remix, D-wayne Remix)
    - The first international hit from the Australian band gets a pack of solid remixes, starting with one of Benny Benassi’s better efforts.
  6. The Weeknd – Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) (Joa Velozo Remix, Nightlife Remix)
    - Movie and TV soundtracks have a way of creating hits out of songs that otherwise would go unnoticed.  This track looks like it will be one of the songs of this summer.  If you want more alternative R&B, check out Theophilus London’s “I Stand Alone,” which we featured in the November 2011 edition of Mega6.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2015]

  1. DVBBS & Jay Hardway – Voodoo
    - It was only last month when we featured a DVBBS track here for the first time.  Well, this mostly instrumental is equally spin-worthy.
  2. Seinabo Sey – Younger (Kygo Remix, 20syl Remix, Albin Agro Remix, Rass! Remix)
    - The first thing that listeners will notice is this Swedish artist’s voice.  The second thing is the bumper crop of solid remixes to choose from.
  3. Major Lazer x DJ Snake Featuring MO – Lean On
    - While Switch is no longer part of Major Lazer—we’ll always have fond memories of “Keep It Goin Louder”—Diplo continues this longtime side project with others.  As if he’s not busy enough, he’s just released the first Jack U album with Skrillex.
  4. Above & Beyond Featuring Alex Vargas – All Over the World
    - These three guys (not two) just keep the hits coming.  And they find time to run two record labels as well.
  5. Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand (Le Youth Remix)
    - Like fellow Brits John Newman and Sam Smith, Jess Glynne was also introduced first as a featured vocalist (Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”).  Her second solo single has a shot to make it stateside.
  6. Lincoln Brewster – Made New
    - For those who are open to play the likes of Hillsong and tobyMac, give this one a spin.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2015]

  1. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Fedde Le Grand Featuring Julian Perretta – Tales of Tomorrow
    - This is the first time we’ve ever recommended anything from the Belgium-based Thiavios brothers.  This vocal version wisely lets the best part of the instrumental original shine through.
  2. BOTH – Straight Outta Line
    - The name of this artist may refer to the fact that it’s a duo.
  3. DVBBS & Joey Dale Featuring Delora – Déjà Vu (Radio Edit)
    - Another first…Canada’s DVBBS made our Mega6 list for the first time.
  4. Frey – We Are
    - We haven’t been able to dig up much info about this artist with the German-sounding name, so just enjoy the mostly instrumental.
  5. Hillsong Young & Free Featuring Lecrae – This Is Living
    - There’s no stopping the Hillsong brand.  Since the ministry from Down Under opened branches in the U.S., its stock has continued to rise.  Hillsong United’s “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” enjoyed the kind of commercial success last year that more established Christian artists would envy.  This single from Hillsong Young & Free doesn’t even need a dance remix.
  6. Ariana Grande – One Last Time (DJ Turmoil Remix)
    - We wager the catchy chorus melody is written by David Guetta, who is listed as one of the song’s many writers.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2015]

  1. Eelke Kleijn – Mistakes I’ve Made (Radio Edit)
    - We stumbled across this song while checking out a different track from the Netherlands’ Eelke Kleijn.  The second surprise is that it’s released on Ultra stateside.  U.S. dance radio usually supports Ultra releases without fail—not this time.  Considering the crossover success of “Waves” and “Prayer in C,” Ultra should take this record straight to top 40 radio.
  2. Airscape – Manami’s Theme
    - Our instrumental of the month. Belgium’s Johan Gielen’s claim to fame is his classic remix of Delerium’s “Silence” 15 years ago.
  3. David Guetta Featuring Sia – Bang My Head
    - Though “Lovers on the Sun” and “Dangerous” eventually grew on us, this cut from David Guetta’s latest album is more radio friendly.  Teaming up with Sia again doesn’t hurt.
  4. Gravitonas Featuring Army of Lovers – People Are Lonely (Radio Edit)
    - Here’s something that doesn’t happen very often:  Two groups co-founded by the same man join forces.  Imagine if New Order and Electronic had recorded together.
  5. Royksopp – Sordid Affair (Fehrplay Remix)
    - After working with Robyn on “Do It Again,” Royksopp should hopefully reach a wider audience from now on.
  6. Selena Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants (Dave Aude Radio Remix, DJ Laszlo Radio Mix, Marcus Joseph Trap Remix, Vente Von Dubstep Remix, Lutzu Istrate Remix)
    - Don’t dismiss this song because it’s supposed to be about a certain Canadian singer.  Among mainstream remixes, Dave Aude and Cosmic Dawn have done better.  So instead we recommend remixes by Marcus Joseph, Vente Von, and Lutzu Istrate.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2015]

  1. Avicii – The Nights
    - Continuing his dance-meets-folk sound, this second single from Avicii’s latest EP is definitely better than “The Days” (the difference is, well, night and day).  We’ve always thought Pitbull’s “Timber” was inspired by “Wake Me Up,” so it’s interesting that “The Nights” sounds like “Timber” in places.
  2. Sick Individuals – Made for This
    - More strong male vocals reminiscent of John Martin, Trevor Guthrie, and others.
  3. Crazibiza & Chris Willis – Lonely One (Radio Edit)
    - So the world doesn’t exactly need a remake of Cher’s classic “Believe.”  But this partial remake demonstrates it can work with the right vocals and musical arrangement.
  4. Juventa Featuring Kelly Sweet – Superhuman (Radio Mix)
    - American singer Kelly Sweet’s vocals help elevate this song above others.
  5. Years & Years – Desire
    - Currently featured on The Magician’s “Sunlight,” the U.K. band’s latest should grow on you.
  6. Prides – I Should Know You Better (Grum Remix)
    - Leave it to the Brits to draw inspirations from 1980s synth pop.




Mega6 2014


Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2014]

Call this the rescue mission edition.  As the year comes to a close, we did something recently that we’d never done before.  We looked over the list of songs we evaluated the last 12 months and rechecked the ones we put a question mark next to.  As a result, a dozen tracks were saved, including the following.

  1. Galavant Featuring Mary Jane Smith – World of Dreams
    - A catchy tune with a quirky music video to boot.
  2. Au5 Featuring Tasha Baxter – Snowblind
    - The Monstercat label has a knack for finding melodic dubstep.  It was only earlier this year when we highlighted Pegboard Nerds.
  3. LuvBug Featuring Talay Riley – Resonance
    - If you enjoyed Naughty Boy’s “La La La,” this song is right up the same musical alley, down to male falsettos a la Sam Smith.
  4. Kaskade & Late Night Alumni – Why Ask Why
    - This album cut sounds like the old Kaskade meets David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti (check out Julee Cruise’s album “Floating Into the Night”).
  5. Polina – Fade to Love (Radio Edit)
    - A throwback to 1980s synth pop. Don’t confuse this Polina with A Studio’s Polina.
  6. Mark Knight & Discoworker Featuring Robbie Leslie – The Diary of a Studio 54 DJ
    - Going back further in time to the 1970s, this track should make Sylvester proud.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2014]

  1. Dada Life – One Smile
    - The jesters of EDM are back with another radio-friendly song.
  2. Jennifer Hudson Featuring Gorgon City – I Still Love You
    - We’re not big fans of Jennifer Hudson, so the involvement of U.K.’s Gorgon City probably helped seal the deal.
  3. Wolfgang Gartner Featuring Bobby Saint – Unholy
    - The landscape of dance music has changed quite a bit the last 24 months.  Now Wolfgang Gartner sounds practically “old-school.”
  4. La Roux – Kiss and Not Tell
    - The stronger “Uptight Downtown” failed to gain any traction at radio stateside, we predict a similar fate awaits this follow-up.
  5. Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga – I Can’t Give You Anything but Love (Giorgio Moroder Remix)
    - After the runaway success of Daft Punk’s last album, Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder are both back in the news a little bit.  This is an interesting remix by one of the pioneers of electronic music.
  6. BIGHEAD Featuring Hatsune Miku – Sharing the World
    - While bands like Gorillaz and Studio Killers feature animated members in their music videos, Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid character whose voice is sampled from a real person.  We only discovered this musical oddity when she performed recently on David Letterman.

Mega6: New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2014]

  1. Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic Featuring Colin McLoughlin – Here Tonight (Carita La Nina Radio Edit, Lush & Simon Radio Edit)
    - Another catchy song from the Netherlands’ Dash Berlin.
  2. Bright Light Bright Light – An Open Heart (Radio Edit, Alan Braxe Remix)
    - Posted on the Web a year ago and now officially released, this 1980s-recalling track is the result of a U.K. artist’s electronic side project.
  3. Deorro Featuring Adrian Delgado & DyCy – Perdoname
    - It’s been a while since we recommended something en espanol. This Spanish number comes from one of the hottest EDM artists right now.
  4. Watermat – Bullit (Radio Edit)
    - Unlike the movies, music can benefit from repeated exposure. When we first heard this instrumental a few months ago, we didn’t think much of it. Listening to it again recently did the trick. Studies have shown it takes a while for the brain to adjust to a new piece of music.
  5. Josh Harris Featuring Kristin Dennis – You Make Me Dance (Original Radio Mix, Rev-Players Radio Mix)
    - Second chances part two. We listen to dozens of new songs each week. If something doesn’t grab us immediately, we move on. When we heard this track on a local college station—after we passed on it earlier—we began to appreciate the vocals and music the second time around.
  6. American Authors – Believer (Tiesto Remix, Captain Cuts Remix)
    - Re-released after the success of “Best Day of My Life,” “Believer” is ready for dance radio.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2014]

  1. Calvin Harris – C.U.B.A.
    - The follow-up single to “Summer” is a song featuring John Newman, but Calvin Harris posted this tasty instrumental several weeks ago.
  2. Sweet Rains Featuring Reina – Forever
    - The last and only time Sweet Rains appeared on our Megamix page was as a featured guest on Amber’s “Melt With the Sun” in 2007.
  3. ATB With Boss & Swan – Raging Bull
    - Give ATB credit for coming up with an unusual song title.
  4. Funkagenda – One Day at a Time (Radio Edit)
    - Some of you might recall 4hero’s “Mr. Kirk” from the mid-1990s, a serious (?) dance track that samples a minor novelty hit from 1972.  Well, now we have another spoken-word song about a serious subject from the U.K.’s Adam Walder.
  5. Echosmith – Cool Kids (Retra Electro Remix, Don Ramiez Club Mix)
    - Sounding way more mature than their age, this family group shows not all teenage acts must follow the boy band/girl group playbook.
  6. Betty Who – Somebody Loves You (Jump Smokers Remix, Hector Fonseca Remix)
    - Despite club play and limited airplay at top 40 radio—and a little help from a TV commercial—this song should’ve been a bigger hit.  Even Peter Thomas’ “All of You,” which features the Australian singer, fared better at dance radio.  Betty Who sounds a little like Grace Slick (Jefferson Starship).

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2014]

  1. Chachi Featuring Natascha Bessez – Never Alone (Radio Edit)
    - Here’s a song that successfully updates the traditional dance pop formula without going too far and sounding too trendy.
  2. Dirty Vegas – Setting Sun (Daddy’s Groove & Heymen Remix, Grum Remix)
    - If recent history is any indication, this looks like it will be the third Dirty Vegas track to be ignored by dance radio and clubs since 2011.
  3. Martha Wash – I’m Not Coming Down (Tony Moran Radio Mix)
    - When you’re Martha Wash (Two Tons of Fun, The Weather Girls, Sylvester, C+C Music Factory, Black Box), there’s nothing left to prove vocally.
  4. Sander Kleinenberg – We-R-Superstars (Radio Edit)
    - The anonymous sneak preview on Billboard’s site definitely piqued our interest.  This song does recall early Daft Punk and some of the lesser-known dance tracks from the early 2000s.
  5. Beat Cutterz vs. Tom Linn Featuring Vam – Sunshine (Original Radio Version)
    - Like the aforementioned Chachi track, this song also represents a nice break from the current onslaught of boom house.
  6. Blondie Featuring Systema Solar – Sugar on the Side (Johnny Dynell Remix)
    - It was seven years ago when we added Debbie Harry’s “Two Times Blue” to our Megamix page.  She still sounds pretty good on this new track from another Blondie compilation package.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2014]

  1. We Are Legends Featuring Caroline Ailin – Begging for Amnesia (Radio Version)
    - Our second Mega6 pick with the word “amnesia” in the title in two years—no amnesia here!  Is this artist’s name inspired by the film “I Am Legend?”  Or maybe this Swedish duo really likes John Legend.
  2. La Roux – Uptight Downtown
    - La Roux’s surprise hit “Bulletproof” rode the wave of dance music’s resurgence at top 40 radio back in 2010.  Will the U.K. duo achieve mainstream success stateside again with this new single?  Stay tuned.
  3. Chris Malinchak Featuring Mikky Ekko – Stranger
    - Once again there’s only one U.S. representative in another edition of Mega6.  That’s because the dance music genre is truly universal (you won’t find too many people making jazz or country music outside America) and the Internet makes no distinction between domestic releases and imports (so much for all that whining from the music industry back in the 1990s and most of the 2000s).
  4. Goldfrapp – Thea (WAWA Hungry Moon Remix)
    - We almost overlooked this single from Goldfrapp’s latest album.  The original version is not as club-ready as some of the U.K. duo’s past songs (eight of which made our Megamix page); the WAWA remix will suffice.
  5. Nero – Satisfy
    - Hugely popular in its home country, Nero returns with a satisfying new track.
  6. Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Shy FX Remix, Rainer + Grimm Remix)
    - One thing we’ve come to believe about remix production is this:  Just because you haven’t found a great dance remix, it doesn’t mean a song is impossible to remix—it simply means no one has figured out how to do it justice.  Most top 40 hits get the usual drum and bass/dubstep/boom house remix treatment these days, especially the homemade variety posted on the Web.  We had to wait a while for a decent remix of “Stay With Me,” Rainer + Grimm’s take on Sam Smith’s ballad.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2014]

  1. GusGus – Crossfade (Maceo Plex Mix)
    - This is probably the veteran EDM collective’s most commercial single yet (the vocals are reminiscent of Underworld’s “Two Months Off”).  While the remix is good, we actually prefer the original version.  If fellow Icelandic group Of Monsters and Men could achieve mainstream success in the U.S., there’s hope for GusGus.
  2. Stadiumx & Taylr Renee – Howl at the Moon (Radio Edit)
    - An emphatic track from a Hungarian duo with vocals by an American singer who’s worked with Sick Individuals & Axwell and Tom Swoon recently.
  3. ZHU – Faded
    - This understated but effective mid-tempo song basically has only two lines of lyrics.
  4. Matrix & Futurebound Featuring Max Marshall – Control (Edit, APEXX Remix)
    - If you had told us five years ago that we would be highlighting in our Mega6 column the second drum and bass track in as many years, we would’ve laughed.  But this production sports catchy melody and strong vocals, two elements that are sometimes an afterthought in drum and bass.
  5. MaRLo Featuring Jano – Haunted (Radio Edit)
    - As long as we’re talking about dance genre that may have peaked years ago (see above), here’s another trance number from Dutch-born MaRLo since 2011’s “The Island.”
  6. Lost Witness Featuring Danielle Simeone – Fall
    - The popularity of trance may have peaked in the early 2000s, but here’s one more representative from U.K.’s Simon Purssell.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2014]

  1. Cherub – Doses & Mimosas (The Knocks Remix, Noah Hyde Remix)
    - It’s not often that we get an alternative dance artist from Nashville.  Not to be confused with the defunct U.K. band with a similar name, this duo sounds like 3OH!3 meets Scissor Sisters.
  2. Pegboard Nerds Featuring Elizaveta – Hero
    - This Norwegian artist likes to keep a low profile (is it a duo?).  Yes, “Hero” sounds like something from a video game soundtrack, but it will grow on you.
  3. Capital Cities – One Minute More
    - It would be a shame if this follow-up to “Safe and Sound” fails to click with the general public.  But top 40 radio is fickle, and even alternative stations haven’t started spinning this single yet.
  4. Deorro – Five Hours
    - This mostly instrumental is easily Deorro’s best release to-date.
  5. Gareth Emery – Long Way Home
    - We’re not sure this song will be released as the next single after the rather anemic “U,” well, that’s why we’re here.
  6. Hot Mouth – Juxtapose
    - This instrumental from Jon Pegnato has a little bit of early Daft Punk, Justice, and Skrillex.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2014]

  1. Chasing Kurt – From the Inside (Daniel Bortz Remix)
    - The original mix of “From the Inside” may lead you to believe it’s part of the 1990s house music revival that’s sweeping the U.K.  It turns out this is a trio from Germany.  In our humble opinion, this record is better than anything from Disclosure and Duke Dumont.
  2. Tourist Featuring Will Heard – I Can’t Keep Up
    - We always strive to recommend something a little offbeat.  Most of this record sounds like a chillout number.  It’s not until the three-minute mark that the dance beats kick in—and only for a minute.
  3. Galantis – Help
    - While dance radio is still playing “Smile,” enjoy this cut from the Swedish duo’s debut EP.  Love those cat graphics.
  4. Naughty Boy Featuring Sam Smith – La La La (James Egbert Radio Remix, Shahaf Moran Remix, Eli Arbiv Dance Remix, DJ Thony Remix)
    - First there was John Newman, now we have another young British male singer with a generic name and soulful pipes.  Physically, Sam Smith looks like the new Boy George.  Between this song and the other one where he is also the guest vocalist, we much prefer the Naughty Boy track to the overrated Disclosure.  The chipmunk-like “la la la” will stick to your brain.  We haven’t been able to confirm it, but this part may be a sample from a “Voice of India” compilation from a British record promoter.
  5. Judy Torres – Beautiful Life (Rezn Radio Edit)
    - Judy Torres is always a welcome listen.  If you like strong but not over-the-top female vocals, Torres is the ticket (Demi Lovato can learn a thing or two from her).
  6. Shogun – Erhu (Radio Edit)
    - We’ve never felt compelled to add Orange County’s own Shogun to our Megamix page—until now.  Give him credit for featuring (sampling?) an instrument that’s rarely heard in dance music.  We like to call the erhu the weeping fiddle.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2014]

  1. Felix Cartal Featuring Ofelia – New Scene (Lucky Date & Felix Cartal Remix, TOKiMONSTA Remix, Deorro Remix, Lazy Rich Remix)
    - It’s rare when a song’s original mix and official remixes are all good.  You can’t go wrong with any of these versions.  Canada’s Felix Cartal scores again.
  2. Rudimental Featuring Emeli Sande & Nas – Free (Jack Beats Remix, Cash Cash x Gazzo Remix, Ivan Gough & Jebu Remix)
    - Our familiarity with Emeli Sande may explain why this release is easier to love than “Feel the Love.”
  3. Fred V & Grafix Featuring Kate Westall – Catch My Breath
    - If you like this song, check out the U.K. duo’s “Here With You,” a track we almost added to our Megamix page recently.
  4. Fake Blood – Get Myself Together
    - Known for his remix of Little Boots’ “Stuck on Repeat,” Fake Blood makes another Megamix appearance as an artist since 2008’s “Mars.”
  5. Miley Cyrus – Adore You (Cedric Gervais Remix)
    - Can lightning strike again?  Cedric Gervais’ remix of “Summertime Sadness” gave Lana Del Rey her first top 10 hit and the man a Grammy.  One difference is “Adore You” is already a hit before Gervais came along.
  6. Fitz and The Tantrums – The Walker (Ryeland Allison Remix)
    - Used by ABC as one of the songs to promote the upcoming Oscar telecast, this is a worthy follow-up to last year’s “Out of My League.”

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2014]

  1. Junior Sanchez Featuring CeCe Peniston – Without You
    - Veteran DJ Junior Sanchez hasn’t had a memorable dance hit or remix since the 1990s—guess we can call this record a comeback.
  2. Tensnake Featuring Nile Rodgers & Fiora – Love Sublime
    - After his celebrated collaboration with Daft Punk last year, Nile Rodgers continues to work with other dance artists.
  3. The Chainsmokers vs. Tove Lo – Habits
    - Sporting a trendy style with just enough originality and strong vocals, this track manages to stand out among many similar records.
  4. LarsM Featuring Mona Moua – Air
    - For those who miss the old Avicii sound, here’s something from Poland that’s just what the doctor ordered.
  5. Dirty Vegas – Let the Night (Radio Edit, Rivaz Remix Edit, Sharam Jey Remix)
    - “Little White Doves” was unfortunately overlooked in 2011.  Will this release fare any better?  The good news is Dirty Vegas is still making music.
  6. W&W – Thunder (Radio Edit)
    - Our Meganauts know we’re tired of unremarkable dance remixes of mediocre top 40 songs and trendy sounds like dubstep and boom house (what others call big room house), so when we recommend this W&W track from last year, pay attention.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2014]

  1. Thomas Gold Featuring Kaelyn Behr – Remember
    - Germany’s Thomas Gold is back.  Some of you might remember—no pun intended—his collaboration with Dirty South.  But his biggest claim to fame might very well be his remix of Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.”
  2. Sia Featuring The Weeknd & Diplo – Elastic Heart (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Radio Edit)
    - After working with U.K. electronic duo Zero 7 on its first three albums and scoring an international hit as the featured vocalist on “Titanium,” Sia contributed this song on the high-profile “Hunger Games” soundtrack.
  3. Lush & Simon – City of Lights (Radio Edit)
    - An Italian duo with a radio-friendly instrumental.
  4. Capital Kings – I Feel so Alive
    - Not to be confused with California’s Capital Cities, this Washington, D.C., duo also released its debut album in 2013.
  5. Lorde – Team (Joe Naughton Remix, Justin Jackson Remix)
    - Lorde will likely go home with at least one Grammy for “Royals” in a few weeks.  But in our humble opinion, this follow-up single has much better music.
  6. Natalie Grant – Closer to Your Heart (Capital Kings Remix)
    - Capital Kings (see above) performed remix duty for fellow Christian artist Natalie Grant (no relation to Amy Grant).




Mega6 2013


Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2013]

  1. Galantis – Smile
    - Another Swede treat—this time it’s a duo consisting of Style of Eye and a member of Miike Snow.
  2. NONONO – Pumpin Blood (Belarbi Remix, The Shapeshifters Remix, WEKEED Remix)
    - The Swedish invasion continues with a trio whose song is getting some airplay at alternative and mainstream top 40.
  3. Orjan Nilsen Featuring Adam Young – In the Air
    - Like Nadia Ali, Adam Young (Owl City) has been musically promiscuous the last couple of years, having worked with Chicane, Armin van Buuren, and Paul van Dyk, among others.
  4. Monsieur Adi Featuring A*M*E – What’s Going On
    - Known more for his remix work, France’s Adi Balbus has released only a handful of singles.  Note that this one is a partial remake of Soul II Soul’s classic “Back to Life.”
  5. Shy Kidx – Orion
    - We didn’t go out of our way to look up the last song featured in a medley for the Toyota Corolla TV commercial.  Here’s another example of how familiarity breeds fondness.  The lesson for developing artists:  license your music for use in TV or film.  You’ll recall what the Super Bowl ad did for Fun.
  6. OneRepublic – Counting Stars (Mico C Remix, Gytra & Tryteg Remix, MarioVee Remix, Politik Remix, Nils Bendig Remix, HLM Remix)
    - We all know Ryan Tedder can craft melodic pop songs—we’ll overlook the bombastic “Bleeding Love,” which he produced and co-wrote—but the surprise is the third single from OneRepublic’s third album is the band’s most radio-friendly since “Apologize.”

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2013]

  1. Calvin Harris & Alesso Featuring Hurts – Under Control
    - American listeners may not be familiar with U.K. duo Hurts (“Better Than Love”); this collaboration with Calvin Harris and Alesso should remedy that.  This one-off release is more interesting than the latest single from Harris’ album, which U.S. top 40 radio has already started playing.
  2. Krewella – Enjoy the Ride
    - This is the first Krewella track that we can get behind immediately.
  3. Passenger – Let Her Go (Peer Kusiv Remix, Andy Jones Bootleg, Florian Marley Mix)
    - Sounding like a cross between Ed Sheeran and Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall, Mike Rosenberg must be thrilled his European hit is doing well in North America.  A lot of songs don’t make it across the Atlantic.
  4. Atlas Genius – If So (Magic Man Remix, TheFatRat Remix)
    - “If So” may not be as good as “Trojans,” but the remixes help close the gap.
  5. Progresia Featuring Linnea Schossow – Fire Fire Fire
    - Sweden’s Marcus Schossow, who sometimes records under the name Progresia, teams up with his sister.
  6. Pitbull Featuring Ke$ha – Timber
    - Pitbull was busy sampling or reproducing dance tracks before the likes of Chris Brown and Usher started working with EDM artists.  He is, if nothing else, an opportunist—we mean that as a compliment.  This harmonica-driven single sounds like it’s inspired by Avicii’s electronic folk experiment, which some people have dubbed Swedish House Mumford.  Or it’s just a coincidence.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2013]

  1. Avicii – Hey Brother
    - While dance radio is already playing the second single from Avicii’s new album, we have a feeling top 40 radio will go straight to this album cut after “Wake Me Up!” has run its course.  By then “Hey Brother” will likely be the third single.  Yes, it should remind listeners of “Wake.”  Its instrumental track is almost as catchy as that surprise multi-format hit.  The vocalist is bluegrass singer/musician Dan Tyminski.  Music fans should be familiar with his name because he is a member of Alison Krauss’ backing band and was George Clooney’s singing voice on the multi-platinum-selling “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack.
  2. Pet Shop Boys – Love Is a Bourgeois Construct (The Penelopes Remix, Claptone Remix)
    - If you missed PSB’s “Leaving” earlier this year, don’t overlook this little gem.  We recommend the original version as well as these two remixes.
  3. Kaskade & Project 46 – Last Chance
    - We’re still on the fence about Kaskade’s singing on “Atmosphere.”  There should be no complaints about the vocals on this track.
  4. Gabriel & Dresden Featuring Neil Ormandy – Tomorrow Comes (Radio Edit)
    - Though not as strong as “Play It Back” from early this year, “Tomorrow Comes” is still something commendable from the usually reliable G&D.
  5. New Politics – Harlem
    - This Danish band may have been inspired to write “Harlem” after relocating to New York.  It has a similar vibe as Caesars’ “Jerk It Out,” the song that got a big boost when it was featured in an Apple iPod TV commercial in 2005.
  6. Mike Posner – The Way It Used to Be
    - Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me” was a breath of fresh air in 2010.  For some reason, top 40 radio has not rallied behind his latest single.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2013]

  1. BT & Aqualung – Surrounded (Radio Edit, Daniel van Sand & Ascend Radio Edit)
    - Brian Transeau and U.K.’s Matt Hales prove you shouldn’t dismiss anyone in the EDM business who’s over 25.
  2. Felix Cartal & Clockwork Featuring Madame Buttons – The Fire
    - After two strong singles from last year (“Don’t Turn on the Lights,” “Tonight”), Canada’s Felix Cartal is back with another winner.
  3. Pompeya – Y.A.H.T.B.M.F.
    - If you really got into the 1970s vibe of “Get Lucky,” this 1980s throwback from a Russian band should keep the retro groove going.
  4. Bloc Party – Truth (Digitalism Remix)
    - Since 2005’s “Banquet,” we haven’t been able to recommend anything from this electronic-leaning alternative band until now.
  5. John Newman – Love Me Again (Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Club Mix)
    - It took a while for us to warm to Rudimental’s “Feel the Love” (the Patrick Hagenaar remix finally tipped the balance), whose featured vocalist now releases his debut single from an upcoming album.  John Newman is one of those singers who sounds very different from how he looks; he should work with fellow Brit Adele.
  6. Dank (USA) – Wonder Child (Dank’s LIRR Remix Radio Edit)
    - You might recall we highlighted Dank’s “Crystals” earlier this year.  We actually prefer this remix to “Wonder Child’s” original dubstep version.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2013]

  1. Sander van Doorn – Neon
    - There are those club DJs who are currently enamored of instrumentals of a certain ilk (think “Incredible” by Carnage & Borgore and check out the usual suspects in Beatport’s top 10).  We frown on that trendy boom house sound and instead prefer something more timeless like the latest from Sander van Doorn.
  2. Gorgon City Featuring Yasmin – Real
    - U.K. bass music duo joins forces with DJ/singer Yasmin (“On My Own,” “Finish Line”) on a mid-tempo jam.
  3. Markus Binapfl Featuring Brighi – Human (Radio Edit, David Tort Radio Edit)
    - What makes this progress house track stand out are the vocals.  The funny thing is Romanian singer Brighi released a song last year featuring the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg that we thought was completely unremarkable.  It proves every singer just needs the right vehicle.
  4. HAERTS – All the Days
    - The first time we heard this song was on a local TV show.  So we must admit its quirky music video was a selling point.  The multinational makeup of this New York-based quintet may explain its international pop sound.
  5. Freemasons Featuring Katherine Ellis – Tears (Radio Edit)
    - Freemasons’ style of house music almost seems quaint compared with all those club tracks that are obsessed with the drop and such.  This is the British duo’s second collaboration with Bimbo Jones singer Katherine Ellis.
  6. Dan & Sam Featuring Maxx Hennard – Walls (Shawn Mitiska Remix)
    - If you miss Kaskade’s early stuff, give this Australian duo a listen.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2013]

  1. Avicii Featuring Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up!
    - U.S. dance radio will likely jump all over the lead single from Avicii’s first non-compilation album.  But to fans of the Swedish DJ who might be turned off by his new sound, give this track a few more spins.  American singer Aloe Blacc’s recession anthem “I Need a Dollar” was a hit in Europe in 2010 but not in his home country.
  2. Studio Killers – Jenny
    - The fourth single from another virtual group a la the Gorillaz.  One difference is the lead singer is female.
  3. Heren – I Got Angels (Mark C. Remix, Hip-House Mix)
    - As one of the remixes suggests, this song does sound like house music meets hip-hop.
  4. Say Lou Lou – Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)
    - After a quick name change, the two sisters of Say Lou Lou are back.
  5. DJ Paf Featuring Jamila B – Do Without My Love (Radio Edit)
    - This one’s for our Meganauts in the Czech Republic.
  6. Schiller – Sleepless (Video Edit)
    - We love to promote new artists as well as remind listeners of those who have been around for more than 10 years.  Best known stateside for “Breathe” (2011) and “I Feel You” (2005), Germany’s Schiller has been recording electronic music since the late 1990s.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2013]

  1. Chris Malinchak – So Good to Me (Radio Edit, WestFunk & Steve Smart Remix)
    - This song does sound pretty good to us.
  2. Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound (Kav Verhouzer Bootleg)
    - While top 40 radio ponders whether to play the follow-up to the Icelandic ensemble’s sleeper crossover hit “Little Talks,” you can stay one step ahead.
  3. Armin van Buuren & W&W – D# Fat (Radio Edit)
    - As one of the top EDM artists of the last 15 years, Armin van Buuren may get his first crossover hit with “This Is What It Feels Like.”  In the meantime, this instrumental with fellow Dutch duo W&W sports a harder edge than the usual AvB fare.
  4. Fitz and The Tantrums – Out of My League
    - If you like Graffiti6 and a little bit of retro soul, give this track a spin.
  5. Snoop Lion Featuring Drake & Cori B – No Guns Allowed (Shelco Garcia x Teenwolf x Diplo Remix)
    - The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg returns with a reggae sound.
  6. Robin Thicke Featuring T.I. + Pharrell – Blurred Lines (Justin Sane Bootleg)
    - Not sounding terribly original, this funky tune is nonetheless a fun addition to your playlist.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2013]

  1. Dirty South Featuring Joe Gil – Until the End
    - While a lot of quality EDM imports come from Sweden and the Netherlands, Australia isn’t that far behind.  Dirty South has certainly contributed his share of the bounty from Down Under.
  2. Jessy – Nothing at All (Sin City Edit)
    - Jessy De Smet started out as a member of a Belgian group in the mid-1990s.  Her solo debut single “Look @ Me Now” was a guilty pleasure in 2003.  Many releases and 10 years later, we finally found another Jessy track to recommend.  Not to be confused with the classic country song “When You Say Nothing at All,” this is a mid-tempo number with a slight 1980s feel.
  3. Sub Focus Featuring Alex Clare – Endorphins
    - After breaking through stateside with “Tidal Wave” and “Out the Blue,” Nick Douwma’s follow-up may attract the attention of top 40 radio because of Alex Clare.
  4. Bob Sinclar – Summer Moonlight (Original Radio Edit, Yellow Team Remix, Ben Delay Remix)
    - Bob Sinclar was ahead of his time.  By that we mean if his best records—“World, Hold On,” “Love Generation,” and “Together”—had come out after 2009, he might have scored as many crossover hits as fellow Frenchman David Guetta.  Not as strong as those earlier songs, his latest will probably be ignored even though today’s mainstream top 40 radio is more open to dance music.
  5. Lange – Our Brief Time in the Sun
    - This one’s for you, Boston.
  6. AWOLNATION – Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix, Nico Pusch Remix)
    - This record has been flying under the radar for months now.  The fuzz male vocals are sure to stand out in any set.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2013]

  1. Markus Schulz Featuring Ana Diaz – Nothing Without Me (Video Edit)
    - After breaking through with “Love Rain Down” and “Caught” recently, Markus Schulz may make it three in a row.
  2. Royksopp & Susanne Sundfor – Running to the Sea (Protohype & Carnage Remix, Mats Gulbrandsen Bootleg)
    - It’s always good news when there’s new music from the likes of Sweden’s Miike Snow (“Animal”) and Norway’s Royksopp (“Eple,” “Poor Leno,” “Remind Me”).  We only wish dance radio would play these alternative EDM artists and ease up on remixes of top 40 hits.
  3. Labrinth Featuring Emeli Sande – Beneath Your Beautiful (Graeme B Remix)
    - Now that U.K.’s Emeli Sande has finally garnered airplay stateside at mainstream top 40, adult top 40, and dance, Labrinth’s sixth single from his debut album may follow suit.
  4. Jutty Ranx – I See You (Radio Edit)
    - Let the music speak for itself…since little is known about this U.S.-based duo.
  5. Deborah Cox Featuring Paige – Higher (Radio)
    - Like Tori Amos, Canadian Deborah Cox has been very lucky with the quality of dance remixes of her records.  This is one of the rare occasions when she’s worked with a DJ from the start.
  6. DJs From Mars – Phat Ass Drop (How to Produce a Club Track Today) (Main Radio Edit)
    - You’re probably familiar with this Italian duo’s remix production, especially Stromae’s “Alors On Danse.”  The surprise is this tongue-in-cheek meta song is actually quite good.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2013]

  1. Dada Life – So Young so High
    - Another winning track from the jesters of EDM.
  2. Starkillers, Dmitry KO & Amba Shepherd – Let the Love
    - This is one of those instances where the instrumental track is so distinctive that you wonder if the recording was first released sans vocals.
  3. DJ Antoine – Bella Vita (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark 2K13 Radio Edit)
    - With tongue in cheek, we established our Tony awards several years ago to honor dance tracks that build slowly across radio stations.  We were inspired by DJ Antoine’s “This Time” and Leonid Rudenko’s “Summerfish” at the time.  This is his strongest single since then.
  4. Antoine Clamaran Featuring Fenja – This Is My Goodbye (Radio Edit)
    - One Tony leads to another…the veteran producer from France who’s never sounded better lately (“Gold,” “Live Your Dreams”).
  5. Doctor P Featuring Eva Simons – Bulletproof (Vicetone Remix)
    - Not to be confused with the hit by La Roux, this is a different number from a dubstep producer.
  6. Jermaine Paul – I Believe in This Life
    - Let’s state the obvious:  This song sounds like the sequel to The Wanted’s “Glad You Came.”  And that’s not a bad thing since “Glad” turned out to be an infectious pop song.  If you follow our Mega6 column, you can guess how Jermaine Paul got his recording contract.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2013]

  1. TwoThirds Featuring Laura Brehm – Waking Dreams (Hellberg Remix, Soulero Remix)
    - Without the Internet, we would never have the chance to sample new music from another young EDM producer.
  2. Dank (USA) Featuring jACQ – Crystals
    - All we know about Dank is that he owns his own record label in New York.
  3. Tori Amos – Flavor (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix Radio Edit)
    - Though Tori Amos is not a dance artist, remixes of some of her songs have become club classics (“Professional Widow” and “Jackie’s Strength,” for example).  Veteran Peter Rauhofer has done a fine job with the first single from an album of reworked songs from her catalog.
  4. Misha B – Do You Think of Me
    - Former TV talent show contestant Misha Bryan does have a nice voice; the only downside is this song’s dated musical arrangement (think Robin S’s “Show Me Love”).
  5. Wiley Featuring Skepta, JME & Ms D – Can You Hear Me? (Ayayaya) (TAI Remix, Bill & Will Remix)
    - Fans of Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah are already familiar with grime artist Wiley.  For everyone else his fourth and latest U.K. top 10 hit is a good introduction.
  6. The Mowgli’s – San Francisco (Little Daylight Remix)
    - Allow us to go local for a minute.  Since the Giants are the reigning World Series champions, the Bay Area could become the fifth location to host both reigning World Series and Super Bowl champions after February 3.  So it’s only fitting that we should recommend this little number.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2013]

  1. Shermanology & R3hab – Living 4 the City (Radio Edit)
    - Known more for his remixes the last couple of years, R3hab teams up with fellow Dutch artist Shermanology on a single that will make everyone sit up and take notice.
  2. Zedd & Lucky Date Featuring Ellie Goulding – Fall Into the Sky
    - While top 40 radio continues to play “Spectrum” and the clubs are spinning “Clarity,” here comes another standout track from Zedd’s debut album.
  3. Gabriel & Dresden Featuring Betsie Larkin – Play It Back (Radio Edit, Gabriel & Dresden Sunrise Radio Edit)
    - First Andain returned last summer, now the two guys behind Andain and Motorcycle are back themselves.
  4. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest – A Love I Call My Own (Chriss Ortega’s Pirates Remix Re-work)
    - It’s always good to hear Crystal Waters again.
  5. Pet Shop Boys – Leaving (Believe in PSB Remix, PSB Side-by-side Remix, PSB Freedom Remix)
    - Another solid song from PSB, whom dance radio continues to ignore.
  6. Pitbull Featuring Christina Aguilera – Feel This Moment
    - Never thought we’d highlight a track by either one of these artists.  But Christina Aguilera’s vocal part really fits A-ha’s classic “Take on Me,” whose instrumental track is partially reproduced here.




Mega6 2012


Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2012]

  1. Capital Cities – Safe and Sound (DiscoTech Remix, Napoleon Remix)
    - The original version of this song is worth recommending even if you took out the trumpet part.  But that instrument is this recording’s icing on the cake.  This duo is the first of four California-based artists in this Mega6 edition. 
  2. Frenchie Davis – Love’s Got a Hold on Me (DJ Laszlo Mix, Dave Aude Radio Edit)
    - Most viewers can’t name the alumni of those ubiquitous TV talent shows.  Frenchie Davis is one of the rare exceptions.  It helps that she competed in two shows on different networks and there was a bit of controversy involving her exit from the first one.  It’s hard to believe, but this is her debut single (she’s appeared as featured vocalist before).
  3. Shiny Toy Guns – Waiting Alone (LA Riots Remix)
    - Most people know this band from the remake of Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom (Coming Home)” that was featured in a TV commercial a few years ago.  This single is from an album that marks the return of one of STG’s earlier female lead singers.
  4. Wolfgang Gartner – Redline (Radio Edit)
    - After changing his stage name, Joey Youngman has been on a roll.  He and Deadmau5 and Skrillex are arguably the biggest instrumental EDM artists in North America.
  5. Dada Life – Feed the Dada (Radio Edit)
    - Think of this Swedish duo as the Motley Fools of EDM.  Nobody would pay any attention to their cheeky antics if they didn’t make good music.
  6. Fun. – Some Nights (Jakob Liedholm Arena Mix, max.m project Remix, Matt Fox Moombahton Edit)
    - Just as Alvin Risk turned in a solid remix of “We Are Young,” Jakob Liedholm and max.m project have done the same for “Some Nights.”  We suspect these tracks—from Sweden and Austria, respectively—are not official remixes.  But thanks to the Internet, anyone tinkering in his bedroom can get as much worldwide exposure as a professional remix producer.  If only other non-dance artists are as lucky with their remixes as New York’s Fun.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2012]

  1. Biggie Dutch Featuring Marina Wilde – For You (Radio Edit, Adieh Flowz Remix)
    - Another winning import from the Netherlands.  Even picky listeners wouldn’t mind the brief rap break in the middle (think Pet Shop Boys).
  2. Diamond Rings – I’m Just Me
    - U.S. dance radio has played Canada’s John O’Regan before; this lead single from his second album is retro-sounding in a good way.  Lyrically it’s in the I-am-what-I-am mode, but it doesn’t hit you over the head like “Born This Way.”  He performed this song on “Late Show With David Letterman” on October 26; you should be able to view it on the Web.
  3. Zedd Featuring Foxes – Clarity
    - Just as Sia’s vocal performance on David Guetta’s “Titanium” surprised us, Foxes delivers an equally strong performance on the title track from Zedd’s first full-length album.  He wrote this song with three familiar names:  Skylar Grey, Matthew Koma, and Porter Robinson.
  4. The Presets – Ghosts (Adrian Lux Is Lost in the Streets of Neon Remix)
    - This song from the Australian duo (“If I Know You,” “Talk Like That”) is also featured on the FIFA 13 video game soundtrack.
  5. Labrinth – Treatment (Julian Jordan Remix, Last 3 Digits Remix)
    - You may have heard other tracks from U.K.’s Tom McKenzie lately.  This fifth single from his debut album is good in its original form as well.
  6. Pryda – Allein (DJ Mog Remix)
    - Eric Prydz samples one of the biggest European hits from 2008, Polarkreis 18’s “Allein Allein” (“Alone Alone” in German).

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2012]

  1. Dirty South & Alesso Featuring Ruben Haze – City of Dreams
    - The hits just keep coming from Australia’s Dragan Roganovic—this time he teams up with Sweden’s Alesso.
  2. Foxes – Youth (Pyramid Remix, Monsieur Adi Remix, Adventure Club Remix)
    - For those who love the likes of Florrie, Jess Mills, Katy B, Ellie Goulding, and Natalia Kills, add Foxes (Louisa Allen) to your playlist.
  3. Madeon – Finale
    - The first of two tracks that have benefited from TV exposure.  Known for remixing Martin Solveig, Deadmau5, and Yelle recently, Madeon’s “Finale” got a big boost during the London Olympics.
  4. Knife Party – Bonfire
    - This song was used this summer in TV’s “Breaking Bad.”
  5. Feed Me – Little Cat Steps
    - U.K.’s Jon Gooch has made quite an impression on alternative-leaning dance outlets.  “Little Cat Steps” is his most radio friendly track to date.
  6. 2Pac Featuring Dr. Dre – California Love (Dash Berlin Rework)
    - As far as remixes of old hits go, this one by the omnipresent Dash Berlin is surprisingly memorable.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2012]

  1. I-Cue Featuring Ill-Esha – When the Bass Drops (Radio Version, Kooky Remix, Mightiness Drum and Bass Remix, Billy Ray Stylus Achy Breaks Remix)
    - Canadian Ilysha Zaide’s crystalline vocals help make this record from a New York DJ.
  2. tobyMac – Me Without You (Telemitry Remix, Capital Kings Remix)
    - The original version of the latest single from former DC Talk front man needs no remix to fit dance radio.
  3. Owl City – Shooting Star
    – While top 40 radio is playing Adam Young’s duet with Carly Rae Jepsen (for obvious reason), we prefer this single from an EP released a few months ago.  We can’t blame his record company for abandoning this track in favor of the mediocre Jepsen duet, which was recorded before “Call Me Maybe” became an international hit.  After all, there’s only a limited window to cash in on Jepsen’s name before the release of her debut album in September.  “Shooting Star” is more interesting than the recent work he did with two of the biggest EDM guns:  Paul van Dyk and Armin van Buuren.
  4. Ed Sheeran – Drunk (Lazy Jay’s Wasted in London Remix)
    - You can always count on us to go our own way (see above).  Top 40 radio is starting to play Ed Sheeran’s debut single, but we prefer his fourth consecutive top 10 single in the U.K.
  5. Swiss American Federation Featuring Cary Brothers – Oxygen
    - This is the first artist release from the American-Swiss remix duo that we recommend without reservations.
  6. Graffiti6 – Free (Edit)
    - This U.K. duo consists of singer Jamie Scott and veteran Tommy Danvers, who produced Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.”  It’s true that “Free” could use a dance remix, but the original version is fine for those looking for something a little different (dance radio welcomed Gnarls Barkley’s mid-tempo “Crazy”).  The last time another duo came along with a sound that harkens back to 1960s soul was Charles & Eddie (“Would I Lie to You?”) in 1992.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2012]

  1. Stone & van Linden Featuring Lyck – Into the Light (Summer Single Mix, Festival Mix)
    - Some of you may remember the remix productions by Germany’s CJ Stone going back to the 1990s.  He teams up with Marc van Linden for his latest artist release.
  2. Emeli Sande – My Kind of Love (Wideboys Radio Edit, Gemini Remix) or Next to Me (Mojam Remix)
    - Better late than never.  We had originally passed on this Scottish singer, who sounds like a cross between Beyonce and Duffy.  Add one or both of these tracks to your playlist.
  3. Gemini Featuring Greta Svabo Bech – Fire Inside
    - We quipped last year that dubstep had jumped the shark.  Well, here’s something that sounds a little bit dubstep from the U.K.; you should recall the featured vocalist from “Raise Your Weapon” by Deadmau5.
  4. Netsky – Come Alive (Radio Edit)
    - Speaking of musical genre that may have come and gone...a drum and bass record from Belgium.
  5. Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (Passion Pit Remix, Keemoh Rework, Disco Masters ‘Funny’ Remix)
    - Three for three?  After two alternative songs crossed over to become big hits this year, will this equally left-of-center number make it three in a row?  Unlike Fun and Gotye, this Icelandic band’s semi-folk styling may prove to be too different for top 40 radio.  What this song could use is some opportune TV exposure.
  6. Stefano Featuring New Boyz & Rock Mafia – I’m on a Roll
    - Nothing more complicated than just an infectious pop song.  The artist is—let’s all say it together—another former contestant on one of those TV talent shows.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2012]

  1. Darren Hayes – Bloodstained Heart (Radio Mix, Kryder Club Mix, Wayne G Club Mix)
    - We almost missed this little gem until we started going over U.K. club hits from the last six months (the things we do to bring our Meganauts good music).  Twangy guitar on dance radio…why not?
  2. Jamie Lewis & Marc Evans – Without You (Jamie Lewis Master Video Edit)
    - Europe meets America.  Swiss producer Jamie Lewis released his first album in the early 1990s.  For his brand of house music, he favors such American vocalists as Michael Watford, Michelle Weeks, and Keith Thompson.  His latest collaborator is Marc Evans, who should be familiar to fans of DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz.
  3. Flosstradamus – Total Recall
    - This Chicago duo with the memorable name (a play on Nostradamus) has taken the hardstyle original by Dutch Master (“Recalled to Life”) and made it more radio friendly.
  4. Felix Cartal Featuring Maja Ivarsson – Tonight
    - This album cut is not your typical dance radio fare.  The vocalist is the lead singer of the Swedish band The Sounds, whose “Painted by Numbers” we Bonus-listed in 2007.
  5. Miike Snow – Devil’s Work (Dirty South Remix, Henry Fong Bootleg Remix)
    - While this song from the Swedish group may not be as catchy as 2009’s “Animal” (who can forget the remix by Treasure Fingers?), it will grow on you.
  6. Santigold – Disparate Youth (Radio Edit)
    - It’s interesting that Santigold (formerly Santogold) sounds a little like M.I.A. on this record; she toured with Madonna’s Super Bowl spoiler before.
  • Bonus:  Meiko – Leave the Lights On (Radio Mix, Morgan Page Remix)
    - Not to be confused with the remixing team of Heiko & Maiko, this Meiko is a singer from Georgia (not the country). Don’t dismiss her as another singer with a little-girl voice.  Since she’s 30 already, her voice has more depth and nuance than a lot of those teen singers.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2012]

  1. Fragma - Thousand Times
    - This song may not be as catchy as “Forever and a Day” from two years ago, but the musical arrangement has a distinctive hook that hovers in a high key (Middle Eastern flavor?).
  2. Porter Robinson Featuring Heather Bright – Language
    - Not yet 20, Porter Robinson has already released a bunch of singles.  This is the first one that’s truly worthy of your consideration.  Is he the American version of Avicii?  The jury is still out.
  3. Sam Sparro – I Wish I Never Met You (Devil’s Gun Remix, Stereogamous Remix, WestFunk & Defraud Radio Edit)
    - Not as great as his work with Basement Jaxx (“Feelings Gone”) or his own “Black and Gold” from four years ago, this release is still better than most records out there.
  4. DubVision – All by Myself
    - Not a remake of the Eric Carmen song, this track actually samples Moby’s “In This World”—enough said.
  5. Alex Clare – Too Close (Radio Edit, Andy Giles Remix, Nico Pusch Remix)
    - TV commercial, take one.  When we first heard “Too Close” on the radio, we thought it sounded familiar.  Oh yes, it’s the song used in the Microsoft Internet Explorer commercial.  The national exposure has probably helped this British import garner airplay stateside.  But the song that has received the biggest boost from a commercial has to be Fun’s “We Are Young,” which was used in the clever Chevy Sonic Super Bowl ad.
  6. LP – Into the Wild (DJ Sabri Remix)
    - TV commercial, take two.  You’ve heard this song already because it’s featured in the Citi credit card commercial.  Radio has so far ignored this track.  We’re not surprised because “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” was used in the GoPro camera spot for months, and yet the Skrillex song didn’t go anywhere until those Grammy nominations this year.  So if you license your music, pray it will be featured in a memorable Super Bowl commercial.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2012]

  1. Paul van Dyk Featuring Plumb – I Don’t Deserve You
    - If you’re not crazy about the lead single from Paul van Dyk’s new album—Adam Young’s (Owl City) singing style is an acquired taste—this track should convince you everything’s fine with the biggest dance artist from former East Germany.  Plumb has never sounded better, and this is the best PVD vocal track since 2008’s “Let Go.”
  2. Scissor Sisters – Only the Horses (Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Remix)
    - A great introduction to the New York group’s latest album.  Did we mention it’s co-written and co-produced by some guy named Calvin Harris?
  3. Novaspace – Don’t Look Back (Radio Edit)
    - It seems Novaspace specialized in remakes until a few years ago.  Some of you might recall “Dancing Into Danger” from 2009, the first time U.S. radio paid any attention to this German act.
  4. Bingo Players – Rattle
    - This instrumental is a nice follow-up to the Dutch duo’s “Cry (Just a Little).”
  5. Serge Devant Featuring Hadley – Dice (Radio Edit, Mario Larrera Radio Edit, Trendi Radio Edit)
    - Not to be confused with Sander van Doorn’s “Rolling the Dice,” this track is easier to love than Serge Devant’s current “On Your Own.”
  6. France Joli – Hallelujah
    - For someone who scored her first hit in 1979 (“Come to Me”), France Joli still sounds young (well, she’s not 50 yet).  Like Laura Branigan, this Canadian singer reminded a lot of people of Donna Summer back in the day.  Yes, this is a remake of the Leonard Cohen song immortalized by Jeff Buckley.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2012]

  1. Skrillex Featuring Ellie Goulding – Summit
    - Still basking in the afterglow of all that Grammy attention, California’s Sonny Moore delivers his best song since “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”
  2. Sander van Doorn With Sidney Samson & Nadia Ali – Rolling the Dice
    - Wanna go Dutch?  It’s just a coincidence that the next three artists all hail from the Netherlands.  We almost overlooked this gem if not for the persistence of a small Florida station.  If radio programmers are not tired of the ubiquitous iio front woman, this album cut is one of the best featuring Nadia Ali.  It’s not often you hear a song with the word “toilet” in the lyrics.
  3. Hardwell – Spaceman
    - This instrumental recalls the pitched guitar featured on ATB’s classic “9 PM (Till I Come).”
  4. Dash Berlin Featuring Emma Hewitt – Waiting (Airplay Mix)
    - Originally released two years ago, this track has been re-released by Armada, the reliable label co-founded by Armin van Buuren.  Why?  Dash Berlin scored two hits last year, and Emma Hewitt is expected to release her debut solo album this year.  Only two stations played this song last time; five U.S. outlets are playing it now.
  5. Far*East Movement Featuring Justin Bieber – Live My Life (Wideboys Radio Edit, Party Rock Remix, DJ Reidiculous Remix, Miami Life Remix)
    - Yes, the Bieber sounds sedated—his voice change may have something to do with that—and FEM’s rapping is unusually muted, but as hip-hop songs go, the chorus sticks to the brain as fast as T.I.’s “Whatever You Like.”
  6. Kyven – I Got This
    - This New York duo has released quite a few singles.  This is the first one that’s almost good enough to qualify as guilty pleasure.  The name Kyven is a concatenation of Kyle and Steven.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2012]

  1.  Ian Carey & Rosette Featuring Timbaland & Brasco – Amnesia (Radio Edit)
    - Easily Ian Carey’s most radio friendly single to date.  Rosette Luve is a Canadian singer/actress last heard on Sunloverz’ “Fire” from last year.  This American DJ/producer has charted in the U.K. and Australia but not in the U.S.  Will Timbaland’s supporting role change that?
  2. Volta Bureau – Alley Cat
    - We’re guessing this D.C.-based trio is named after the landmark Alexander Graham Bell building in Washington.  No matter, Volta Bureau’s second single is a standout track among the plethora of instrumentals in the last two years.  The trio (not to be confused with the rock band Mars Volta) cites Daft Punk, Giorgio Moroder, Chic, and New Order as major influences—all worthy name checks.
  3. Kele Featuring Lucy Taylor – What Did I Do? (Sander van Doorn Remix, All the Lights Remix)
    - Some may know Kele as the guest on Martin Solveig’s “Ready 2 Go,” but he’s best known as the lead singer of the U.K. band Bloc Party (“Banquet”).
  4. Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects Featuring Erik Hecht – Walking Alone (Radio Edit)
    - Another catchy single from Australia’s Dirty South.
  5. Marlon Roudette – New Age (Moto Blanco Remix, Danny Noise Remix)
    - A debut single with a memorable hook.
  6. Nicola Roberts – Yo-Yo (JRMX Radio Edit, High Level Radio Edit, Happy HotDog Remix Edit)
    - The third single off the debut solo album from a member of Girls Aloud, a group created from a TV show (think Britain’s version of Eden’s Crush).  If you can’t get enough of Kylie Minogue, you’ll love this song.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2012]

  1. Jessie J Featuring David Guetta – LaserLight
    - Now that this U.K. singer/songwriter has scored her first top 10 hit stateside with the Katy Perry-aping “Domino,” maybe radio programmers will pay attention to this album cut, which admittedly sounds like a sequel to David Guetta’s own “Titanium.”
  2. Marie-Christine – Silence (Niklas Bergwall Sweden Remix, Richard Beynon Groove Remix)
    - A catchy song written by Marie-Christine Depestre’s fellow Canadian Corey Hart (“Never Surrender,” “Sunglasses at Night”).
  3. Loverush UK! Featuring Bryan Adams – Tonight in Babylon (Steve Smart & WestFunk Radio Edit, Protoculture Remix, Ronski Speed With Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
    - For someone who has famously disowned his first U.S. club hit, Bryan Adams keeps returning to clubland from time to time.  Instead of Chicane, he’s working with another production duo from the U.K.
  4. Ultra Nate & Michelle Williams – Waiting on You (Original Radio Edit)
    - A veteran joins forces with a Destiny’s Child alumna (“The Greatest,” “We Break the Dawn”).
  5. Kristina Sky & Randy Boyer Featuring ShyBoy – Welcome to the Future (Original Edit, Darude & Randy Boyer Edit, Menno de Jong Deep Mix)
    - It’s not everyday that you get a release from a female DJ.
  6. DJ Cova & The House Alliance – Hooaah! (Radio Edit)
    - All we know is the record label is based in New York.  As someone pointed out on YouTube, a part of this song does sound like a remix of Dabruck & Klein’s “The Feeling.”  But since we overlooked that 2010 track, well, DJ Cova kind of makes up for our oversight.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2012]

  1. Deborah Cox – If It Wasn’t for Love (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Club Remix)
    - Unlike other top 40 artists, Canadian Deborah Cox has been very lucky with the dance remixes of her songs.
  2. Just a Band – Huff + Puff
    - This single may sound a little like OutKast, but this trio is from Kenya—a first for our Megamix page.
  3.  Muttonheads Featuring Eden Martin – Trust You Again (Original Radio Edit, Shaun Kirwan Remix)
    - You might recall the 2008 remake of “Make Your Own Kind of Music” by Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads.  Here’s another tasty release from the land of champagne and baguette.
  4. Erasure – Be With You (Radio Mix, Moto Blanco Remix Radio Edit)
    - Like the Pet Shop Boys, this 1980s act just keeps going.
  5. Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall (Dustin N’Guyen Remix, Alcala Remix)
    - A French artist teams up with the lead singer of the Brazilian band CSS for another standout number from the “Drive” movie soundtrack.
  6. Outasight – Tonight Is the Night
    - The music of this New York alternative rapper/singer may not be as catchy as U.K.’s Example, but this track is a promising start.




Mega6 2011


Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2011]

  1. Sneaky Sound System – Big
    - This Australian duo was last heard on Tiesto’s “I Will Be Here” two years ago.
  2. College Featuring Electric Youth – A Real Hero (DJ MegaMan & Panic City Remix)
    - One of the standout songs from the soundtrack to “Drive,” an average film with over-the-top violence.
  3. Sub Jams & Cozi – Ricochet (Project Bassline Remix)
    - An introduction to Wideboys’ side project.
  4. Mischa Daniels & Sandro Monte Featuring J-Son – Simple Man (Sandro Monte & Andres Cabrera Rework Radio Edit)
    - A solid follow-up to “Where You Wanna Go.”
  5. Spencer & Hill & Nadia Ali – Believe It
    - The singing half of iio has been busy working with other artists in the past two years:  Starkillers & Alex Kenji, Sultan & Ned Shepard, Armin van Buuren, Alex Sayz, and Tocadisco.  She’s also managed to release some solo tracks and a new iio album.
  6. Ultraviolet Sound – Dead on the Dance Floor
    - First released in 2007 under the name Ultraviolet, this track is stronger than “Girl Talk” and “Suck My Kiss.”  It is also slightly reminiscent of Aly & AJ’s “Potential Breakup Song” from the same year.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2011]

  1. Afrojack & Steve Aoki Featuring Miss Palmer – No Beef
    - This track is like two songs for the price of one.  The first half is a cool instrumental, and when the vocals start, it gets even better.
  2. Little Dragon – Ritual Union
    - If this Swedish band’s lead singer sounds a little familiar, it’s because she was featured on Koop’s effervescent “Come to Me,” which was used prominently in a promo spot for ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2007.
  3. Pendulum – Set Me on Fire
    - It took U.S. dance radio a long time to embrace “The Island.” This track off the Australian group’s latest album will likely be ignored, which would be a shame.  Lead singer Rob Swire recorded the vocals for Deadmau5’s “Ghosts N Stuff” last year; he doesn’t sing on this track though.
  4. Mylene Farmer – Bleu Noir (Version Single, Glam As You Radio Mix)
    - Like Madonna, Mylene Farmer came on the music scene about the same time, and this French singer is also known for her controversial music videos.  A few notes in the chorus recall Tab Hunter’s “Young Love.”  Die-hard dance radio listeners already know one of Farmer’s songs, Kate Ryan’s 2003 remake of “Desenchantee.”
  5. Tiddey Featuring Lyck – Keep Waiting (CJ Stone Remix, Orjan Nilsen Midsummernite Remix)
    - Next to Romania, we seem to be getting more than a few good dance imports from another Eastern European country.  This is the third Polish artist to make our Mega6 list in the last five months.
  6. Theophilus London – I Stand Alone (Gigamesh Sunlight Remix, Ocelot Remix)
    - If you like Kid Cudi or TV on the Radio, then give this New York rapper a spin.  Does TV appearance still matter in the age of music videos and the Internet?  Yes.  Cee Lo Green and Adele saw their singles reach new heights on the charts after performing on the Grammys and the MTV Video Music Awards, respectively.  If Theophilus London hadn’t performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” we wouldn’t be talking about this track here.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2011]

  1. Dirty South & Thomas Gold Featuring Kate Elsworth – Alive
    - Vocally similar to some Morgan Page records (“Strange Condition,” “Fight for You,” “The Longest Road”), this treat is courtesy of Australia’s Dirty South (“It’s Too Late,” “Phazing”) and Germany’s Thomas Gold.
  2. Dash Berlin Featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn – Better Half of Me (Radio Edit)
    - Another radio-friendly song from the Dutch group who gave us “Disarm Yourself,” “Waiting,” and “Till the Sky Falls Down.”  Jonathan Mendelsohn has been featured on many dance tracks in the last five years; this is his most natural performance to date.
  3. Metronomy – The Bay (Radio Edit, The 2 Bears Remix)
    - The third single off this U.K. group’s third album has received more traction stateside than all previous singles, a welcome development since the original version is not 130 BPM.
  4. Darren Hayes – Talk Talk Talk (7th Heaven Mix, Club Junkies Mix)
    - The former leader singer of the Australian duo Savage Garden (“I Knew I Loved You,” “Truly Madly Deeply”) has had limited solo success in the last 10 years (“Pop!ular,” “Step Into the Light,” “Insatiable”).  “Talk” is a little more memorable.
  5. Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves (Nightriders Remix)
    - This is easily Dirty Vegas’ most commercial single since 2004’s “Walk Into the Sun.”  But nothing can top “Days Go By,” one of those songs that will always be associated with the revival of U.S. dance radio about 10 years ago.
  6. The Freshmen – Hello There
    - As summer winds down, let’s have one more summer song for the road.  The official Web site describes this California trio’s music as a cross between the Beach Boys and the Beastie Boys, a bit of marketing hyperbole that’s not completely baseless.  This retro-sounding number (even the name of the artist is nostalgic) is reminiscent of Madcon’s “Beggin’” from 2009.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2011]

  1. Gareth Emery Featuring Lucy Saunders – Fight the Sunrise (Radio Edit, Daniel Kandi’s Rise Mix)
    - Another radio-friendly song from Gareth Emery.  Together with “Sanctuary,” this completes the U.K. artist’s one-two punch.
  2. Gravitonas – Religious (Radio Edit, Adam Rickfors Radio Edit)
    - If My Chemical Romance or 30 Seconds to Mars made dance music, they might sound like this Swedish duo, whose lineup includes the same man who co-founded BWO (“Right Here Right Now”) and before that Army of Lovers (“Crucified,” “Obsession”).  Another thing these three Swedish acts have in common is that they have all made the U.S. club charts.
  3. Zedd – Dovregubben
    - When classical music picks up a dance beat, the result is often more novelty than anything else (think Walter Murphy and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra).  Well, this remake of Edvard Grieg’s “I Dovregubbens Hall” by Germany’s Zedd doesn’t sound cheesy at all.  You don’t have to be a classical music fan to recognize this composition.  Bergen’s favorite son was often inspired by Norwegian folk music.  Written for Ibsen’s play “Peer Gynt,” “Dovregubbens” and “Morgenstemning” have become Grieg’s two biggest “hits.”
  4. Florrie – I Took a Little Something (Radio Edit, Loverush UK! Radio Edit, Fred Falke Club Mix)
    - For people who can’t get enough of the likes of Katy B, Ellie Goulding, and Natalia Kills—oh, look, we just did for you what Pandora claims to do.
  5. Tony Moran Featuring Trey Lorenz – Can I Love You More (Loverush UK! Radio Edit, Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Master Radio Edit)
    - After returning last year with the tasty “Destination,” veteran producer/remixer Tony Moran follows with a track that’s equally catchy.  This is a comeback for Trey Lorenz as well; he was last heard on “Someone to Hold” in 1992.
  6. Guy Sebastian Featuring Eve – Who’s That Girl (Lethal Bass Project Remix)
    - If they want to break this Australian artist in the U.S., you’d think they’d work with Pitbull or Nicki Minaj—guess they were busy.  Eve is not exactly the hottest rapper around these days.  But perhaps they approached Eve because she had a song with the same title in 2001.  Yes, Guy Sebastian is yet another past winner/contestant on those ubiquitous TV talent shows.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2011]

  1. Avicii – Levels
    - Another winner from everyone’s favorite Swedish DJ.
  2. Contras Featuring Joan Kolova – La Luna (Rivaz Radio Edit, Relight Orchestra Radio Edit, DM Club Remix)
    - You might remember Joan Kolova for her work with Consoul Trainin (“Stop,” “Nothing Compares to You”).  She’s definitely one of the better vocalists in dance music.
  3. Dada Life – White Noise/Red Meat (Radio Edit)
    - From the duo who served us “Cookies With a Smile” last year.
  4. Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)
    - It took us a while to warm to “Rolling in the Deep” (forget the Downtown London Remix, a disappointing retro rework).  This track off Adele’s smash album is much easier to love; Thomas Gold’s dramatic remix is a job well done.
  5. Breathe Carolina – Blackout (IDKris Remix)
    - If you prefer dance-rock groups like MSTRKRFT and Blaqk Audio, add this to your playlist immediately.
  6. DJ Earworm – Party on the Floor (Capital FM Summertime Ball Mashup)
    - You don’t have to wait until the end of the year to get your Earworm fix.  The mash-up guru likes to put something together midyear.  This medley of artists who performed at a U.K. radio station’s concert is almost as good as “United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop).”

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2011]

  1. Robbie Rivera Featuring Ana Criado – The Sound of the Times (Dance or Die Radio Edit)
    - For someone who’s been around the turntable for a while, Robbie Rivera simply gets better with age.
  2. TV on the Radio – Will Do (XXXchange Dancehall Mix)
    - It pays to tune in to late night/early morning shows on local college stations.  We’ve heard of this artist before but never listened to the New York group’s music.  Their only charted track to date is a minor alternative hit called “Wolf Like Me.”  So thank you, DJ Amy Robbins (Amo on Facebook).  Check out TV on the Radio’s theatrical performance on “David Letterman” last April (you’ll find it on you-know-where).
  3. Andain – Promises (Gabriel & Dresden Remix, Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix, Nitrous Oxide Remix)
    - Andain is back—yay!  Besides releasing their own recordings, Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden—together or separately—have also worked with Motorcycle, Winter Kills, and Mikael Johnston.  It’s been too long since the hypnotic “Beautiful Things.”  Andain’s lead singer, Mavie Marcos, should be as well-known as Jes Brieden and Molly Bancroft, the other two G&D vocalists.  You can watch her performing “Beautiful Things” on the piano on YouTube.
  4. Grant Smillie Featuring Zoe Badwi – Carry Me Home (Grant Smillie Radio Edit, Tommy Trash Remix, Third Party Remix, Hard Rock Sofa Remix)
    - After watching a local TV news report on traumatic brain injuries, we’d like to dedicate this song to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and all those who are working their way home each day.  “Carry me home/Be my voice when I can’t speak.”  With determination and hard work—and a little help—the broken can be whole again or at least recover enough for a new normal.  And that’s the last time we play Casey Kasem’s long-distance dedication (now there’s a good radio name).
  5. Bingo Players – Cry (Just a Little) (Radio Mix)
    - Anyone who loved Daddy’s Favourite’s “I Feel Good Things for You,” which samples Patrice Rushen’s “Haven’t You Heard,” should be interested in the latest from Bingo Players.  It samples Brenda Russell’s “Piano in the Dark.”  Since the vocals are sped up, only the producer knows if it is indeed a sample.
  6. Jessie J Featuring B.o.B – Price Tag (Jason Nevins Radio Edit)
    - Take a reasonably catchy top 40 song, give it the usual dance-rock makeover by Jason Nevins, and you end up with a better-than-average remix.  Note how Nevins does a little dubstep toward the end of this remix.  When a veteran artist/remixer like Nevins gets into the act, dubstep has definitely jumped the shark.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2011]

  1. 3R – Don’t You? (Radio Edit)
    - Why should Romania have a lock on dance exports?  Think of 3R as Polish House Mafia.  This is how misinformation gets promulgated on the Internet.  Because this song’s musical arrangement sounds so much like the work of Swedish House Mafia, a lot of people mistakenly identified—and repeated—it as “Loneliness” by SHM featuring Tinie Tempah.  The first clue they got it wrong is there’s no rapper on this song.
  2. Robert M – Just a Little Bit (Radio Edit)
    - Just to prove 3R doesn’t always sound like Swedish House Mafia, we give you a tasty treat from Robert M, one of the three members of 3R (the other two are Remo and Dirty Rush).  We only came across this number on Robert M’s YouTube channel while sorting out the whole 3R/SHM mix-up.  Serendipity.
  3. The Aston Shuffle Featuring Lovers Electric – Start Again (Hook N Sling Remix)
    - Two Lovers Electric tracks made our Megamix cut in the past (“Could This Be” and “Honey”).  Let’s hope third time’s the charm.
  4. Afrojack – Doing It Right
    - Is Afrojack the next David Guetta?  Even though “Take Over Control” hasn’t quite crossed over to top 40 radio, his fingerprints are all over Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything.”
  5. Tom Hangs & Shermanology – Blessed (Avicii Edit)
    - Like David Guetta and Afrojack, Avicii is everywhere these days.  Shermanology is a Dutch family trio (two siblings and a cousin).
  6. Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki Featuring Lil Jon – Turbulence
    - Can we call this electro crunk?

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2011]

  1. Sharam Featuring Anousheh Khalili – Fun (Funhouse Radio Mix)
    - This remake of a track off Natalie Imbruglia’s (“Torn”) latest album works because Anousheh Khalili has a stronger voice and this version is an improvement over the original arrangement.  Virginia’s Khalili co-wrote “Be the Change” and “Don’t Say a Word…,” two of Sharam’s memorable records.  Clubbers know Sharam was one half of Deep Dish (“Say Hello,” “Flashdance”).
  2. Mishal Moore – It Ain’t Over (Wideboys St. Tropez Radio Mix)
    - The name of this remix suggests a European vibe thanks to the use of the accordion.  The artist is not from sun-kissed French Riviera but the sunshine state of Florida.
  3. Avicii – Penguin
    - Already in heavy rotation on BPM, this piano-driven instrumental from one of the hottest artists/remixers (also records under the moniker Tim Berg) consists of about two lines.  But this melody will stick to your brain.
  4. Jasper Forks – Alone (Radio Edit, Money-G Vocal Mix)
    - The driving force behind the German group U96 strikes out on his own with what some have dubbed (classical) piano house music.  “Alone” is like a continuation of last year’s remake of “River Flows in You.”
  5. Spencer & Hill – 2 Kisses of You (Radio Edit, Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
    - If you like the U.K.’s Booty Luv, you’ll enjoy this artist record from the German remixing duo.
  6. Qwote Featuring Pitbull – Throw Your Hands Up
    - A quick remake of Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro,” which is still a favorite on Latin radio.
  • Bonus:  Mikestah – Let Love Live (Radio Edit)
    - Is this a Romanian artist?  We’re not sure, but hey, the more obscure the better.  If you read the first edition of Musical Treasure Hunt, you know what we mean.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2011]

  1. Jay Ko Featuring Anya – One (Radio Edit, Fear of Tigers Remix, Wideboys Club Mix)
    - The Romanian invasion continues.  Featured vocalist Anya should not be confused with An-ya (“Nightlife”).
  2. White Sea – Ladykiller (Gigamesh Remix)
    - White Sea is Los Angeles-based Morgan Kibby, a member of the French group M83.  If you feel the muscular Gigamesh remix is too derivative, try the original version.
  3. Mike Candys – Together Again (Vocal Edit, Christopher S Radio Edit)
    - The musical arrangement sounds a little like the classic “Insomnia” by Faithless; Swiss DJ/producer Mike Candys actually did a remake of  “Insomnia” last year.
  4. Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks (The Highweights Remix, MNDR Remix)
    - The light and breezy original version, one of the more interesting tracks on alternative radio right now, belies the serious lyrics.  The Highweights Remix is more appropriate for dance radio.
  5. Sander van Doorn Featuring Carol Lee – Love Is Darkness
    - For those who ignored Dutch DJ/producer Sander van Doorn’s “Renegade” from last year, here’s something with vocals to consider.
  6. Cascada – Night Nurse (Radio Edit)
    - Cascada doesn’t need help getting airplay in America, but we are struck by the unusual title, one of the oddest since Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk.”

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2011]

  1. Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Thee Loving Hand Remix)
    - The Australian dance/electronic group (2008’s “Lights & Music”) is back with a new album.
  2. Hibernate – That High (Radio Edit)
    - A tasty track from the System Recordings label.
  3. Tom Noize Featuring ST – Awakening (Radio Edit)
    - Another System Recordings release from earlier this year.
  4. David May Featuring Max Urban – Facebook Love (Radio Version)
    - Here’s David May (“Superstar”) capitalizing on the popularity of Facebook.
  5. Joe Zangie – You Remind Me (Giuseppe D Radio)
    - Giuseppe D’s remixes all sound about the same.  Of course, one can say that about most remix producers—Jason Nevins, Dave Aude, Freemasons, and Wideboys, just to name a few.  But when a remixer’s signature sound complements the song’s vocal track, resistance is futile.
  6. Omega – Si Te Vas/Que Tengo Que Hacer (Original Remix, Ferrante Euro Radio Edit, Pee4tee Club Remix)
    - It’s been a while since we recommended a Latin track.  This one should tide you over until the next one.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2011]

  1. Bad Boy Bill Featuring Eric Jag – Got That Feeling (Laidback Luke Remix)
    - The original version from Chicago-based Bad Boy Bill’s 2009 album has a rather pedestrian dance rock arrangement.  Then came this gem among the batch of remixes released late last year.  Dutchman Laidback Luke has already scored his own radio hits (“Step by Step,” “Till Tonight”), so we glad he’s still producing remixes.  A simple rework with galloping beats is just what this song needed.
  2. Electro Blues Featuring Limmo – Angels (Electro Blues Radio Edit, CTRL D-Ave & MarQ Kanas Remix)
    - Dance radio missed the boat by ignoring “Deborah’s Theme” last year.  This Italian duo may have better luck with this follow-up since it’s not an instrumental this time.
  3. James Blunt – Stay the Night (Wideboys Remix, Buzz Junkies Remix, Fred Falke Remix)
    - James Blunt’s 2006 global smash “You’re Beautiful” is one of those songs people either love or hate.  We don’t remember any dance remix of “Beautiful” (probably a good thing).  There was a decent remix of “1973” the following year.  These remixes of “Stay the Night” are quite acceptable.
  4. Crystal Castles Featuring Robert Smith – Not in Love
    - Anyone into electronic music is already familiar with this Canadian duo.  So what’s good for top 40 also works for dance music.  Top 40 tracks often feature a rapper or established singer to maximize airplay potential.  A new version of “Not in Love” featuring the unmistakable vocals of The Cure’s Robert Smith has given Crystal Castles its first alternative radio hit stateside.
  5. Mumford & Sons – The Cave (Ross T Remix)
    - After 40 weeks, Mumford & Sons’ debut album finally reached the top 10 in the U.S. recently—not bad for a dobro-playing band from London.  Even though we’re only into the second year of the new decade, “Sigh No More” will be remembered as one of the best albums of the 2010s.  If Canadians Justin Bieber and Drake split the vote, Mumford & Sons just might win the Grammy for best new artist on February 13.
  6. Milk & Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios – Hey (Nah Neh Nah)
    - Too soon?  This song contains an English-language female vocal sample, yet it instantly recalls “We No Speak Americano.”  Guess the duo of Milk & Sugar must really be inspired by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP—or it’s just pure coincidence.  How’s this for an international stew?  We have a German artist sampling a Gypsy-blues band from Belgium whose songs were usually sung in English; “Nah Neh Nah” was a single from Vaya Con Dios’ second album in 1990.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2011]

  1. Pet Shop Boys – Together (Radio Mix, Ultimate Mix)
    - After so many years in the business, the Boys continue to deliver (whether dance radio is paying attention is another matter).  How many of their 1980s contemporaries are still active and relevant?
  2. The Green Children – Dragons (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
    - Don’t overlook this California-based duo (she’s from Norway and he’s from the U.K.).
  3. Filo & Peri Featuring Audrey Gallagher – This Night (Radio Edit, Max Graham Remix, Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
    - After a few disappointing releases since the appropriately titled 2008 hit “Anthem,” Filo & Peri are back on track.
  4. Edward Maya Featuring Vika Jigulina – This Is My Life (Radio Version, Digital Dog Radio Mix)
    - The original version of this follow-up single is no “Stereo Love.”  The duo of Digital Dog has done a good job fixing it up.
  5. Nadia Ali – Rapture (Avicii New Generation Radio Edit)
    - Tim Berg (a.k.a. Avicii) has met the challenge—producing a memorable remix of a dance classic that can stand on its own.  It also helps that Nadia Ali has added some new lyrics.
  6. Diddy – Dirty Money Featuring Skylar Grey – Coming Home
    - He may be more of a business mogul and an aspiring actor these days, but Diddy proves he can still produce good records (remember “Last Night” from 2007?).  You can be forgiven for thinking this was a Kanye West song featuring Taylor Swift (wouldn’t that be some collaboration?).




Mega6 2010


Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2010]

  1. Camille Jones – The Truth (Radio Edit, 7th Heaven Radio Mix)
    - Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand’s remix of “The Creeps” put Camille Jones on the map three years ago, but “The Truth” is a better showcase for this Danish singer’s vocals.
  2. 2Dragonette – Volcano
    - With two songs concurrently on dance radio (Kaskade’s “Fire in Your New Shoes” and Martin Solveig’s “Hello”), Dragonette is getting a lot of exposure already.  But “Volcano” sounds better than those two tracks on which this Canadian trio is featured.
  3. Dada Life – Cookies With a Smile (Radio Edit)
    - This Swedish import with slightly risqué lyrics will definitely put a smile on your face.
  4. Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix, Zedd Remix)
    - Tired of the U.S. dance radio leitmotif (exemplified by the likes of Charice/Miranda Cosgrove/Matisse)?  Well, here’s Skrillex to the rescue.  Since this Los Angeles-based artist is the lone American in this issue of Mega6, we wonder once again if U.S. dance radio would be the same without all those imports featuring overseas artists.
  5. Ida Corr – In the Name of Love (Radio Edit)
    - Thanks to Le Grand’s remix of 2008’s “Let Me Think About It,” Ida Corr is Denmark’s biggest musical export since Aqua (“Barbie Girl”).
  6. Mohombi – Bumpy Ride (Radio Edit, Chuckie Remix)
    - Another infectious track with an island flavor—though Mohombi has no Caribbean roots in his background as far as we know (Swedish mother and African father).
  • Bonus:  Aroma Featuring Katerina – The Children of Piraeus (Original Easy Cut, Raf Marchesini & Max B Remix Radio Edit)
    - It’s the holiday season, so here’s an extra serving.  Not to be confused with the regional Mexican group of the same name, this Italian duo has produced a dance remake of the 1960 Oscar-winning song from the film “Never on Sunday.”

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2010]

  1. Wolfgang Gartner – Illmerica
    - If you like your instrumentals aggressive and perhaps a bit loud (think Josh Wink or Voodoo & Serano), this is perfect.
  2. Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (Radio Edit, AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix, Japanese Popstars Remix)
    - If the original version’s lullaby/music-box quality doesn’t do it for you, try one of the faster remixes.
  3. Pendulum – The Island (Radio Edit)
    - Dance radio could always use more male vocals.
  4. Vinny Troia Featuring Jaidene Veda – Do for Love (Dave Aude Radio Edit)
    - This remake of the Bobby Caldwell evergreen hits the spot.
  5. Sash! Featuring Jessy – All Is Love
    - Sash! is back with Jessy (“Look @ Me Now,” one of 2003’s guilty pleasures) on vocals.
  6. Stromae – Alors On Danse (Radio Edit, DJs From Mars Remix)
    - The original version is already a hit in its native Belgium and all over Europe; a new version featuring Kanye West might help break it stateside.  But the most interesting remix is by DJs From Mars, who took the cue from the title (French for “So We Dance”) and put together a medley of some of the biggest dance hits in the past.  The result may not be as creative as DJ Earworm’s “United State of Pop 2009,” but it’s good enough for those who love megamix medleys by the likes of Stars on 45.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2010]

  1. Freemasons Featuring Wynter Gordon – Believer (Summer of Pride Mix)
    - Since Freemasons released the instant classic “Love on My Mind” in 2005, they’ve rarely disappointed their fans.  With a little help from Wynter Gordon, “Believer” could turn out to be their biggest hit in five years.
  2. Rubika – Robots
    - Whatever you may think of the recent “Storm the Charts” campaign, we’re glad we discovered this U.K.-based electronic duo (originally from Ukraine and Belarus).  If you add this track to your playlist, you’ll be the first among your peers to do so.  It is now on sale for 89 cents—just go to our Megamix page and click away.
  3. Sandy Chambers – Cloud No. 9 (Favretto Edit Remix)
    - We always welcome a dance song with strong vocals.
  4. Rosanna – Waterfall (Fear of Tigers Remix)
    - The sticker on the U.K. import CD single reads:  “A thunderous, two-chorused chunk of desolate Swedish gloompop.”  Okay, we’ll go with that.  And by the way, the original version is not bad either.
  5. Pamala Stanley – The Bank of Love (Manny Lehman Radio Edit, Zathan Radix MARZ Radio Edit)
    - A comeback.  Dance music historians should recall “This Is Hot,” Pamala Stanley’s first dance hit in 1979.
  6. Therese – Drop It Like It’s Hot (Radio Edit)
    - Not a remake of Snoop Dogg’s 2004 hit, this song represents a slightly different direction for Therese, a big star in her native Sweden.  She’s best known for her work with StoneBridge five years ago (“Put ’Em High” and “Take Me Away”).

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2010]

  1. Dirty South Featuring Rudy – Phazing (Original Radio Edit)
    - Dirty South smartly follows the golden rule of sampling:  never let a sample (Nilsson's "Everybody's Talkin'" in this case) hijack your song.
  2. Chromeo – Don't Turn the Lights On
    - If you enjoyed this Canadian duo's last hit, "Fancy Footwork," their latest is just what you've been waiting for.
  3. The Potbelleez – Hello
    - "Are You With Me" from 2008 didn't get any airplay stateside; maybe the latest from this Australian duo will fare better.
  4. Underworld – Scribble (Radio Edit)
    - Another old-school dance/electronic artist back with new music.
  5. South Level – Latin Dream (Radio Version)
    - The musical arrangement may recall Yves LaRock's "Rise Up," but at least the vocals didn't copy that island sound as well.
  6. Federico Portale & Ivan Kay – My Dream (Radio Edit)
    - You'll either love or pass on this version because it does sound a little like Robert Miles' "Children."

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2010]

  1. David Guetta & Afrojack Featuring Niles Mason – Louder Than Words
    - Featuring a vocalist who sounds like John Legend, this is one of Guetta’s better songs—and that’s saying something. Also check out his collaboration with Flo Rida, “Club Can’t Handle Me.” If only every track on Guetta’s latest album is as good as these two.
  2. Bentu de Soli – Pearls of Summer
    - For some reason many Romanian dance songs share a similar musical arrangement as Inna’s “Hot.” Not this one.
  3. Electro Blues – Deborah’s Theme (Electro Blues Jet Set Radio Edit)
    - One of the stronger instrumentals of the last year or two.
  4. Hot Chip – I Feel Better
    - This band has never sounded this radio-friendly.
  5. Shiny Toy Guns – Rocketship 2010
    - Another breakthrough…definitely more interesting than their remake of “Major Tom.”
  6. Neon Trees – Animal
    - This semi-dance rock tune got a big boost when it was featured in those Las Vegas TV ads (we don’t know if Camp Vegas is a national campaign [], so you may not have seen the same tourism ads).

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2010]

  1. Example – Kickstarts (Radio Edit, Wideboys Remix)
    - While dance radio is still playing “Won’t Go Quietly,” Example’s latest is even more accessible.
  2. Romeo Cooper – C’est Dure
    - The original version of this song should remind you of In-Grid.
  3. Scissor Sisters – Fire With Fire (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
    - This is their most commercial single to date (we certainly don’t miss the lead singer’s falsetto).
  4. M.P. Sound Project Featuring Monica Harem – Fable (M.P. Radio)
    - Harem’s vocals may be a bit of an acquired taste, but this track will grow on you.
  5. MizzNina Featuring Colby O’Donis – What You Waiting For
    - Not a remake of the Gwen Stefani song, this is still a catchy tune despite the fact that MizzNina’s average vocals are completely overshadowed by O’Donis (you can barely tell it’s a duet).
  6. Bologna Connection – Together Forever (Radio Edit) + Lorenzo Ballerini DJ – Tribute (Original Radio)
    - Two semi-instrumentals that feature female and male vocalizing, respectively. “Tribute” may actually contain a vocal sample of a song in a language we don’t recognize.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2010]

  1. Keith Thompson & Maria Ilieva – Truly (Bassmonkeys Radio Mix)
    - House music veteran teams up with Bulgarian singer.
  2. Cynthia Miller – Deny You (Bogle Radio Edit, Majik Boys Radio Edit)
    - Why should Plumb be the only Christian artist who gets played on dance radio?
  3. Chicane – Come Back
    - It’s worth noting that this track samples Paul Young, one of the best pop/R&B vocalists.
  4. Toni Braxton – Hands Tied (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
    - Though this third single from her latest album is better than the first two (a better remix as well), radio and clubs don’t seem interested in her comeback record.
  5. The Chemical Brothers – Escape Velocity
    - The old gang’s all here.  What a coincidence that we have new music from Basement Jaxx, BT, Chicane, The Crystal Method, Darude, Goldfrapp, and Tiesto.  This may not be The Chemical Brothers’ best work, but we’d rather listen to them than more top 40 acts like Charice, Livvi Franc, and Matisse.
  6. Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Radio Edit)
    - While the original version of this song should please those who couldn’t get enough of Jason Mraz’ “I’m Yours,” this dance-leaning remix is not bad.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2010]

  1. Robbie Rivera Featuring Adrian – Closer to the Sun (Radio Edit)
    - This song’s radio airplay may have peaked already, but since SIRIUS XM BPM is the only station that’s given it a fair shake, it’s not too late for others to come around.  BPM and WPTY Nassau, N.Y., are just now playing Major Lazer—better late than never.
  2. Gathania – Spinning (Radio Edit)
    - Not as immediately memorable as last year’s “Blame It on You.”  Give it a few more spins (no pun intended) and you’ll be hooked.  Yes, Gathania is another one of those TV singing contestants.
  3. Matt Alber – End of the World (Morgan Page Pop Remix)
    - Sounding a little bit like Michael Buble at times, this track by a member of an a cappella group gets an unusually subdued—and yet appropriate—remix from Morgan Page.
  4. Girls Aloud – Untouchable (Radio Edit, Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
    - For some reason girl groups continue to do well in the U.K. and every few years another coed group takes Mexico by storm.  Frankly, none of these artists have released anything compelling.  This number, however, is better than average.
  5. Milk Inc. – Storm (Radio Edit, Vinss-T Arousal Mix – Single Edit, Dizkodude Remix)
    - Another popular European dance pop act that should fare better stateside.  What they need is a licensing deal with Robbins Entertainment or Ultra Records.
  6. Kafani Featuring Bobby V – Tipsy Texting (Remix)
    - Just don’t text and drive.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [April 2010]

  1. Junior Caldera Featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Can’t Fight This Feeling
    - We all loved her vocals on DJ Spiller’s “Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)” nine years ago.  Then she sang about “Murder on the Dancefloor” the following year.  Last year she returned as a guest on Freemasons’ “Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer).”  A big star in her native U.K., she’s one of those singers who doesn’t hide her British accent.
  2. In-Grid – Stick to You (Radio Edit)
    - Easily her strongest single since the 2003 international hit “You Promised Me (Tu Es Foutu).”  There’s also a French version called “Les Fous.”
  3. Michael Mind Project – How Does It Feel (Radio Edit)
    - Sounds like Guru Josh meets Klaas meets Lucas Prata.
  4. Guru Josh & DJ Igor Blaska Featuring Kym Mazelle – Eternity (Radio Edit)
    - Speaking of Guru Josh…his new song is slightly reminiscent of Sash! (“Encore une Fois,” “Stay,” “Ecuador”).
  5. BWO – Right Here Right Now (Radio Edit, Oscar Holter Radio Mix, Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
    - We’re thrilled Taio Cruz finally got himself a hit on dance radio and top 40 radio.  So maybe there’s hope for another European artist.  Check out this Swedish trio’s latest, which is getting airplay on some U.S. dance outlets (the version featuring fellow Swedish singer Velvet [“Chemistry,” “Fix Me”]).  Go to our Megamix page and find the best mixes for their earlier singles:  “You’re Not Alone” (2009), “The Bells of Freedom” (2008), “Give Me the Night” (2008), and “Rhythm Drives Me Crazy” (2007).  Don’t expect Ludacris to help out BWO anytime soon.
  6. Paul Couture – Johnny Vegas
    - An LMFAO-produced song that will have you tapping your feet.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2010]

  1. Grum – Heartbeats (Radio Edit, Worship Remix, Joe & Will Ask Remix)
    - Anyone who gives props to Giorgio Moroder, Patrick Cowley, and Nile Rodgers on his MySpace page ( [note the spelling]) deserves your support.
  2. Goldfrapp – Rocket (Tiesto Radio Edit, Richard X One Zero Radio Edit)
    - 2008’s tasty “A&E” failed to garner much dance radio airplay.  This single from the U.K. duo’s latest album should fare better and may even match the success of “Ooh La La” from 2006.
  3. Editors – Papillon (Tiesto Remix)
    - You might have seen their recent performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”  Check out this Tiesto remix.  Love the line about kicking like a sleep twitch.
  4. Madonna Featuring Akon – Celebration
    - Okay, using Akon’s unmistakable vocals to capture the attention of top 40 radio programmers may seem like a shameless bid to copy “Sexy Chick’s” winning formula.  But Akon’s part blends in nicely, and this version is also a decent remix of last year’s original.
  5. Dennis Ferrer – Sinfonia della Notte
    - Our instrumental of the month.
  6. Sade – Soldier of Love
    - We like to recommend something unexpected now and then.  Jazz/R&B group Sade’s comeback single isn’t a dance track, but let’s remember that at least one remix of one of their earlier songs is kind of an underground classic.  So we’re crossing our fingers and hoping for a good remix of “Soldier.”  Improving on the original version’s military drums and loud guitar chords would not be easy.  If you never cared for Sade’s sound, give this song a listen—it really doesn’t sound like the old Sade.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [February 2010]

  1. Fever Ray – Seven (The Twelves Remix, RealDaniel Remix)
    - Check out this Swedish artist’s music video for “Seven.”
  2. Bimbo Jones – Freeze (Bimbo Jones 2009 Radio Edit)
    - Don’t overlook this follow-up to 2008’s “And I Try.”
  3. Gossip – Love Long Distance (Radio Edit)
    - It took U.S. clubs half a year to get hip to “Heavy Cross.”  Let’s hope they’ll play something else from Gossip’s debut album soon.
  4. Phoenix – 1901 (Build Remix, Immuzikation Remix)
    - Good remixes of a modern rock hit.
  5. Carol Hahn – Into the Night (VisionX Radio Edit)
    - Why do people keep remixing the catalog of a minor dance artist?  Well, we’d rather listen to a remix of something obscure instead of a retread of a familiar hit.
  6. DJ Earworm – United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop)
    - Third time’s the charm.  DJ Earworm’s first two medleys of the biggest hits of the year were nothing to write home about.  The third edition is good enough to have garnered airplay on top 40 radio.  You might say he got lucky because 2009’s hits are easier to work with.  Yes, “I Gotta Feeling” works better as the foundation than “Viva la Vida” and “Umbrella” in previous years.  But he also became more creative:  highlighting the word “down” as the common theme among the songs and speeding up that line from “Blame It.”

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [January 2010]

  1. Danielle Bollinger – The Place for My Heart (Mike Bordes Radio Edit)
    - Released last summer, this buried treasure from Bollinger ("Kiss the Sky") is worth a listen because of the Bordes remix.  There may be more club-friendly remixes of this song out there, but this church-sounding take is a shade different.
  2. Agnes – On and On
    - "Release Me," a recent top five U.S. dance radio hit, kind of grows on you after a while.  Sweden's Agnes Carlsson does sound a little like Leona Lewis, which works against her if you feel Lewis is overrated (both former winners of TV talent shows).  This infectious follow-up single would make Abba proud.
  3. Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment
    - So many "American Idol" alumni get off to a bad start with a disappointing debut single (Kris Allen's Tim McGraw-inspired song is the latest example).  Lambert's musical handlers have picked a solid track from his major-label debut album.  While top 40 radio doesn't seem to know what to do with this song, the slightly retro rhythm makes it a good fit for dance radio.
  4. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix)
    - First heard on the "(500) Days of Summer" soundtrack, this song gets a Dirty South remix that sounds like part two of Evermore's "It's Too Late."
  5. Hannah – Shadow on the Wall (Riffs & Rays Club Mix)
    - Give yourself some brownie points if you remember Hannah ("Blinded").  With the return of Hannah and Sonique, it's like we're back in the early 2000s.
  6. Leighton Meester Featuring Robin Thicke – Somebody to Love
    - With Thicke channeling Snoop Dogg and "Gossip Girl" Meester not trying to do too much with her limited vocal range, this breezy duet is a nice dance pop number (not every song on dance radio must be 130 BPM).
  • Bonus:  Cosmosound Featuring Nekk – I'd Love to Change the World (Rivaz Radio Edit)
    - You know how we feel about dance remakes...this one takes a protest song from 1971 (a popular selection on numerous movie soundtracks) and manages to sound not too cheesy.  The Ten Years After original proves that chart placement doesn't always predict longevity (it peaked at No. 40).




Mega6 2009


Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [December 2009]

  1. Tocadisco & Nadia Ali – Better Run (Radio Edit)
    - The album version is perfect as is for radio.  Instead of adding more mediocre remixes of top 40 songs and another lackluster remake, program directors should promote this collaboration between German DJ Tocadisco and the former leader singer of iio.
  2. Chris Shiva – Children of the Time (Breaking of the Dawn Radio Edit)
    - This radio-friendly song is supposed to have a connection to TV's "Project Runway."
  3. Sonique – World of Change (Radio Edit)
    - Great to have Sonique back.  Her vocal work on 2000's "It Feels so Good" should've received a Grammy nomination in the pop or R&B category.
  4. Chicane – Hiding All the Stars
    - It's too bad radio ignored "Poppiholla" and his remix of Bryan Adams' "She's Got a Way" early this year.  Maybe this track's Gary Numan sample (reproduction?) will do the trick.  The original melody is strong enough that the Numan angle is more of a distraction.
  5. Kaylah Marin – On the Floor (Oh Baby Please) (Tracy Young Radio, Josh Harris Radio)
    - Two remixes that complement this Bay Area singer's vocals.
  6. Robbie Williams – Bodies (Cahill Radio Mix)
    - Williams is to Take That what Justin Timberlake is to 'N Sync--a former boy-band member who managed to establish a successful solo career.  However, "Angel" was as close as he ever came to having a hit stateside.  His music simply doesn't translate across the Atlantic, and "Bodies" won't change that either.  American club DJs will play its dance remixes though.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [November 2009]

  1. Kid Cudi Featuring MGMT & Ratatat – Pursuit of Happiness
    - If you didn't go gaga over "Day 'N' Nite"--you're not alone--you should definitely listen to this song.  And if you're still on the fence, watch his recent performance on "David Letterman."
  2. Dizzee Rascal – Holiday (Radio Edit)
    - Here's another U.K. artist who's been mostly ignored by U.S. dance radio (he's even more popular than Taio Cruz in Europe).
  3. Richard Durand – Always the Sun
    - Not a remake of The Stranglers song, this track should do okay because Ultra Records is behind it.  If you've never heard of The Stranglers, you don't know what you've been missing.
  4. Basement Jaxx Featuring Sam Sparro – Feelings Gone
    - While radio is just starting to play the first single "Raindrops," check out this cut from their latest album.
  5. Imogen Heap – First Train Home (DJ ZAX Club Mix)
    - Good timing:  Heap releases new album just as Jason Derulo introduces himself to mainstream radio with a hit built around one of her old songs.
  6. Mack 10 Featuring Jim Jones & Lil Wayne – So Sharp
    - Hip-hop number with a little bit of swing.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [October 2009]

  1. Massivedrum Featuring Dilek Taskin & PM – Fiesta 2009 (Vocal Mix)
    - For those who can't get enough of "Infinity 2008" and Klaas' choppy synths, this track is just what the doctor ordered.  The instrumental version is equally good.
  2. Space Cowboy Featuring Chelsea From the Paradiso Girls – Falling Down
    - Some people know him as Lady Gaga's DJ, but KNHC Seattle's listeners remember him for his 2002 remake of "I Would Die 4 U."
  3. Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart
    - This U.K. artist has released a handful of catchy tunes since 2007 (thanks to good remixes in some cases) such as "Moving On," "Come on Girl," and "She's Like a Star."  It's a shame U.S. dance radio and clubs have ignored him so far.
  4. Remi Nicole – Standing Tears Apart (Riffs & Rays Club Mix)
    - She may sound like a cross between Duffy and Lily Allen--but don't hold that against her.
  5. Laurent Wolf – Explosion
    - It's ironic that so much English-language dance music has been coming out of France since the mid-1990s when French radio has a quota for French-language songs.  WNYZ New York was a big supporter of Laurent Wolf’s "No Stress" last year (check out "Wash My World" and "Walk the Line" as well).
  6. Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Gabry Ponte Rmx, DJs From Mars Red Planet Extended Remix)
    - We usually pass on those endless remixes of old dance hits.  These two are interesting enough to stand out in a very crowded field.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [September 2009]

  1. Major Lazer Featuring Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze – Keep It Goin Louder
    - The most radio-friendly track from DJs/producers Diplo and Switch's (M.I.A.) debut album is a genre-bending song that will have you singing that line about "six chicks deep" in no time.
  2. Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix Radio Edit)
    - The first thing that will grab your attention is lead singer Beth Ditto's vocalizing/humming.  Her dynamic voice is a welcome change from all those girlish vocals out there (Lily Allen, Britney Spears).  Surprising fact:  This punk rock trio may sound a little European but is actually American.
  3. Little Boots – Remedy
    - Worthy follow-up to "Stuck on Repeat."
  4. Chicane – Poppiholla (Original Radio Edit)
    - Instrumental remake of Icelandic group Sigur Ros' "Hoppipolla" (2006).
  5. Felix da Housecat – We All Wanna Be Prince
    - Fun tribute to Prince.  Most of the lyrics are supposedly lifted directly from Prince songs (he'd better give all those songwriters credit).
  6. MSTRKRFT Featuring John Legend – Heartbreaker (Joachim Garraud Club Vocal Remix)
    - Just the remix this song from Canadian dance-rock duo needed.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [August 2009]

Not a lot to choose from this time around--we have no control over what's released out there.  We're further hamstrung because we prefer not to repeat here the same songs already marketed by a key record promoter.  And then there are the latest from Madonna and Kim Sozzi, which we all know dance radio will embrace immediately.

  1. White Shoes Featuring Sharon May Linn – Show Me the Way
    - Easily the most conventional choice among the picks here.
  2. Amber – I Don't Believe in Hate (Drip Drop) (Pathos V2 Radio Edit)
    - Her last single, a remake of "No More Tears," was surprisingly ignored by those diva-loving club DJs.  What will happen with this release from one of the biggest club artists of the last 15 years?
  3. Hey Champ – Gold Dust Girl
    - This track will grow on you.  Note that this Chicago group's other songs sound more electronic than this single.
  4. Wez Clarke – Someday
    - We love instrumentals (why isn't there a satellite channel dedicated to non-classical instrumentals?).  This one should tide you over until something better comes along.
  5. Jose Nunez – Visitors
    - For those who loved his R-rated "Bilingual" from 2006, here's something less explicit.
  6. The Limousines – Very Busy People
    - This Bay Area duo has perfectly captured the modern Zeitgeist:  many believe being a VBP is the same as being a VIP.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [July 2009]

  1. Miike Snow – Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix)
    - Another interesting act from continental Europe.  Like Ian van Dahl and Gnarls Barkley, this is not a solo artist (also note the spelling).
  2. LMFAO – La La La (On Top of the World)
    - We liked this track when we heard it on WDRE Nassau, N.Y., last year.  Now thanks to the success of the ingratiating "I'm in Miami Trick," other stations are playing it.
  3. Anjulie – Boom (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
    - If you like Bimbo Jones, you’ll enjoy their remix of the sultry original.
  4. Oscar G Featuring Tamara Wallace – Back to You (Sunfreakz Radio Edit)
    - Since Oscar G and Ralph Falcon ("Dark Beat [Addicted 2 Drums]," "Some Lovin'" [as MURK], "Fired Up!" [as Funky Green Dogs]) went their separate ways, they've both scored solo club hits.  This Sunfreakz remix may give Oscar G his biggest radio hit.
  5. Jeremih – Birthday Sex (Up-tempo)
    - We frown on radio stations that never heard a dance remix of a top 40 hit they didn't like.  But this remix appears as a bonus track on the album, making it less of an afterthought.
  6. Alexis & Fido – Ojos Que No Ven
    - Dance-oriented track from this reggaeton duo.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [June 2009]

  1. Jody Wisternoff – Starstrings (Tocadisco Remix)
    - Tasty track from one half of U.K.'s Way out West ("Mindcircus," "The Gift").
  2. John Dahlback Featuring Basto! – Out There (Original Radio Edit)
    - Lyrically similar to the Moody Blues' "I Know You're out There Somewhere."
  3. Freemasons Featuring Hazel Fernandes – If (Freemasons 2009 Re-Dub Edit)
    - Since 2005's "Love on My Mind," Freemasons have been on a roll with their own records and remixing work.
  4. Frontier – Change the World
    - From the folks behind Dance Nation ("Sunshine") and 'Becca ("You Make Me Feel...[More & More]").
  5. Above & Beyond Presents OceanLab – On a Good Day
    - It's been five years since their last radio hit, "Satellite."
  6. Stafford Brothers vs. Hoxton Whores Featuring Frank Stafford – Wherever (Radio Edit)
    - Another import track worth checking out.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [May 2009]

  1. Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc. (Pet Shop Boys Mix)
    - While most 1980s acts are home collecting royalty checks, the Boys are back with another solid tune.  Only Madonna and Janet Jackson have had more club hits.
  2. Brandy – Long Distance (Jody den Broeder Mix)
    - One of JdB's best remixes to date.
  3. Fragma – Memory (Klaas Radio Mix)
    - If you don't like this dub mix, try the original version.
  4. Calvin Harris – I'm Not Alone (Radio Edit)
    - A Calvin Harris track we can get behind--finally.
  5. Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)
    - The vocalizing part is reminiscent of Visage's "Fade to Grey."
  6. Mans Zelmerlow – Hope & Glory
    - Not as catchy as last year's "Cara Mia," but it'll do.

Mega6:  New Songs for Your Playlist [March 2009]

  1. Bryan Adams - She's Got a Way (Chicane Remix)
    - Overdue follow-up to their 2000 collaboration, "Don't Give Up."
  2. Nadia Ali - Love Story (Andy Moor's Vocal Mix)
    - Second solo single from the vocalist of iio ("Rapture [Tastes so Sweet]," "At the End").
  3. Mondotek - D-Generation (Vinyl Lickers Edit)
    - The French dance invasion continues.
  4. Toby Emerson - Never Comin' Down (Radio Edit)
    - Better than last year's "Rapture."
  5. Tiesto Presents Alone in the Dark Inferno - Edward Carnby
    - Featured in a videogame.
  6. David Tavare - Summerlove
    - Another catchy cut from his latest album.

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